Front 4: NFL Week 11

Thanks to a tiebreaker, Carlos was able to barely edge out Ryan for the win in Week 10:

Week 10:                                                                              Overall:

Carlos: 4(+1-Brady 316 yards)                                       Ryan: 25

Ryan: 4(Ryan-267 yards)                                                Carlos: 23

Kyle: 3                                                                                    Daisy: 21

Daisy: 3                                                                                  Kyle: 20

With Carlos on Ryan’s heels, the predictions become more and more important. This week the Front 4 team will take a look at Bills/Bengals, Packers/Redskins and Tom Brady’s trip to San Francisco.

Who Passes for the Most Yards in the Titans/Colts game?

Carlos: Marcus Mariota

The Colts’ defense has been one of the worst. Even though Andrew Luck has the edge in total yards this season, the Titans have a slightly better defense against the pass. In a game of inches, the defense can come up big for Mariota and give him the edge in yards.

imgres-2Ryan: Andrew Luck

The Titans have the better all-around offense while Luck will be relied on heavily to put up points; not to mention the Colts will most likely be playing from behind for most of this game.

Daisy: Andrew Luck

I know the Titans have Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry, but do you want to know what the Colts have? Luck. Now, the trick here is for the Colts to take advantage of the Titans’ defense that has allowed at least 300 passing yards in four of the last 5 games. 

Kyle: Marcus Mariota

These two young AFC South quarterbacks find themselves in the top 8 in passing yards this season with Luck in 5th and Mariota in 8th. Both teams are in the bottom half of the league in defense so expect Luck and Mariota to add to their high numbers. Ultimately, I think Mariotta continues his hot run and barely out throws Luck as the Colts are 31st in passing yards allowed per game.

Will Jay Ajayi or David Johnson Rush for More Yards?

Carlos: Jay Ajayi

Jay Ajayi will rush for more yards against the Rams than David Johnson against the Vikings. Ajayi is averaging 90 yards per game which is more than Johnson’s 84 yards per game. To add to that, Minnesota has had a good defense this season as they have been in the top 10 at stopping the run. 

Ryan: David Johnson

Sure, David Johnson has only rushed for 79 yards in his past two games. Sure, he’s a more dynamic back than Ajayi and will be more involved in passing downs as well. Sure, he’s facing a top 10 run defense. I don’t know, everything points to Ajayi this week so I’m going Johnson.

Daisy: David Johnson

I am going with who is facing the weaker defense. The Rams defense has stepped it up while the Vikings defense is going through their own share of injuries. David Johnson will rush for more yards this week.

Kyle: David Johnson

I expect both to have strong performances, but I think Johnson runs for more yards because I think he’ll have more opportunities. The Rams are starting Jared Goff and will be running the ball a lot which will favor them in time of possession. The Vikings are also coming off a game where they let Ryan Kelly rush for 97 yards. Johnson should be able to put forth a similar effort.

Will Larry Fitzgerald or Stefon Diggs Have More Receiving Yards?

Carlos: Larry Fitzgerald

Arizona has been one of the best at stopping the pass this season so I’ll take Fitz. 

Ryan: Larry Fitzgerald

The knee is a concern for Fitzgerald but it hasn’t slowed him down yet. 18 targets in his last game is more than enough for me to put my trust in him.

Daisy: Larry Fitzgerald

While Stefon Diggs has caught 13 passes in each of his past two games and is putting up stellar season numbers, Larry Fitzgerald’s advantage here is Carson Palmer. Fitzgerald is Palmer’s go-to target on the field, and he is facing a sort of limited Vikings defense. 

Kyle: Stefon Diggs

The two are only separated by 23 yards on the season, but I’m going with Diggs because even though Fitz is more consistent, he’s only reached more than 81 yards once which was last week against the 49ers when he broke out for 132 yards. Diggs has reached 100 yards 3 times including a 182 yard performance against the Packers and a 164 yards last week against the Redskins.


Kirk CousinsCarlos: Redskins

The Redskins have had a good season so far, but a lot of people/ teams overlook them. The Packers have not been the same team we have been used to seeing in recent years. The Redskins have the edge in offense with about 3600 yards total which is better than Green Bay. If it comes down to it, I have more confidence in the Redskins being able to pull out the win in a close game.   

