Front 4: NFL Week 14

Week 13:                                                                                        Overall:

Ryan: 3                                                                                         Ryan: 33 Points

Kyle: 2                                                                                          Carlos: 32 Points

Daisy: 2                                                                                        Kyle: 29 Points

Carlos: 2                                                                                       Daisy: 28 Points

Week 13 was a rough one for the Front 4 team with only 9 correct predictions out of 40. As they look to improve on their selections this week, they’ll take a look at the Seahawks/Packers, the Browns’ chances of winning and much more!


Ryan: Buccaneers

Drew Brees can try and do it all by himself but he has absolutely no help and it’ll come back to bite the Saints this week just like it has on most other weeks. Jameis Winston has been playing good and so has the Bucs D so I think they’ll be able to make that one stop that will win them this shootout.

Jameis WinstonDaisy: Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are on a 4-game winning streak and I think they’re extending it to 5. Jameis Winston has 761 passing yards and 8 touchdowns in his past 3 games versus the AFC South. 

Kyle: Buccaneers

The Saints offense has been mostly great during the season, but in their last 7 games they’ve only eclipsed 25 points twice (which was against the 49ers and Rams). The Bucs are starting to look legit and could really make some noise with a win against the Saints. 

Carlos: Saints

The Bucs have won 4 straight and are looking to take over first place in the NFC South, but they will lose to the Saints. Even though the Saints’ record doesn’t reflect it, they aren’t a horrible team. They can get wins and it’s because of their offense. The Saints out-perform the Bucs in total yards per game and points per game. Tampa Bay’s defense is better than New Orleans, but the Saints have one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Drew Brees and his 30 touchdowns will bring the Saints a win.


Which Game is Closer in Margin?

Cowboys@Giants or Ravens@Patriots

Ryan: Ravens@Patriots

I’ll take the Monday Night Football match up only because the Ravens are involved in close games every week. Gronk is gone so the Pats offense is less threatening. Meanwhile, the Cowboys have been getting better every week since losing to the Giants like some boxer who’s been going through a training montage getting ready for his rematch. They’re gonna be ready and I can’t imagine they like that the Giants have spoiled their otherwise perfect season.

Daisy: Cowboys@Giants

Games between NFC East teams have a knack for coming down to the wire and I don’t think this game at MetLife Stadium will be any different.

Kyle: Cowboys@Giants

Since 2012, all  nine Cowboys/Giants games have been decided by ten points or less with four of those games coming by three points or less. This will come down to the final possessions like it always seemingly does. 

Carlos: Ravens@Patriots

The Cowboys have been on a whole different level winning 11 straight and running away with the NFC behind stellar play from the O-line which helps produce a great running game by Zeke and a great passing game by Dak. As much as a Giant win would make for an interesting final stretch, Dallas is too good. Both the Ravens and Patriots have been solid on defense which should make this a close matchup. 

Which Team(s) Will Have 7 Wins in the AFC South?

Titans(6-6) vs. DEN, Colts(6-6) vs. Texans(6-6)

Ryan: Titans & Colts

The Colts are coming back home after obliterating the Jets and the Titans are coming off a bye to face the Broncos, a team with QB issues and a second straight road game. Luck and Mariota will lead their teams to victory and a share of the lead atop the AFC South.

Daisy: Titans & Colts

Not because I am a Colts fan, but I really think the Colts can take on the Texans. The Colts got a confidence boost last week against the Jets and that will carry into this game. The Titans also look good right now and right now they seem more of a complete team than the Broncos.

Kyle: Titans & Colts

The Colts are 19-4 against teams in their own division when Andrew Luck plays. As for the Titans, they’ve been an up and down team all season thanks in part to their terrible defense. However, I think their defense shows up this week and is up for the fight as they go opposite the number 1 defense in the league.

Carlos: Texans

This game will be very close, but the Texans are slightly better on defense. Houston’s opponents only score 21 points compared to Indy’s opponents that score 26 points per game. The Broncos have been a solid team and I don’t see them losing to the Titans. The Titans have had a better offense, but the Broncos have the edge on the defense. Once again I’ll give a good defense the win.

In the Jets@49ers Game, Will Either Team Reach 22 Points?

Ryan: No

My initial reaction was: Of course! But then I started thinking, where are those points going to come from? Sure, the 49ers defense is awful but is Bryce Petty really gonna pick them apart for 3+ scores? And the Jets defense just got decimated by the Colts but Kaep isn’t Luck. Like with most Jets games this season, the best thing to do is just avoid this game entirely.

Daisy: No

I am Petty and will say that neither of these teams will reach 22 points.

Kyle: No

I have a feeling this game will be similar to that Jets/Rams game from a couple weeks ago. There will be little scoring and little excitement. Both of these teams might try to actually lose as this game could determine draft positioning.

Carlos: Yes

I have been wrong with Jets predictions all season, but my gut tells me Petty will have a big game. I’m trying to tell myself there are better days for Jets fans besides the butt fumble days, but I’m not feeling to good about that. At least we were on SportsCenter in those days.

Who Has More Rushing Yards in the Cardinals@Dolphins Game?

David Johnson or Jay Ajayi

Ryan: David Johnson

This is the cream of the running back crop this year and  Johnson will continue his dominant ways against an overrated Dolphins defense, while Ajayi will do well, but not good enough against one of the best run defenses in the league.

