YourSitch’s Royal Rumble Pool #RumbleSitch


The Royal Rumble is one of WWE’s most exciting shows of the year. The unpredictability makes it fun for fans all over the world which is why is hosting a Royal Rumble Pool. A mix of writers, readers and wrestling fans each drew a number at random. If the entrant who enters the Royal Rumble at the number they drew happens to win, then they will crowned the winner of the first annual #RumbleSitch Royal Rumble Pool. Stay caught up with all the action by following YourSitch on Twitter @YourSitchTweets and be sure to join the conversation using the hashtag #RumbleSitch.


  1. Dallas
  2. @KyleNoStyle
  3. @Day_Zeeee
  4. Chris
  5. @Ryan7Jets
  6. @HarkamalS1ngh
  7. Rafa
  8. @PaulineYbanez
  9. @YourSitchTweets
  10. @Delcid20
  11. @1mets13
  12. Flavio
  13. Paul
  14. Nuha
  15. Fernando
  16. Jeff
  17. @ifSaimon
  18. @TownNation
  19. @Rivadeneiraa_
  20. Leanne
  21. Caitlyn
  22. Bryan
  23. Jack
  24. Jiha
  25. Rob
  26. @BP2813
  27. Brian
  28. Shawn
  29. @DorisKadenasi
  30. @DirtyPrynce

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