Ryan: Redskins

Hooray for actually good primetime matchups this week, alright! This will be a close game but the Packers are just off this year. I want to pick them because they’ve won both night games they’ve played in this year, while Washington has gone 2-10 since 2013 in night games and also lost their best offensive lineman to a suspension. However, I just can’t see Green Bay beating the Redskins on the road after three straight losses to the Falcons, Colts and Titans.

Daisy: Redskins

The Packers will have a hard time against a fired up Washington offense that has produced an average of 461 yards over their past 4 games.

Kyle: Packers

The Redskins are 4-19 in prime time since 2008 so I’m going to go with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers who have experience playing under the spotlight, in the Super Bowl, to win on the road.

How Many Points Will the Raiders Beat the Texans By?

0-10, 11-20, 21-30, 30+, Texans win

Carlos: 0-10

The Texans have had a solid defense this year and have been able to hold teams to just 20 points per game. The Raiders have had a good offense this season, but it will be tough to score against this defense. The reason Oakland will win this game is because the Texans don’t have the offense to score more than the Raiders. I really like Derek Carr and will like to see a big game from him to give the Raiders the win. He has 17 touchdowns and 3 interceptions which sounds like a good ratio to me.  

Ryan: 0-10

I don’t know man, these are some tough questions this week, gimme a break.

Daisy: Texans Win

Now this will be an interesting matchup between Carr and the Texans’ defense. The Texans have not allowed a 300-yard passer this year, while Derek Carr has thrown for 300 yards 10 times in his career. I think the Texans will be able to keep Carr under 300 while looking for any mistake the Raiders make to take advantage of. This will be a close one, but I have the Texans with the upset.

Kyle: 0-10

The Raiders have 7 wins, but have only won by 10 points twice and once was against the Jags. So I’ll say they beat the Texans, but only by 10 points.

Higher Total: Odell Beckham Jr. Receiving Yards or Knicks Points

Carlos: Knicks

Once again I love these multi-sport questions. Chicago has been bad this year, but if there is one positive it is that they aren’t the worst at stopping the pass. They hold teams to 242 yards per game which is number 12 in the league. Odell Beckham averages 85 yards per game. The Knicks average a little above 100 points per game so it will be close, but I think the Knicks will score more points.

Ryan: Odell Beckham Jr.

Dude’s unreal.

via @OBJ_3

Daisy: Odell Beckham Jr. 

It’s obvious Odell has not had an Odell-like season, but when putting him up against the Knicks against the Hawks? C’mon man. That’s adding insult to injury. If the Knicks were playing the Nets then I’d say sure they’ll have more points than Odell, but no way. Odell will maneuver his way around dah Bears’ defense.

Kyle: Odell Beckham Jr.

The Knicks average 101 points per game and Odell has only reached that number twice this season. But, when he has great games, he usually makes them GREAT games. Just see his 222 yard performance against a solid Ravens defense. This week he gets a Bears team that just let up 312 passing yards to an average Buccaneers offense. I think Beckham eclipses the 100 yard mark and outscores the Knicks who are facing a Hawks team that allows 98 points per game.

Higher Total: Cowboys Win Margin or Browns Loss Margin

Carlos: Browns

I have no faith what so ever in the Browns. For that reason they will lose to the Steelers by a larger margin than the Cowboys beat the Ravens. The Ravens have had a great defense this season and have held teams to the least amount of yards all season and teams have only scored 17 points per game. Even though the Cowboys are on a great run and they will get the win, it won’t come easy. The Browns just have too many flaws to be able to stop the Steelers. 

Ryan: Browns

In one game you have a battle of first place teams. In the other you have a star-studded offense in a must-win game against a winless team. I’ll take the Steelers to beat up the Browns.

Daisy: Browns

Cowboys will definitely face one of their tougher match-ups this week and again I emphasize TOUGH making it a close game. Now on the other hand  we have the Steelers versus the Browns. This in theory should be an easy game for the Steelers therefore I am predicting a larger margin of a loss for the Browns.

