YourSitch’s Royal Rumble Pool #RumbleSitch


The Royal Rumble is one of WWE’s most exciting shows of the year. The unpredictability makes it fun for fans all over the world which is why is hosting a Royal Rumble Pool. A mix of writers, readers and wrestling fans each drew a number at random. If the entrant who enters the Royal Rumble at the number they drew happens to win, then they will crowned the winner of the first annual #RumbleSitch Royal Rumble Pool. Stay caught up with all the action by following YourSitch on Twitter @YourSitchTweets and be sure to join the conversation using the hashtag #RumbleSitch.


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Royal Rumble Preview


The 2017 Royal Rumble is upon us and this year’s contest is one of the most unpredictable in the pay-per-view’s 30-year history. Will a veteran such as Goldberg, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar be the last standing? Will a young gun such as Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, Braun Strowman, Rusev or Bray Wyatt use this night to catapult them to the biggest stage? Could a returning superstar walk away the winner?

And don’t forget there’s a full card of exciting matches before the actual rumble. John Cena and AJ Styles will clash as the Dr. of Thuganomics chases history. Bayley will get her shot at gold, Jericho will be in a shark cage and so much more is going down  at the Alamodome. Daisy Rivadeneira and Kyle Boris of YourSitch will attempt to cover it all as they make their predictions for the 2017 Royal Rumble.

Becky Lynch, Naomi and Nikki Bella vs. Alexa Bliss, Mickie James & Natalya


Daisy: How awesome would it have been if Trish Stratus had been in this match? Even though she will not be making it, I am still excited to see Mickie James in action. I’m excited to see her back in a WWE ring and I’ll be rooting for her to lead her team to victory as they defeat Lynch, Nikki, and Naomi. 

Result: Bliss, James & Natalya by pinfall

Kyle: Alexa Bliss may be the most underrated performer the WWE has right now. She doesn’t have the move sets that some of the other women wrestlers have, but what she lacks there she makes up for in her character and personality. That being said, she’s had the upper hand over Becky Lynch of late and this could be a good time for Lynch to pick up a win without pinning the champ.

Result: Lynch, Naomi, Bella by submission

Raw Tag-Team Championship

Cesaro & Sheamus(c) vs. Gallows & Anderson


Step aside Cesaro and Sheamus. It’s Gallows and Anderson’s time. They will win fair and square seeing as though there will be two referees in this match. I am not a HUGE supporter of either team, but Gallows and Anderson have done their time and deserve to be in the spotlight especially with the resume they have.

Result: Gallows & Anderson by pinfall

Two referees will be used to prevent endings like the one seen above.

Kyle:  I like that this match-up is going to have two referees to continue their storyline. I think Gallows and Anderson could use a defining championship win on a big stage, but I just feel like it’s too soon to take the belts off Cesaro & Sheamus. They’ve just gotten it rolling and they’re fun to watch.

Result: Cesaro & Sheamus by pinfall 

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Daisy: This one is tough just because both of them are my girls. I want Nia Jax to work her way up to possibly getting a chance to compete for the Women’s Championship, however, I don’t think her day has come yet. Sasha Banks will win by submission in this match even though it won’t be easy to knock Nia Jax down.

Result: Sasha Banks by submission


Kyle: Like her theme song reminds us, Nia Jax is not like most girls. Honestly, she’s pretty darn impressive and if we want to take her serious as a contender for the belt, she’s going to need a win over a top contender like the boss. 

Result: Nia Jax by pinfall

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Rich Swann(c) vs. Neville

Daisy: These matches are always fun. I know these guys will pull out moves that will have my jaw dropping. Also, Rich Swann is impressive and I would really like to see him remain champion to see what else he can do. He’ll end the match with a spin kick to take down  Neville.

Result: Swann by pinfall

Kyle: Neville is on fire right now and deserves the strap. He’s put the cruiserweights back on the map with his new attitude and I think that’s exactly what the belt needs. Swann is a great performer, but he needs some fire in him and maybe a loss to Neville will do just the trick.

