Building the Perfect Royal Rumble

#13: Hacksaw Jim Duggan(1988)

You can’t have a Royal Rumble with the inaugural winner, Hacksaw Jim Duggan. In 1988, Duggan entered at #13 and won the match that had only 20 entrants. Duggan had the crowd on his side and was able to toss out One Man Gang who looked to be the favorite heading into the final two.


#14: DDP(2015)

BANG! Another surprise entrant with DDP entering the madness. The WCW legend and WWE Hall of Famer surprised fans everywhere when his classic music rang throughout the arena in 2015. He was eventually eliminated after a couple minutes by Rusev, but a return like this one is good enough for us on any Rusev Day.

#15: Rusev(2015)

Speaking of Rusev, the Bulgarian Brute eliminated DDP and five other superstars as he lasted over 35 minutes after entering at #15 in 2015. He put forth a strong effort before being eliminated in the final two by Roman Reigns. That being said, it wouldn’t be a Rusev Rumble without the man himself.

Author: Kyle Boris

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