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Smackdown Live is set to host Clash of Champions with every title on the line. The Usos, Charlotte Flair, Baron Corbin and AJ Styles all head into the night with the goal of successfully defending their championships. Elsewhere around the card, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will literally be fighting for their WWE careers. With the stakes high, the rulers of the blue brand, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, will be right in the middle of the action as special guest referees.

Which competitors will gain momentum, gain credibility, and gain gold as the Royal Rumble nears? Tune into the WWE Network on December 17 to find out and check out our predictions for the night’s biggest matches.

1.) Kickoff Match

Mojo Rawley vs. Zack Ryder

Kyle Boris: Ever since the Hype Bros broke up, the rivalry between the two has not gotten much time on Smackdown Live. However, the animosity between the former partners has escalated on Twitter of all places. Ryder and Rawley have traded jabs online with each one getting more and more personal. It’s unfortunate this has been pretty much ignored heading into Clash of Champions with the pay-off match taking place on the Kickoff show. Let’s see if these two can get the crowd around them, but ultimately I think Mojo gets the win. Who knows if this leads to a mid card run as a heel for the former leader of the Hype Train.

Result: Mojo by pinfall

Jason Zoblin: This is actually an interesting bout because both competitors are out for revenge. Rawley is seeking revenge because he thinks Ryder has been holding him back while Ryder is out for redemption after Rawley stabbed him in the back. This is a way for both of them to get out of the crowded tag team picture and strive for a singles push I think this will ultimately lead to a bigger push for Mojo who will come out on top on the Kickoff Show.

Result: Mojo by pinfall

2.) Tag Team Match

Breezango vs. Bludgeon Brothers

KB: Poor Breezango. They’re gonna get squashed aren’t they? This is the case of another Smackdown Live storyline that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. When The Fashion Files first started it was the hottest program in the WWE and as it cooled off it was just kind of implied that BB stood for Bludgeon Brothers and then we got a last minute announcement that the two teams would face off on Sunday. Harper and Rowan have looked good so far in their short run and they’ll probably take care of Breeze and Dango rather easily.

Result: Bludgeon Brothers by pinfall


JZ: This is going to be fantastic to watch because these teams are total opposites. Breezango is fun and glamorous as evident on the Fashion Files, and the Bludgeon Brothers are extremely dark and edgy. This will be a squash match to kill some time because I think the Bludgeon Brothers are being built to be a dominant force.It’ll be intriguing to see what they can do once they get in the ring with the likes of the Usos and the New Day and because of that they’ll need some momentum starting with a win over Breezango.

Result: Bludgeon Brothers by pinfall

3.) United States Championship

Baron Corbin(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode

KB: The Glorious One Bobby Roode is the perfect fit for the United States Championship. He could really bring more prestige to the title. That being said, I still think it’s early in Baron Corbin’s reign and he’ll probably weasel his way into a win against Roode and Ziggler. Without an influx of babyfaces in the midcard, the feud between Roode and Corbin should continue heading toward the Royal Rumble.

Result: Corbin by pinfall

JZ:  Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin have been feuding for quite some time now and even though I prefer Roode as a heel, I’ve like the work these two have put forward. Throwing Ziggler into the mix makes it interesting because Roode has been feuding with him since he got called up, adding heat to their rivalry. It pains me to say that Ziggler will probably lose and take the pin because he deserves better, but that’s the truth. I don’t think Corbin is cutting it as champion and he’s being overlooked completely. With that being said, I think the result will be glorious, and we’ll see a new champion.

Result: Roode by pinfall

4.) Smackdown Live Women’s Championship: Lumberjack Match

Charlotte Flair(c) vs. Natalya

KB: When these two women lock up, you’re almost guaranteed a 4-star match. These two have tons of chemistry and the added distraction of the lumberjacks is a nice change of pace. At this point in their careers, Charlotte is the superior wrestler and it would be nice to see her get a long reign with the belt. However, with the lumberjacks at ringside, including Carmella who still controls the Money in the Bank, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Natalya or The Princess of Staten Island walk away as new champion.

