Building the Perfect Royal Rumble

#3: Ric Flair(1992)

The 1992 bout is the blueprint for a successful Rumble. It had plenty of stars, high stakes(the winner won the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship) and great storytelling. In the end, Ric Flair made the first huge statement in his WWE career after coming over from WCW and lasting an hour to win the match from the #3 spot.

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Honorable Mentions: A.J. Styles(2016), CM Punk(2010)

#4: Kofi Kingston(2013)

Kofi Kingston takes the rule “both feet must touch the ground” to new levels when he’s in the Royal Rumble. He’s avoided elimination by seemingly every means possible. He’s used the steel steps, the barricade, Big E and even the Rosebuds to help prevent both feet from hitting the floor. However, his most impressive save came in the 2013 match when he entered at #4. In this instance, he found himself on the announce table and used quick thinking by asking JBL to borrow his chair before using it like a Pogo stick as he bounced back toward the ring.

The Royal Rumble can always use moments like this and Kingston is the perfect competitor to provide them.

Honorable Mentions: Cody Rhodes(2012)

#5: Stone Cold(1997)

Stone Cold Steve Austin followed up Shawn Michaels’ back-to-back wins with consecutive wins of his own in 1997 and 1998. Both were memorable performances, but the 1997 bout saw him carry a good portion of the match. He entered at #5 and was at the center of the contest until Bret Hart entered at #21. Austin lasted 45 minutes and had 10 eliminations which culminated with him tossing Hart to collect the first of his three Royal Rumbles victories

Honorable Mention: Drew Carey(2001)

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