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Throughout the NFL season, the FRONT 4 team of Kyle, Daisy and Ryan will compete to pick and predict the outcome for certain scenarios each week in the NFL. The fourth member will be a different guest each week unless the guest is somehow able to come away the victor over all three members of the FRONT 4.

However, the first set of predictions will be made by the YourSitch team as they make their picks on topics that will play out over the entire NFL season. We’ll find out at the end of the season who was successful thinking outside the box and who should probably just be locked inside a box with their thoughts.

1.) Which team will IMPROVE their win total the most this season?

Kyle: Cowboys

Yes, I am picking the Dallas Cowboys to have the biggest win increase this season. The reason, however, is because the Cowboys have the fourth easiest schedule on paper. Even if Tony Romo misses the first nine weeks of the season, the Cowboys play each of their division rivals once, and the likes of the Bears, 49ers and Browns throughout that stretch. Dallas won only four games last year and this season I see them winning at least nine games to give them the biggest increase.

Daisy: Raiders

The Raiders are sure to improve under Quarterback Derek Carr, now in his third full season. The Raiders are also lucky they don’t have to face Peyton Manning twice a year anymore so they should be able to take advantage of a transition at quarterback for the Broncos. The AFC West can be theirs to take with an improved win total.

Ryan: Lions

NFL: International Series-Detroit Lions Practice
Jim Bob Cooter

This was going to easily be the Cowboys. Then, Romo got hurt. Then they signed the Sanchize. Not sure which one is worse. But it’s because of another injury that I’m going to pick the Lions (7-9 last year). Am I doing this just to have an excuse to write Jim Bob Cooter’s name a lot? Maybe. But Teddy Bridgewater going down has opened the NFC North a little and despite the Packers being back at full strength, I am fully on the Jim Bob Cooter bandwagon. The Lions went from a miserable 1-7 team pre-Cooter, to a team that would go 6-2 after their bye week (the start of The Cooter Era). Calvin Johnson retired, but Golden Tate has been a huge weapon utilized by both Matthew Stafford and coach Jim Bob Cooter, not to mention potential breakouts from Ameer Abdullah and Eric Ebron. Also, Ziggy Ansah will lead the league in sacks this year under the watchful eye of Jim Bob Cooter. Watch out NFC North, the Cooter is comin’ for ya.

2.) Which team will have the biggest DECREASE in wins this season?

Kyle: Redskins

The Redskins won nine games in 2015 to give them the NFC East title. However, coming into this season they’ll have to hope to get off to a good start if they want to see a .500 season because their schedule gets tough toward November as they’ll face the Lions, Bengals, Vikings, Packers, Cowboys, Cardinals, Eagles and Panthers in consecutive weeks. Kirk Cousins will not “LIKE THAT” and his team will ultimately struggle to win four games during the season.

Daisy: Cowboys

Another season(at least half) where the Cowboys will be without their star quarterback, Tony Romo. I know they had a rough year last season, but I don’t expect much more from the Cowboys who can’t seem to win without Romo.

Ryan: Panthers

I’m not saying the Panthers are going to be bad this year. I’m just saying they’re not gonna go 15-1. Think about it, if they lose four more games than they did last year they still finish at a very good 11-5. And that’s exactly where they’ll finish. They’ll be saved the slight embarrassment by still making the playoffs and also tying the Eagles for the biggest decrease in wins. The Eagles finished 7-9 last year but I’m not sure anyone knows how. They will not be saved any embarrassment and be that team you look for to stream fantasy football defenses against.

3.) How many California teams will finish the season .500 or better?

Kyle: One(Raiders)

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The 49ers, Chargers and Rams haven’t shown enough to give any indication that they’ll be able to win eight games in 2016. The Raiders, however, improved greatly behind Derek Carr and will look to continue their path toward an AFC West title. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Raiders are able to win 10 games and secure a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

Daisy: One(Raiders)

Like I mentioned earlier, the Raiders have a chance to not only reach .500, but also reach the playoffs. It’ll be on the shoulders of Carr and the defense to keep them in games. With continued growth of Amari Cooper as well, this team could be dangerous.

Ryan: One(Raiders)

Not a single one of these teams hit the .500 mark last year and nothing has changed that drastically in the offseason to make any of these teams a surefire bet for a winning season. However, the Raiders and Rams both seem to be on the upswing and only finished one win away from breaking even on the season so I’ll say one of them gets the job done while the rest finish at the bottom of their respective divisions.

4.) Will NY/NJ teams or Florida teams have more wins? (Giants, Jets, Bills vs. Jaguars, Bucs, Dolphins)

Kyle: New York

The Giants, Jets, Bills, Jaguars and Bucs all have a chance to make a run at the playoffs in 2016. The Dolphins? Not so much. I think the Dolphins’ win total ultimately holds back Team Florida to give New York and New Jersey the edge at 28-22.

