Front 4: NFL Week 13

After outscoring Carlos in a tiebreaker, Kyle was able to get back to his winning ways in Week 11:

Week 11:                                                                                        Overall:

Kyle: 7(+1: Edelman 77 yards)                                               Ryan: 30 Points

Carlos: 7(Green 0 yards)                                                         Carlos: 30 Points

Daisy: 5                                                                                         Kyle: 27 Points

Ryan: 5                                                                                          Daisy: 26 Points

As Week 13 approaches, the overall standings just got interesting as Carlos has stormed back to take a tie for the lead with Ryan. This week, along with Kyle and Daisy, they’ll be giving their predictions for the Giants/Steelers, Lions/Saints and more!


Matt Ryan
Falcons at Ravens 10/19/14

Kyle: Falcons

Atlanta has already beaten the Broncos and the Raiders in the AFC West and I think they’re able to take down the Chiefs as well because Kansas City won’t be able to keep up with Matt Ryan and the Falcons’ high-powered offense. 

Daisy: Falcons

Matt Ryan is the man. The Chiefs have allowed the 8th most points in the league which should give the Falcons the advantage.

Carlos: Falcons

The Falcons have had one of the best offenses this season. They score 32 points per game. On top of that, Kansas City has not been as great on offense and are only scoring around 22 points per game. Both defenses aren’t great and even though Atlanta does give up more points per game, I think the Falcons’ offense is good enough to get the win.

Ryan: Chiefs

Everything points towards the Falcons in this game, but despite the ugly loss to Tampa Bay two weeks ago, the Chiefs have still won 18 of their last 21 regular season games. They are the most consistent team in the league. 


Kyle: Dolphins

The Dolphins have put together a nice stretch of games, but this could be their toughest test yet and I think they pass as Ryan Tannehill continues his solid campaign.

Daisy: Dolphins

Glad this question isn’t on video… Jay Ajayi (whose name I still can’t pronounce) has been having a great season and I think he will continue to stay on track this week.

Carlos: Dolphins

The Dolphins are starting to believe they will be in the playoffs. They have won six straight and I think they will make it seven when they beat the Ravens. The Ravens have had an up and down season at 6-5. Joe Flacco hasn’t been great and that is why the Ravens aren’t doing better.

Ryan: Ravens

I still don’t think Ryan Tannehill is a good quarterback and he’s going to have to outduel Joe Flacco considering the Dolphins’ banged-up O-line and the Ravens’ stout run defense.


ben_roethlisberger_2016Kyle: Steelers

This game is going to be a shoot-out and could come down to whoever has the ball last. I’ll take the Steelers because I’ll take their playmakers over the Giants’.

Daisy: Steelers

The Steelers will win this matchup because they are just overall a better team offensively and defensively. It will be close and thrilling game to watch.

Carlos: Giants

The Giants are red hot right now. They have won 6 straight and that will continue. Pittsburgh has the better offense and they have a weapon called Antonio Brown, but the Giants have a decent defense that is slightly better than the Steelers. New York has confidence in their secondary and I can see them holding Brown to minimum yards. They were able to hold AJ Green to 68 yards a couple of weeks ago and Collins at safety is going to be looking for more interceptions this week.

Ryan: Steelers

The Giants are not as good as their record would indicate and the Steelers are better than their record would indicate. While the Giants seem to pull wins out of nowhere, their defense (which has carried them so far) will be overmatched by the likes of Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown.

Which Super Bowl Winning QB Throws for the Most Yards?

Eli@PIT, Big Ben vs. NYG, Brady vs. LA, Rodgers vs. HOU, Flacco vs. MIA, Wilson vs. CAR

Kyle: Big Ben

Eli and Big Ben will be fighting for this honor, but I’ll take Big Ben in a coin flip. I expect him and Eli to both eclipse 350 passing yards.

Daisy: Aaron Rodgers

R-E-L-A-X… Relax. Aaron Rodgers is still an elite quarterback so watch him do work this Sunday.

Carlos: Tom Brady

Tom Brady will be facing a good defense against the pass in the Rams, but he will be the Super Bowl winning QB to throw for the most yards. Brady has been great since coming back from suspension, some even calling for him to be the MVP. He has thrown for 314 yards per game, 18 touchdowns and just 1 interception.

aaron_rodgers_2014Ryan: Aaron Rodgers

Big Ben is a threat to go off on any given week, but Aaron Rodgers has thrown for over 300 yards in three straight weeks on the road and is rounding into form in time for a home game against the Texans. The Packers are trying to claw their way back into the playoff picture and will no doubt unleash Rodgers to lead them over Houston.

How Many Touchdowns Will Occur in the Lions/Saints Game?