Result: Charlotte by submission


JZ:  The new storyline with the Riott squad has been interesting to follow. To have some NXT stars come in and tear the house down has been exciting to watch. Now, having them ringside will add a different element to this championship match. I think this will be the last match between Natalya and Charlotte for awhile since they’ve fought many times. It will be one last brutal fight between them and it should be a solid match because they both work so well together. I just think Charlotte is too dominant and deserves to hold the belt for awhile until Carmella ultimately cashes in down the road.

Result: Charlotte by pinfall

5.) Fatal Four Way Tag Team Championship

The Usos(c) vs. The New Day vs. Rusev & Aiden English vs. Gable & Benjamin

KB: This match has the potential to really steal the show. Expect a lot of near falls as all of these teams have a good argument to be the Tag champions. With all these teams involved, it feels like this contest could be one where the Usos lose without getting pinned. My heart says Rusev Day will reign, but my gut says Gable and Benjamin will win their first big match together. It would be a great story for Shelton who has overcome a lot in his second stint with the company.

Result: Gable & Benjamin by pinfall


JZ: This contest is stacked with talent. It has been fantastic to see all of these tag teams step up in the past few months on Smackdown Live because Raw is lacking in the Tag Team division. This will be an exciting matchup seeing everyone go at it. It’s hard to say who’s coming out on top, but because Gable and Benjamin were supposed to get their championship match a while back, I think they deserve to win and they’ll be looking for vengeance.

Result: Gable & Benjamin by pinfall

6.) WWE Championship Match

AJ Styles(c) vs. Jinder Mahal

KB: Jinder Mahal doesn’t have a ton of momentum heading into his rematch for the WWE Championship against AJ Styles. He’s coming off a loss to HHH on the WWE’s recent overseas tour in a match that was being billed as “The Biggest Match in India’s History”. Somehow, Mahal didn’t come out on top, but now the focus turns to his rematch with the Phenomenal One. Styles needs to be champ heading to the Rumble and despite the expected interference from the Singh Brothers, AJ should be able to make it happen and leave Clash of Champions on top.

Result: Styles by pinfall


JZ: I’m looking forward to this rematch. Jinder was not my favorite champion to say the least, but he made things interesting and he was entertaining to watch as champion because he seemed unstoppable with the help of The Singh Brothers. This should be a captivating rematch, but I can’t see Jinder becoming a two-time champion. I want to see AJ hold the title for a while heading into Wrestlemania so at Clash of Champions we will have a phenomenal win.

Result: Styles by pinfall

7.) Tag Team Match: Special Referees- Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon

Owens & Zayn vs. Nakamura & Orton

(If Owens & Zayn lose they’re fired)

KB: There’s no way Owens and Zayn are getting fired…right? Arguably the two most exciting members of Smackdown Live, the former enemies are the main focus each and every week. It’s been teased that we might be seeing a Daniel Bryan heel turn, but perhaps WWE is setting us up a for a swerve leading to a Shane McMahon turn in which he helps Owens and Zayn keep their job. There’s plenty of different dynamics heading into the match and it’ll be interesting to see which one is explored. Could the friendship between Nakamura and Orton be short-lived? There’s plenty of speculation, but ultimately I believe we’ll get a solid match with a screwy finish in which Kevin and Sami keep theirs jobs.

Result: Owens & Zayn by pinfall


JZ: The fact that if Zayn and Owens lose they will be fired gives an added bonus to an already important match. The feud between Zayn, Owens and Shane O’ Mac has been the main focus on Smackdown and each week something crazy has happened. Zayn has been a great heel and it was a well-needed switch because his run as a face wasn’t taking him anywhere. He went from facing Mike Kanellis to being in the main event of Clash of Champions. The four of these guys always work well together and with Bryan and Shane involved there’s so much that could happen. I really think somebody will betray somebody and we will see this storyline continue, but I can’t see Zayn and Owens getting fired so I think they will somehow win this match.

Result: Owens & Zayn by pinfall

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