Result: Neville by pinfall

Raw Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair(c) vs. Bayley

Daisy: The fans LOVE Bayley hence why she’s moved up the ladder rather quickly. That being said, despite how quickly she’s climbed, I think Charlotte will be too much for her at the Rumble.  Don’t worry Bayley fans, I don’t see this being the end of their feud just yet. 

Result:  Charlotte by pinfall

Kyle: Have you heard Charlotte is undefeated in title matches on PPV? Yeah, well that’s not going to change here. I don’t think it will be a clean win, but Charlotte will end up leaving the ring with a conniving smile as she laughs at Bayley which will further push the fire inside the underdog.

Result:  Charlotte by pinfall


WWE Universal Championship:

No DQ(Chris Jericho Trapped in a Shark Cage)

Kevin Owens(c) vs. Roman Reigns

Daisy: With Jericho locked away, these guys might actually  get a fair match in. Roman Reigns is capable of defeating Kevin Owens, but I don’t know if it’ll be his night. Unfortunately, I think Kevin Owens will remain champion, keeping me off the list, but I think Owens’ time will be up at WrestleMania.

Result: Owens by pinfall


Kyle: This match is tough to dissect. Will Chris Jericho still be a factor from the shark cage? Will fans even pay attention to the actual match? Just think how entertaining the ayatollah of rock and rollah will be as he’s suspended in the air. When it comes to the match though, I think I’m going with Owens because it could ultimately set up a match with the first Universal Champion Finn Balor at WrestleMania.

Result: Owens by pinfall

WWE Championship

AJ Styles(c) vs. John Cena

685px-john_cena_2010_tribute_to_the_troops_3Daisy: Even if the crowd chants it, John Cena doesn’t suck. AJ Styles is pretty darn good himself. Both of these guys are a bit on the older side, but man do they know how to  put on a performance. Besides the actual rumble, I look forward to this match the most. I expect to be emotionally exhausted during this match until Cena wins by pinfall after each of them have near fall after near fall. 

Result: Cena by pinfall

Kyle: Boy, do these two know how to work the mic. They have killed it recently on Smackdown Live and I really can’t wait for the next installment in this series. This match really could go either way. I don’t think either man will go down without a little help though. The loser will probably fall because of outside shenanigans. (Please be Samoa Joe, please be Samoa Joe)

Result: AJ Styles by pinfall

2017 Royal Rumble Match


Josh Reddick is used to wearing WWE gold

Daisy: With so many spots still up for grabs, I would really like for a celebrity to be a part of the rumble. Maybe Shaq again? Or Josh Reddick… Gronkowski?… McGregor?

Kyle: Just picture this. The crowd is ready for the #10 entry. Give us the Perfect 10! 3…2…1…AWESOME! If the Miz came out at #10, he would gain SO much heat and it would really anger the crowd. And then you can have Tye come out at #11 and that can start a mini feud.

Daisy: I want to see Undertaker, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in the ring at the same time. They teased it on Raw, so they better deliver in the match. I expect a long stare-down with each other before they go at it.

WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate

Kyle: I really want to see Tyler Bate, the first WWE UK champion, compete in the rumble. He could use the national stage to get his name out there more and it would give him some time to shine and showcase his talents for a bigger audience.

Daisy:   I want to see KURT ANGLE return. If the crowd hears his signature music it will turn the arena into a frenzy. Let us chant ‘YOU SUCK’ because it’s a classic! I low key would also like for the last entry to be a WWE Legend like The Rock or The Rattlesnake. I would actually lose my sh*t!

Kyle: If James Ellsworth isn’t in the ring with Brock and Goldberg does anything really matter? I want an F5, a spear, 5 suplexes and a Jackhammer.

Daisy: Triple H enters the Royal Rumble and Seth Rollins screws him over. The Game screwed Rollins out of his Royal Rumble spot and now it’s Rollins’ turn to return the favor. You can’t leave the man out of one of the biggest nights in the WWE.

Kyle: I was trying to think of what Kofi could do this year to top his crazy saves in the rumble and all I could come up with is that he gets thrown over the ropes, but lands on top of Francesca #2 and stays alive. Hopefully he comes up with something better.