Kyle: 9+

Points. For. Days.

Daisy: 5-6

I am going to go with 5. Each team has averaged at least 2 touchdowns per game so I expect not as much of a shootout that these two teams are capable of. 

Carlos: 5-6

Drew Brees as always has been great. He has thrown 30 touchdowns so far and look for more along with Matt Stafford.

Ryan: 7-8

Both teams have great passing attacks and porous defenses. Brees might put up 10 touchdowns all by himself, but I’ll be conservative and stick with 7-8 touchdowns.

How Many Interceptions Will Blake Bortles Throw Against the Broncos?

Kyle: 2

I expect this game to be low-scoring and Bortles will be throwing plenty of times which means a couple of those passes are bound to end up in the hands of the Denver defense.

Daisy: 2

The Broncos defense is elite and I expect them to shine against Bortles.

Carlos: 2

Bortles will throw 2 interceptions in this game. He has not been the best at throwing the ball to the right team. He has 13 interceptions this season and the Broncos have been able to take the ball away from teams with 10 of their own interceptions.

Ryan: 1

Bortles protects the ball pretty well and while the Broncos defense is elite, they haven’t recorded an interception in 5 of their last 7 games. If the Jaguars get behind he could be forced to throw and be pressured into more dangerous passes, but I don’t expect more than one pick.

Who Will Have More Receiving Yards: Odell Beckham Jr. or Antonio Brown?

Kyle: Antonio Brown

It’s impossible to choose between both of these stellar receivers so I’ll take the better dancer.


Daisy: Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown! The Steelers look good right now and I think their defense will shut Odell down.

Carlos: Odell Beckham Jr. 

The Giants defense is better overall and that also gives Odell the advantage to do his thing and show why he is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

Ryan: Antonio Brown

Both receivers will be heavily involved in this important matchup, but it’s never smart to bet against Antonio Brown. Volume is key as Brown gets 28.8% of the Steelers’ targets, which is second in the league. Also, Janoris Jenkins might be too busy tweeting and nursing his burn wounds after Terrelle Pryor torched him last week to keep up with Brown in this matchup.

How Many Points Will the Colts beat the Jets by?

1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 30+, Jets Win

Kyle: 1-10 Points

The Colts haven’t won by more than 8 points all season so I’ll say they beat the Jets, but not by more than 10 points.

Daisy: 11-20 Points

Andrew Luck is playing on Monday so the Colts are hands down going to win by 11-20 points.

Carlos: Jets Win

Both defenses aren’t great at all, but the Jets are slightly better. They can come a long way in a close game for my team. The Colts offense is better and they do have “Luck” on their side, but the Jets are at home and have only given their fans one win at home and the fanbase deserves another one.

Ryan: Jets Win

The Jets gave the Patriots a good fight last Sunday and even if Andrew Luck plays on Monday, he’s no Tom Brady. Nick Mangold could be back and Matt Forte should get back to his dominant ways against a soft defense, allowing Fitzpatrick to just…. just please don’t touch anything Fitz, just don’t do anything stupid.


Kyle: Redskins

The Cardinals’ only wins this season are against the Jets, Bucs, and the 49ers twice. The Redskins offense will be too much and will probably put an end to Arizona’s slim playoff hopes.

Daisy: Redskins

Washington is coming off a tough loss on Thanksgiving so I think they will be out to find redemption. Their loss against Dallas will definitely fuel them this week.

Kirk Cousins
Eagles at Redskins 10/04/15

Carlos: Redskins

The Redskins are fighting to stay alive in the NFC East and to make a push for the playoffs. The Cardinals do have the better defense, but this game is about want and the Redskins want this game and want to reach the playoffs.

Ryan: Redskins

The absence of Jordan Reed makes this a tougher game to call, but I still think the Skins pull it off. Kirk Cousins might be a legitimately good QB and Washington’s defense might be better than the Cardinals defense.

Upset of the Week

Kyle: Bills over Raiders

The Raiders are due for a close loss agasint an average team and I think that loss comes this week against the Bills. Buffalo plays up to their competition and their defense should be able to make things tough for Derek Carr and company. 

Daisy: Bills over Raiders

The Raiders are looking like serious playoff contenders and are definitely the favorite to win in this game, however, I think the Bills’ defense will slow down the Raiders passing attack to give them a shot at the upset.

Carlos: Jets over Colts

The “upset” of the week will be the Jets over the Colts.

Ryan: Jets over Colts


Tiebreaker: Lowest Scoring Game

Kyle: Broncos@Jaguars

Daisy: Bills@Raiders

Carlos: Jets@Colts

Ryan: Dolphins@Ravens

There you have it! Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments and be sure to stay tuned for Week 14 next Sunday!


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