Six Seasonal Activities To Help You From Becoming Basic This Fall

By Tina Cherrillo

Put down that pumpkin spice latte and untie that flannel from around your waist. Yes, you. If you or anyone you know is in danger of becoming basic this fall, do yourselves a favor and try some of these highly sophisticated fall activities.

1. Have a Pumpkin Guts Food Fight


What’s better than kicking off the fall season by carving a little orange bundle of joy? Having a pumpkin guts food fight afterwards, that’s what! Why be basic and throw away all those perfectly good pumpkin guts when you can show your friends and loved ones just how much you care by pelting them with pumpkin seeds? It’s not only fun, but also one of the best ways to bond AND work off any pent-up anger you may be harboring this pre-holiday season. Safety Disclaimer: Protective goggles are probably a good idea if you plan on going ham. 


2. Build Your Own ScareCROW



Add a new twist to this fall-favorite activity by decking out your homemade scarecrow in Crow (i.e. Game of Thrones Man of the Night’s Watch) attire. Gather up as much warm, black clothing as you can. If for some reason you can’t seem to find the thick, black cloak you’ve been saving for when winter finally comes, a fuzzy black blanket will suffice. Your Jon Snow scareCROW may or may not scare away the annoying black birds, but it will definitely bring all the wildlings to your yard.

3. Go Pumpkin/Apple Slingshotting


Don’t be basic and make apple or pumpkin pie this fall. Instead, fling those fruits (yes pumpkins are fruits) through the air and use them for target practice. Most farms have slingshots set up and give away prizes for hitting the bullseye. If you have the misfortune of living near a basic farm that does not have a slingshot stand, you have my deepest condolences.

4. Purposely Get Lost in a Corn Maze


Who says the proper way to participate in a corn maze is to find your way out in the quickest amount of time? Screw the rules set up by the farm lords! Here’s what you do instead: Split up into teams of two and go up to random strangers in the maze and tell them to follow you if they want to find the way out. Purposely lead them around in circles, getting them even more lost and confused. The team that gets the most people to blindly follow them wins!

5. Volunteer to be an Actor at a Haunted House/Haunted Hayride


Nothing’s better than scaring the pants off people for a good cause. Only basic betches say boo, so get creative with your scare tactics. Grab your ghoul gear and strap on a GoPro to capture your best/most hysterical scares. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and get to appear on Ellen for the amazing viral video you created!

6. Headless Horseman Barhop

via neatorama

Fallify your basic barhop, headless horseman style! It’s exactly like your run-of-the-mill barhop, except when you hop from bar to bar, you tuck your head under your shirt so it looks like you’re headless. Assign each horseman a DWP (designated walking partner) so you don’t run into people and/or things along your path to the next bar. Drink and walk responsibly!

Tina Cherrillo is a contributing writer for

Twitter: @TinaCherrillo

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