Daisy: New York

New York will have a big football year!

Ryan: New York

Wow Florida has poor football teams. None of the NY/NJ teams are Super Bowl contenders by any means but those teams have superior players and a more established core that gives them the slight edge. NY/NJ will win 4 more games than Florida, 22-18.

5.) What will the Patriots record be without Tom Brady?

Kyle: 2-2

It’s really going to be interesting to see how the Garoppolo era in New England pans out. Game 1 in Arizona probably isn’t ideal which could lead to an ugly game seeing the Cardinals’ defense take over. I like the Patriots’ chances at home against the Dolphins, but I think they drop one of their next home games to the Texans or Bills to give Tom Brady a .500 record as he returns…to face the Browns.Look out Cleveland.

Daisy: 4-0


Yes, 4-0.Undefeated. Jimmy G will be a stud because the Patriots are that good. Brady will have a spotless record by the time he returns from suspension and he’ll continue that run as the Patriots dominate the AFC…again.

Ryan: 2-2

At the Cardinals then three straight home games against the Dolphins, Texans and Bills. Jimmy Garoppolo will really be thrown to the fire in that first game but chances are he’ll settle down at home against easier opponents. Those three teams aren’t pushovers but with the weapons the Patriots have on offense even someone with no talent at quarterback like, I don’t know, Mark Sanchez, could thrive in New England. Remember, this is the team that turned Matt Cassel into a star then traded him for way more than he was worth. The Patriots go 2-2, go undefeated the rest of the way once Brady returns and trade Garoppolo to the Browns for two first round picks in the offseason.

6.) Which Quarterback will reach 10 passing touchdowns first?

Kyle: Derek Carr

The Raiders face the Saints, Falcons, Titans and Ravens to start the season all of whom were in the bottom half in points allowed last season except the Falcons who finished 14th. Derek Carr should be able to rack up ten passing touchdowns in those four games, but even if he doesn’t, he’s got the Chargers Week 5 who’s defense ranked 21st last season.

Daisy: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, future MVP, will reach ten passing touchdowns first. It doesn’t matter who they play(Jaguars, Vikings, Lions, Giants, Cowboys) to start the season, Rodgers will do what he does best which is throw touchdowns.

Ryan: Drew Brees

Drew Brees
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The Saints are the perfect combination of fantastic offense and atrocious defense that will force Drew Brees to constantly be chucking the ball downfield. Playing from behind that much will be a huge benefit to Brees’s numbers and he has the weapons around him to cause some serious damage against any defense.

Brees hits 10 touchdowns by Week 3; 4 to Cooks, 3 to Snead and 1 each to Fleener, Ingram and rookie Michael Thomas.

7.) Who will be the last Undefeated team?

Kyle: Steelers

Peyton is gone. Brady is out for the first four games. Luck and Dalton are coming off injury-plagued seasons. This leaves the door open for Big Ben to go on a tear this season and carry the Steelers. Pittsburgh opens the season against the Redskins, Bengals and the Eagles. After that, home games against the Chiefs and Jets should be winnable, followed by a road matchup at Miami. Their strongest test will come right before their bye when they face the Patriots in Pittsburgh. Even if they fall in that game, the Steelers and Roethlisberger should be able to start the campaign 6-0.

Daisy: Packers

The Packers have shown in the past that sometimes the schedule doesn’t matter. When you have one of the top three quarterbacks in the league, anything can happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Green Bay rattled off six or seven wins before their first loss.

Ryan: Seahawks

My god the Seahawks have a cupcake of a schedule this year. Tied for the 5th easiest, they’ll start the year at home against the Dolphins, then beat the Rams to spoil LA’s first football game in years followed by wins against the 49ers, at the Jets, Falcons and then finally have a tough matchup against the Cardinals Week 6. The Patriots will go undefeated once Tom Brady gets back, but the team to start the season undefeated will be the Seahawks.

8.) Who will be the last team to record their first win?

Kyle: 49ers

A big ‘if’, but the 49ers might have to win Week 1 against the Rams in order to risk going on a serious losing streak. Following their matchup at home against the Rams, the 49ers must face the Panthers, Seahawks, Cowboys, Cardinals, Bills and Buccaneers. Coming off a bye, they’ll face the Saints at home which might be their best chance at a win since they’ll have the Cardinals and Patriots following that.

Daisy: 49ers

The 49ers have enough to worry about as their team will surely be asked about issues not pertaining to the actual game each and every time out. Those issues aside, the 49ers are looking at their own issues on the field. With new coach Chip Kelly, the 49ers might be in for a tough go this year.