Daisy: David Johnson

Both of these backs have the potential to go off, but I trust Johnson more to get it done.

via isports

Kyle: David Johnson

Jay had a three-game stretch where he was fuego! But he has cooled off since then as he hasn’t reached 80 yards since that stretch of at least 111 yards. Johnson has had a more consistent year so I’ll take the Cardinals’ back.

Carlos: David Johnson

The Cardinals have been slightly better at stopping the run. David Johnson has run for more yards this season as well. Even though Ajayi averages more yards per attempt, Johnson has run for 1005 yards compared to Ajayi’s 908.


russell_wilson_vs_vikings_november_4_2012Ryan: Seahawks

Both teams have had very inconsistent seasons but have been trending upwards recently. The loss of Earl Thomas is a huge blow to the Seahawks, but they seemed to finish the game against the Panthers just fine. The Packers present a much tougher challenge, especially at Lambeau, but the Seahawks are the better team and will escape with the W.

Daisy: Seahawks

The Packers face a tough task this week facing a better offense than the ones they’ve faced in recent weeks and as much as I’d like their streak to continue I am going to have to go with the Seahawks. Also, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are great in December with a record of 17-3 in the young quarterback’s career.

Kyle: Packers

Aaron Rodgers is 54-15 at home in his career and 13-5 against the NFC West. Wilson is only 21-16-1 on the road. Give me Rodgers to upset the Seahawks and further the Packers’ playoff hopes.

Carlos: Seahawks

The Seahawks’ opponents only score 16 points per game compared to Green Bay’s opponents who score around 25 points per game. This game will be won on the defensive side of the ball and the Seahawks have been known for that.

Will the Browns Win Against the Bengals?

Ryan: No

Hahahahahaha. No.

Daisy: No

No. Next.

Kyle: Yes

Coming off a bye, into their second to last home game against a team they’ve seen many times that is struggling this season? This might be the best shot for the Browns to do it this season with a game against the Chargers at home and road games in Buffalo and Pittsburgh left. Give me CLEVELAND…?

Carlos: No

Cincy has not been great by any means, but they have out performed Cleveland on both sides of the ball. The Browns allow 30 points per game and they can only score around 16 points per game, so that needs to change if they want a win this season.


philip_rivers_2013Ryan: Chargers

It’s not that I like the Chargers here, it’s just that I have no faith in the Panthers. They look completely out of it and I think the loss of Luke Kuechly was the thing that finally made everyone pack it in. Hard to believe this team went 15-1 last year.

Daisy: Chargers

If Philip Rivers can limit his turnovers, this Chargers offense should be able to carve up the Panthers and add to their disappointment of a season following their trip to the Super Bowl.

Kyle: Chargers

Two of the more disappoing teams, record wise, go head-to-head in a game that is impossible to predict. After winning 15 games last season, the Panthers dont have a win against a team over .500 this year. As for the Chargers ,they’ve beaten the Falcons, Broncos, Titans and Texans. I’ll take San Diego.

Carlos: Chargers

The Chargers have the slight edge on both sides of the ball. San Diego scores more points per game while both allow around the same amount of points per game. If there is an advantage for either team, it is that the Chargers’ offense will be able to score enough to get the tight win. 

Who Will Lead the League in Receptions After Week 14?

Antonio Brown(88) or Larry Fitzgerald(88)

Ryan: Antonio Brown

He burned me last week, but the volume is still there. This is a toss up and it might end in a push but I’ll go with the best receiver in the game right now and hope for the best.

Daisy: Larry Fitzgerald

Give me Fitz to take care of business and add to his historic career.

url.jpgKyle: Larry Fitzgerald

The Dolphins’ defense got torched by the Ravens last week and I think Fitzgerald will be able to do similar things in Miami. 

Carlos: Larry Fitzgerald

At the end of the week, Larry Fitzgerald will lead the league in catches because the Bills have an advantage with defense against the pass which will hurt Brown. 

Will Both Detroit Teams Win By 15+ Points?

Lions vs. CHI and Pistons vs. 76ers

Ryan: Yes

Jim Bob Cooter will have his offense ready to go in this one and the Bears will have no way to keep up. 15 points is a lot for the Pistons, but they’ve blown out bad teams before and I’m hoping they do it again against The Process.

Daisy: No

I think the only Detroit team that will win by 15 points is the Pistons. The Lions and Bears will be much closer than most people think. 

Kyle: Yes

In the Pistons’ 13 wins, they’ve won by double digits in 12 of them! They get a 76ers team so I think they’ll cover. The Lions scare me because they’ve only won by 15 points once this season, which was last week against the Saints, but they lost to Chicago earlier in the season so I think they come out firing in order to avenge that loss.

Carlos: No

The Bears haven’t been awful at holding teams to minimum points as they’ve held their opponents to 22 points per game so this game will be close. The 76ers are bad so I can see a big loss there. In other news, isn’t it ironic that both cities that were in the World Series(Cleveland and Chicago) have horrible football teams? That means if the Jets are this bad at football, the Yankees will win the World Series next year right?  

Tiebreaker: Which Quarterback Has the Most Passing Yards During Week 14?

Ryan: Drew Brees

Daisy: Dak Prescott

Kyle: Matt Stafford

Carlos: Andy Dalton

Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tune into all of the action going on during Week 14 of the NFL season.

Author: Daisy Rivadeneira

MLB stadium traveler.

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