Final 4

Daisy: Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Goldberg, The Big Show

Result: Goldberg will continue his dominance by eliminating the Big Show who drew a late entry as Balor and Joe are there for the assist. Balor and Samoa Joe then team up to eliminate Goldberg.

The Royal Rumble will end with Finn Balor and Samoa Joe, former NXT rivals, squaring off and it couldn’t be in a more dramatic way.  I think, ultimately, Samoa Joe is eliminated by Balor earning the Demon King a shot at getting his title back! Samoa Joe will have an impressive debut as he eliminates the most superstars, but will fall just short. 

via Inquisitr

Kyle: The Undertaker, Finn Balor, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

Result: Give us the 4 creepiest guys in the final 4! Just picture the stare down of the Deadman, the Demon King, and the Wyatts. Balor will be the Raw rep, while the Wyatts represent the blue brand. Then you have The Undertaker to do whatever the heck he wants. I see an Orton/Bray turn that causes them both to get eliminated followed by a Balor win over the Undertaker setting up Balor and Owens for Wrestlemania.

How do you think the Royal Rumble will go down? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tune in Sunday, January 29th on the WWE Network.

Front 4: NFL Divisional Round

We’re down to eight! Four teams from each conference remain as they attempt to punch their ticket to Super Bowl 51 in Houston. With four matchups on this weekend’s slate, the Front 4 team will debate who they believe will walk away from each game victorious. Before we get to their predictions, let’s take a look at how they fared last week and of course the overall standings as the season nears its end.

Wild Card Round: 

Daisy: 7                                                                          Daisy: 47

Carlos: 6                                                                        Ryan: 46

Ryan: 5                                                                           Carlos: 46

Kyle: 4                                                                             Kyle: 44


urlDaisy: Patriots

Despite the Texans having the league’s top defense, I don’t think there’s any shot that they can go into New England and beat Tom Brady. The Pats are just better. Unfortunately they’re on their way to another Super Bowl appearance.

Carlos: Patriots

The Patriots are going to win this game rather easily because they have Tom Brady who is just stockpiling wins and championships at this point. 3500 yards and 28 touchdowns for a guy who missed four games is pretty darn impressive. The Texans defense has been good, but the Patriots have too much experience and too much power to overcome.

Ryan: Patriots

The Patriots beat the Texans 27-0 in week 3 this season with their third string quarterback. Add in Tom Brady and subtract JJ Watt and you have a game where a 15-point spread will be covered.

Kyle: Patriots

The Texans were able to figure things out for a week and pick up a playoff win against the Carr-less Raiders, but Brady and Belicheck will be in the driver’s seat this weekend as they end the Texans’ dreams rather easily.


Daisy: Steelers

The Steelers head into this one with Big Ben nursing an injury, but that won’t hold this team down. When they’re clicking, they’re unstoppable. I think the Steelers steal one on the road.

Carlos: Steelers

The Chiefs were able to secure a bye in the playoffs, but their defense is ranked 24th in the league and their offense was ranked 20th so there is room for improvement. They weren’t lights out, but they have a good quarterback in Alex Smith and a good coach in Andy Reid. Good won’t be enough when it comes to Le’veon Bell. I see Bell running all over the Chiefs defense that was ranked 26th in rushing yards allowed. Antonio Brown and Big Ben are also too much for that defense to handle. There are too many weapons to stop and the Steelers are coming in hot on an 8-game winning streak.

Ryan: Steelers

I want to go Chiefs here, especially with news that Big Ben in a walking boot earlier in the week, but the Steelers just seem to get better and better each week (like the Packers). I’m not going to overthink this game and go Steelers. I can’t wait for the last second Tyreek Hill punt return, a la Desean Jackson against the Giants, to ruin this pick for me.

