Wendy’s: The New Queen of Twitter

By Kyle Boris

Britney Spears has 50 million followers on Twitter. Lady Gaga has 65 million followers of her own. Katy Perry has an astounding 95 million people following her. That’s all fine and dandy, but I’m not following any of them. I reserve my follows for accounts that push the envelope and deliver A+ quality tweets. These kind of accounts don’t come around often, but when they do, boy does it make for some good entertainment. My most recent follow has taken all of this to next level and may be changing the game when it comes to businesses and their social media accounts. If you don’t already, join me and follow the new queen of Twitter, Wendy’s.


Yep! The popular fast-food restaurant known for its burgers and its 4 for $4 deal has taken Twitter by storm thanks in part to some hilarious comebacks and responses by the people behind their social media department. The company has been on Twitter since July of 2009, but no one really cared until about a week ago when the mayhem began. Their follower count is growing with celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Ric Flair, Lil Dicky and UFC HeavyWeight Champion Stipe Miocic already on the bandwagon and joining the 1.2 million followers.

The Wendy’s account has become a must follow because of their many different styles of comebacks. Some of their best responses are at the expense of their competitors Burger King and McDonald’s.

When they’re not taking shots at other restaurants, they point their attention to the average Twitter user.

They really have mastered the art of roasting, but one of the aspects that I think most followers respect is their knowledge of all things sports and pop culture. When it comes to sports, Wendy’s proves their fluent in basketball and WWE among others.

Wendy’s is apparently up to date on all their pop culture references as well.

Being able to find the perfect GIF for any given situation is crucial to taking the next step in social media dominance and Wendy’s is definitely heading toward mastering the art with their tweets.

Us followers can only hope that Wendy’s continues this trend of leading us into the deepest depths of Tweeting whether it be through their awesome Twitter beefs or cheesy comebacks. Be sure to follow their account @Wendys and if you’re feeling brave send them a tweet, too!

Kyle Boris is the Co-Founder of YourSitch.com

Twitter: @KyleNoStyle

The Meatball Shop: How Do Their Balls Size Up


By Tina Cherrillo

If your favorite way to eat meat is in the form of a ball, then you’ve got to try out The Meatball Shop. Established in 2010, The Meatball Shop has been spreading its balls all over the city in their six  NY Locations. Whether you’re uptown, downtown or anywhere in between, The Meatball Shop has got your meatball needs covered. I’m an avid meatballer myself and have been dying to try out these luscious lumps for years. Just last month I ventured out to The Meatball Shop’s Chelsea, NY location and boy, did I have a ballin’ experience!


The Locale

Only a few blocks away from the ACE or 123 subway stations, the Chelsea location is super easy to get to. You can’t miss the red and white striped awning. It’s got a quaint little storefront and even offers outside seating for those of you who prefer to take your balls outdoors.

 The inside is small, but what it lacks in space is made up for by the décor and of course the food, but I’m getting ahead of myself. There are old-timey pictures covering almost every inch of wall space that give the shop a homey feel. Another quirky feature I thought was unique is how every single piece of silverware is mismatched. The tables are pretty close to each other, but hey, what better place to make friends who share a common love for meatballs than THE Meatball Shop?

 The Menu

While it looks pretty simple, don’t be fooled. This menu is jam packed with options. They’re even laminated so you can check off exactly what you want with a dry-erase marker so the waiters don’t confuse your table’s orders.

 The first thing you have to decide is what kind of ball you want. You have the option between three different types of meat: classic beef, spicy pork, or chicken. There’s even a veggie ball option for all those vegetarians out there.

 Next, you pick your sauce. There are usually six so try not to get too overwhelmed. options include tomato, spicy meat, mushroom, parm cheese and pesto. Trust me, I was torn between classic tomato and the pesto. One of the hardest decisions I made all week.

 If you thought choosing your meat and sauce was tough, then brace yourselves for this next sentence. Everyday each location their own daily ball/sauce special you can try. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

 Next step: choose how you want your balls to be served. If you’re feeling confident in your ball selection, opt for the “Naked Balls”. Yup, that was not a typo. You get four big, juicy balls topped with your sauce and some focaccia bread. If you’re shy, don’t worry. You can order a side of spaghetti or a salad if don’t want your balls to be completely naked.

The other option is to order your balls on a slider or in a sandwich. If you can’t handle two balls in your mouth at once, go for the slider. If you’re a true ball lover, go with the sandwich. It comes on a baguette hero with your sauce and three balls, all snuggled together and tucked in under a blanket of cheese. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

 The ball mania doesn’t stop there! If you’re smart, you’ll leave room for dessert. Or even if you don’t save room, loosen your belt buckle or just unbutton your pants because you’re going to want to try one of the ice cream sandwiches. This time instead of choosing balls and sauce, you choose your cookies and ice cream. All the cookies are freshly baked in house AND they hand-make their own ice cream. Just when you thought this place couldn’t get any better…IT DOES.


The Quality

 My Meal Order: Hero Sandwich on a white baguette with classic beef balls, classic tomato sauce, and provolone cheese


Being an experienced meatballer, I knew I could handle the Hero Sandwich. The bread was crispy, the sauce light and tart. Provolone was the way to go cheese-wise. It was more flavorful than mozzarella would have been and held its own to the sauce and balls. Speaking of the balls, they were… AMAZEBALLZ. Not too firm, but not dry either. It came with a simple salad served with light oil dressing and apples that complimented the sandwich perfectly. 


My Dessert Order: Cookie Sandwich with the special of the day, mint ice cream nestled between two chocolate chip cookies


The cookies were warm and gooey. That mint ice cream was THE FRESHEST ice cream I have ever had. It had little pieces of mint leaves mixed in so you can tell it was handmade.


My overall rating: 10 ballz out of 10

 Hands down THE BEST meatball-parm sandwich I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. I left with the biggest food baby. I now know what it feels like to be five months pregnant. I was so pleased my whole experience that I swiped The Meatball Shop pen I used to sign my check.


If you haven’t tried The Meatball Shop, trust me it’s worth a trip!

Tina Cherrillo is a contributing writer for YourSitch.com

Twitter: @TinaCherrillo