Ryan: Jets

I’m going for the reverse jinx here with the Jets. The Jets schedule is absolutely brutal and it starts right away with the regular-season-dominant Bengals at home then two tough away games in Buffalo (thankfully before it gets too cold) and Kansas City. The Jets have a very good team but it’s hard to see them as favorites in any of those  games except maybe the Bills, but even then Rex will have something up his sleeve for his former team. If you told me I could take the Jets with a 1-3 record after those games I would seriously consider taking that. After those games they move on to play the Seahawks, Steelers and Cardinals before finally playing the Browns week 8. It might not matter that Fitz is back, this schedule is a nightmare.

9.) Who will have more wins: the Indians in the playoffs or the the Browns in the regular season?

Kyle: Indians

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The Indians are currently holding on to the 2 seed in the American League and I believe one series win in the playoffs will be enough for the Indians to pull out a 3-2 win over the Browns even if the Indians got swept in the second round.

Daisy: Indians

Indians are going far this year. The Browns? Not so much. The Cavs set the bar for Cleveland sports this year and the Indians seem destined to follow right in their footsteps. I’ll have to wait and see before I say the Browns are destined as well.

Ryan: Browns

The Browns could be good this year! But only on offense and even that comes with a concerning amount of “Ifs.” IF RGIII stays healthy he’ll have a ton of weapons at his disposal… IF Josh Gordon doesn’t get suspended before he gets back from his suspension… IF the offensive line holds up it’ll give Gary Barnage and Duke Johnson room to cause some damage… but only IF Joe Thomas can somehow play all 5 offensive lineman positions at once. The best thing going for the Browns is probably their strength of schedule which ranks as the 12th easiest in football this year.
Meanwhile, the Indians will need to at least win one series to have a shot at winning this prop and that might be a tough ask in a very competitive American League. While the final seedings are still up in the air it looks like they’ll take on the winner of the East and I believe that any of those teams in contention would be favorites to move on over the Tribe. So while the Browns will suck  and have another rebuilding year, just the fact that they will play more games than the Indians will be enough to put them over the edge.

10.) Which coach, with their new team, will have the most wins? Hue Jackson(Browns), Adam Gase(Dolphins), Ben McAdoo(Giants), Doug Pederson(Eagles), Chip Kelly(49ers), Dirk Koetter(Buccaneers)

Kyle: Ben McAdoo(Giants) 

With the NFC up for grabs, the Giants have a legitimate chance to reach 10 wins in their first season with Ben McAdoo at the helm. The Eagles, Browns, Dophins, and 49ers all seem to be rebuilding leaving it up to the Giants and Buccaneers to show off their new coaches. With an easier division, McAdoo will have the Giants back on track.

Daisy: Ben McAdoo(Giants)

McAdoo has a better defense on paper and a change at the head coach spot could be exactly what the Giants needed to improve again.

Ryan: Ben McAdoo(Giants)

This question really comes down to which coach gets dropped into the best situation and its Ben McAdoo. While all the newbies have varying levels of potential as NFL head coaches, Ben McAdoo has a Super Bowl winning quarterback, a top 3 wide receiver and a terrifying pass rush at his disposal in a division that’s best described as one big  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I’m interested to see what Chip Kelly does in San Fran and think he has potential, as does Kirk Koetter in Tampa, but at least for this first year Ben McAdoo will be at the top of this group of coaches.

11.) Who will win MVP?

Kyle: Russel Wilson


Last season, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer and Tom Brady were the only players to receive votes for MVP, however, an argument could be made that Russel Wilson’s name should have been up there as well. Wilson completed 68.1% of his passes, scored 34 touchdowns and threw only eight interceptions compared to Newton’s 59.8%, 35 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Newton deserved the MVP because of his team’s outstanding success, but Russel Wilson is still one of the best playmakers in the league and should be able to not only replicate last year’s performance, but improve even more.

Daisy: Aaron Rodgers

He’s a bad man and he’s Aaron Rodgers and that’s ALL you need to know. He’s a former Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP, a five time Pro Bowler and two time regular season MVP. While everyone is worried about the Seahawks and the Panthers, Rodgers will show everyone why he’s a bad man.

Ryan: Tom Brady

Tom Brady will come back week 5 and use his righteous indignation and devastating good looks to tear through the league and go undefeated the rest of the way. He finishes with the most passing touchdowns in the league despite the time off and Roger Goodell is seen breaking a clipboard at the MVP award ceremony.


Do you agree with their predictions or do you think you can take down the three headed(bone-headed) monster with your own selections? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’d definitely agree the most with the Cowboys having the biggest increase in wins. They only had four last year, so they can’t be much worse, especially with a weak schedule.

    I’d have to disagree with the Steelers going undefeated the longest. Big Ben is injury prone, so I’d have to go with a surprise in the Cardinals. With the exception of the first week against the Patriots(without Brady) they don’t have a tough game until week 7.

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