Kyle: Steelers

In the first match up between these two, the Steelers routed the Chiefs 43-14 thanks to an early onslaught. The Steelers got out to a 22-0 lead in the 1st quarter thanks to a KC fumble, muffed punt and interception from Alex Smith. Pittsburgh would go on to score 36 unanswered points to start the game and KC never stood a chance in what was probably their worst game of the season. The Chiefs will obviously want to use that game as motivation especially at home and I think they will come out with a better gameplan, but ultimately this game might come down to whichever team wins the turnover battle. I’ll take the Steelers to come out on top because of the 3 B’s: Ben, Bell and Brown. 


Daisy: Falcons

The Falcons have looked great all season and I think Matt Ryan and the squad will show why they’re in the playoffs and why they were the second best team in the NFC.

Carlos: Falcons

We all know that Seattle has a great defense, but they are dealing with injuries. To add to that, they are playing on the road. That’s too many obstacles to overcome especially against a Falcons offense that was on another level this season as they scored 33 points per game which was best in the league.

Seattle can hang in there especially if Thomas Rawls has another big game. Against the Lions he set a franchise playoff record with 161 rushing yards. Atlanta was ranked 17th in rushing yards allowed so it could come down to Seattle establishing a running game, but my money is still on Atlanta. Ironically, Matt Ryan’s only playoff win came in 2012 against the Seahawks.

Matt Ryan

Ryan: Falcons

I don’t like trusting the Falcons in the playoffs, but I think this game turns into a shootout and the Seahawks won’t be able to match the Falcons offensively. If Earl Thomas was playing, I’d probably go Seahawks, but it’s a huge loss to play without him. Matt Ryan’s only playoff win has come against the Seahawks so hopefully he can do it again this year.

Kyle: Falcons

This is a tough one to predict because it pits the Falcons’ high-powered offense against the Seahawks’ lights-out defense. If this game was in Seattle, I would’ve taken the Seahawks, but this game will be indoors allowing Matt Ryan to play in comfortable conditions which could lead to plenty of scoring even against the Seahawks defense. He threw for 335 and 3 touchdowns against the Seahawks in Seattle earlier this season so I expect even better numbers in Atlanta.


Daisy: Cowboys

This is the most intriguing game of the weekend because both of these teams are pretty evenly matched up and are both coming in hot. It’s going to be a close one, but the Cowboys are home and will come out victorious to prolong their great season. 

Carlos: Packers

Not only are the Packers red hot, but they also have the experience. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks not only in the game now, but maybe all time. He has already won a Super Bowl and just looks unstoppable. The Cowboys are scary because of Dak, Zeke and the offensive line, but this team is young. They’re playing rookies at the QB and RB positions and that might hurt them. These teams are evenly matched so it should be a close game, but ultimately I see Aaron Rodgers leading the Packers to a win on their final drive.

Ryan: Packers

The Cowboys are the best team in the NFC, but the playoffs are all about who’s hot and Aaron Rodgers is on fire right now. Meanwhile, on the other side, Dallas is starting two rookies and as great as they’ve been it’s hard to pick rooks over A.A.Ron Rodgers. Also…Dez didn’t catch it.

Kyle: Cowboys

I don’t know if anyone can stop Aaron Rodgers right now. He put up 33 points against a Giants defense that was on a tear. The Cowboys defense has played well, but it’ll be extremely difficult to slow down the Packers offense. It should be interesting to see how Dak and Zeke perform in their first playoff games and the Cowboys will likely need huge days from both men if they want to move on to the Conference Championship. I could see this going either way, but I’m going to stick with dem boyz. 

Highest Scoring Game?

Daisy: Seahawks/Falcons

I am really banking on both of these quarterbacks to just go back and forth with touchdowns this week. The Seahawks have a tendency to show up in the playoffs so I think they’re going to try their best to keep up with the Falcons.

Carlos: Seahawks/Falcons

Atlanta is going to come out swinging. They want to prove they belong and Matt Ryan wants that second playoff win. The Seahawks are good on defense, but they are limping in with injuries. That being said, Seattle won’t just sit and accept a loss. They’re going to go down swinging and they’ll need to establish the running game to complement Russell Wilson in order to produce points. I see this being a back and forth battle.

aaron_rodgers_2014Ryan: Packers/Cowboys

Each team has offensive weapons that are borderline unstoppable in Elliott and Rodgers. Even if each team had an above-average defense (neither does), I would still expect those two to put up big numbers.