Kyle: Browns

I’m going to say the Browns’ loss margin because the Steelers are going to be very angry coming off their loss to the Cowboys. Tomlin is on the hot seat. Big Ben is calling out people. Its’ going to be bad. Poor Cleveland.


Carlos: Bills

The Bills are coming off 3 straight losses and really need a W. The Bengals are coming off a lose to the Giants so they are also in need of a win, but I don’t see it happening. The Bills score 26 points per game which is better then the Bengals’ 20 per game. The Bills also have a slight edge on defense. I hate to say it, but the Bills are looking for wins in order to stay relevant in the Playoff hunt. That motivates any team to get wins in the final weeks of the season.  

Ryan: Bengals

The Bengals screwed me on Monday night, but I still have faith in them to win at home against the Bills. The Bills lost three straight before their bye last week and I’m not sure that extra week off will make much of a difference.

Daisy: Bills

Both teams here are looking to put an end to their recent losing streak. Now, the last time the Bill lost 4 in a row was 5 years ago. Despite their recent losses, the Bills are very good offensively. They have been averaging 26.3 points per game this season and honestly the Bengals have been cutting it way too short as of late.

Kyle: Bills

The Bills are 2-3 on the road, but in their three losses they’ve lost by 6, 3 and 6 points with the last game coming against the Seahawks in Seattle. I think the Bills are able to go into Cincy and bury the Bengals’ playoff hopes.

Higher Total: Tom Brady Passing Yards or 49ers Total Yards

Carlos: Tom Brady

Tom Brady is going to destroy the 49ers defense and will have yet another big game. The 49ers defense is 31st in total yards allowed. On top of that, the 49ers defense is 29th in total yards all season. Bad defense and bad offense looks to me like Tom Brady will have a field day.

Ryan: Tom Brady

This one is going to be close and I wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers won this in garbage time, but you learn one thing very quickly as a Jets fan and that is to never bet against Bill Belichick, the Patriots or Tom Brady. I’ve learned my lesson.


Daisy: Tom Brady

Tom Brady will make an impact in his first game at Levi’s Stadium. As good as the 49ers have looked with Colin Kaepernick, I don’t think they’ll be able to out-perform Tom Brady’s passing yards. I also think the Patriots are fired up from their tough loss against the Seahawks last week and that’s got to make some sort of an impact here.

Kyle: Tom Brady

Brady has thrown for 327 yards per game while the 49ers are good for 310 yards total yards per game. I’m going to go with an angry Patriots team that’s getting to face a terrible team in the 49ers. Brady is angry and will take out the 49ers on a beautiful day in San Francisco.

Upset of the Week

Carlos: Eagles over Seahawks

The Eagles are coming off a win against the Falcons and the Seahawks are coming off a huge win over the Patriots. On top of that, the game is in Seattle. Everything is pointing to an easy win by the Seahawks, but my gut is telling me the Eagles pull it off in a nail biter. The key is Philadelphia’s defense as they have been top 10 in the league and if they can keep Russell Wilson in the pocket, the Eagles can have a successful game.

Ryan: None

No upsets is a rare thing, but none of these matchups give me any hope for any underdog. The Eagles and Jaguars probably have the best shots, but on the road against two division leaders means chalk this week.

Daisy: Texans over Raiders

I feel like the Texans-Raiders game is one of the more even matchups. Both teams are at the top in their respective divisions and neither have home field advantage since this game is being played in Mexico City Monday night… on ESPN. The Texans have a chance here to stop Derek Carr’s offense and give me two points this week.

Kyle: Buccaneers over Chiefs

I wanted to go Texans, but in Brock’s only game against the Raiders last season he wasn’t able to manage a touchdown even though he threw 51 passes. My next best guess would be the Buccaneers. They’re coming off a strong performance even though it was against the Bears. I think they realize they have a legitimate shot at the playoffs and come into this game prepared. The Chiefs may be looking ahead to a week 12 match up against the Broncos and may overlook Jameis and company.

Tiebreaker: Most Receiving Yards in

Week 11

Carlos: AJ Green

Ryan: Antonio Brown

Daisy: T.Y. Hilton

Kyle: Julian Edelman

Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for Week 12!


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