Building the Perfect Royal Rumble

#9: Shelton Benjamin(2007)

No wrestler has won from the #9 spot and it was tough to find someone to fill out this particular Royal Rumble with a #9 entry, but Shelton Benjamin has entered the bout quite a few times and has put forth many strong performances to earn the spot. In the 2007 Royal Rumble, Benjamin entered at #9 and lasted 22 minutes before getting eliminated by Shawn Michaels which of course reminded us all of the amazing match the two shared just a couple years earlier. Benjamin has the potential to bring a signature moment to any match he enters which helps him earn the #9 spot.

#10: Tye Dillinger(2017)

10. Perfect.

Honorable Mention: Ted DiBiase(2009)

#11: Maven(2002)

It’s always nice to see young WWE superstars debut at the Royal Rumble or have their first real big moment at the pay per view. This was certainly the case in 2002 when Tough Enough winner Maven entered at #11 and unbelievably eliminated The Undertaker in a shocking moment. Maven would eventually come to regret that decision, but in that moment he made created one of the many highlights of the Royal Rumble.

#12: Jerry Lawler(2012)

Not every competitor has a realistic chance at winning the Royal Rumble match, but that doesn’t matter when the fans get to see a returning legend head to the ring for maybe the final time. In 2012, Jerry the King Lawler surprised us all when his music hit once the clock reached zero. He was sitting behind the announce table and entered the bout to an astounding ovation. The King only lasted 43 seconds, but he did help in eliminating Michael Cole which is a win in its own right.

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