Kyle: Packers/Cowboys

We all know what Aaron Rodgers is capable of. We’ve also seen what the Cowboys’ stacked offense can do. This could be a back and forth game that might come down to the wire with both teams trading punches.

Will Zeke or Bell Have More Rushing Yards?

Daisy: Le’Veon Bell

I usually pick Zeke to out-run most backs, but I think Le’veon Bell has a better chance getting through the Chiefs defense than Zeke does against the Packers. Zeke will have still have a great game, but I just trust Bell more at this point. 

Carlos: Bell

I’m going with Bell because the Chiefs don’t have the greatest defense against the run. They were ranked 26th in rushing yards allowed with 122 rushing yards per game. Zeke will have to run against a better run defense that is ranked 8th and only allows 95 rushing yards per game.

Ryan: Bell

Big Ben is in a walking boot, but the Steelers will probably be fine without him at 100% because of Bell. Le’Veon is on fire and is coming off a 167-yard performance in the Wild Card game. Zeke is a monster, but the Cowboys might find themselves behind with a rookie QB under center.

Kyle: Ezekiel Elliott

Both Bell and Zeke lit up their opponents in their matchups against the Chiefs and Packers earlier in the season, but I’m leaning toward Zeke since he’ll be playing in better conditions. He rushed for 157 yards in Green Bay and now he gets to face that same defense indoors in Dallas.

Who Will Have More Passing Yards Between Brady, Big Ben, Rodgers and Ryan?

Daisy: Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has been brilliant this season and I’ll keep faith in the better Ryan. 

Carlos: Tom Brady

Brady is on a mission to win another Super Bowl. The Texans were ranked 2nd against the pass this season so it won’t be easy for Brady, but he is able to just break down any defense and do as he pleases. I don’t see Houston playing with much spunk in this one which will lead to an onslaught from Brady and company.

Ryan: Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is the best QB facing the easiest matchup of the four. I learned the hard way to never bet against Rodgers and I won’t make that mistake again.

Kyle: Matt Ryan

The Falcons have flown somewhat under the radar this season even though they finished with the 2nd seed in the NFC. If they lose to Seattle at home, it will really make people forget about their impressive offensive season. I think Matt Ryan has his best playoff game to set up a match-up with Dallas.

Which Running QB Will Have the Most Total Yards?

Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson or Alex Smith

russell_wilson_vs_vikings_november_4_2012Daisy: Russell Wilson

Out of the three QBs in this question, Russell Wilson has the most favorable matchup. I think Russell will definitely be able to throw the ball and use his feet to pick yards on the run as well.

That being said, I think Dak still plays well despite the evidence of past rookie quarterbacks in the playoffs. I think he will continue to play well especially with the team he has around him. He doesn’t seem to get flustered and Nothing makes him nervous… not even girls.

Carlos: Wilson

Wilson will need to be mobile and electric if the Seahawks have any chance to win so I am counting on Russell Wilson to make big plays including big runs that will complement the passing game. Plus, of the 3 quarterbacks, Wilson is facing the weakest defense which is the Falcons that was ranked 25th in the league.

Ryan: Wilson

Betting on Russell Wilson in the playoffs is a smart thing to do and I like to pretend I’m smart. Dak is great, but still a rookie and Alex Smith is effective, but not going to fill up the scoresheet. Wilson all day.

Kyle: Alex Smith

Andy Reid, Alex Smith and the Chiefs had an extra week to prepare for the Steelers(assuming they expected them to beat the Dolphins) and Reid has proven that he uses the extra time to the best of his ability. I think this bodes well for Smith who will rack up yards in small bunches, but I think those bunches eventually lead to a solid day for the veteran quarterback. 

Will the Texans/Patriots Game Be Decided By Less than 16 Points?

Daisy: Yes

Yes, I believe the Texans can keep this from getting out of hand, but only because of their defense. I mean you guys are representing the AFC South. Please don’t make us look worse than we already are. 

Carlos: No

As I said before, Tom Brady is on a mission to win. He is still mad about the suspension and it shows in the way he plays every week.

Ryan: No

Tom Brady vs. Brock Osweiler. One puts up a lot of points while the other does not.

Kyle: Yes

The only way this happens is if the Texans protect the ball. They CANNOT afford to turn the ball over and if they don’t they may be able to keep the game close because their defense is that good.

Closest Game?

Daisy: Packers/Cowboys

Both teams are coming in hot and like I said earlier, this will definitely be the most intriguing game of the weekend.

Carlos: Packers/Cowboys

This game has the ingredients to be a classic. You have a red-hot Super Bowl champ in Aaron Rodgers and you have great rookie playmakers in Zeke and Dak. It’s a tough game to predict and those kind of games usually make for close games.


Ryan: Seahawks/Falcons

The Falcons are the better team, but they aren’t great in the playoffs. The Seahawks are money in the playoffs. That’ll make for a close game that will hopefully come down to the final possession. We gotta get interesting playoff football at some point, right?

Kyle: Packers/Cowboys

With Aaron Rodgers you can expect fireworks. Fireworks usually means late game heroics so I’ll go with the Packers/Cowboys.

Tiebreaker: Which Team Will Gain the Most Total Yards?

Daisy: Cowboys

Carlos: Falcons

Ryan: Patriots

Kyle: Steelers

Do you agree with the Front 4 team’s predictions? Be sure to comment below to let us know who you think will be one step closer to the Super Bowl!

Wendy’s: The New Queen of Twitter

By Kyle Boris

Britney Spears has 50 million followers on Twitter. Lady Gaga has 65 million followers of her own. Katy Perry has an astounding 95 million people following her. That’s all fine and dandy, but I’m not following any of them. I reserve my follows for accounts that push the envelope and deliver A+ quality tweets. These kind of accounts don’t come around often, but when they do, boy does it make for some good entertainment. My most recent follow has taken all of this to next level and may be changing the game when it comes to businesses and their social media accounts. If you don’t already, join me and follow the new queen of Twitter, Wendy’s.


Yep! The popular fast-food restaurant known for its burgers and its 4 for $4 deal has taken Twitter by storm thanks in part to some hilarious comebacks and responses by the people behind their social media department. The company has been on Twitter since July of 2009, but no one really cared until about a week ago when the mayhem began. Their follower count is growing with celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Ric Flair, Lil Dicky and UFC HeavyWeight Champion Stipe Miocic already on the bandwagon and joining the 1.2 million followers.

The Wendy’s account has become a must follow because of their many different styles of comebacks. Some of their best responses are at the expense of their competitors Burger King and McDonald’s.

When they’re not taking shots at other restaurants, they point their attention to the average Twitter user.

They really have mastered the art of roasting, but one of the aspects that I think most followers respect is their knowledge of all things sports and pop culture. When it comes to sports, Wendy’s proves their fluent in basketball and WWE among others.

Wendy’s is apparently up to date on all their pop culture references as well.

Being able to find the perfect GIF for any given situation is crucial to taking the next step in social media dominance and Wendy’s is definitely heading toward mastering the art with their tweets.

Us followers can only hope that Wendy’s continues this trend of leading us into the deepest depths of Tweeting whether it be through their awesome Twitter beefs or cheesy comebacks. Be sure to follow their account @Wendys and if you’re feeling brave send them a tweet, too!

Kyle Boris is the Co-Founder of

Twitter: @KyleNoStyle

Front 4: NFL Wildcard Round

As the regular season came to a close, the members of the Front 4 team decided to make things interesting in the final week to give us a nail-biter heading into the playoffs. With just four weeks of predictions remaining, Ryan holds a one-point lead over Kyle, Daisy and Carlos who are all tied for second place.

With four games on the schedule this weekend, the Front 4 team will take a look at each match up and debate who will move one step closer to a trip to the Super Bowl. Let us know if you agree with their predictions for the NFL Wildcard Round.


Kyle: Texans

If Derek Carr were playing this game would be one of the easier ones to predict, however, with rookie Connor Cook making his first career start that also happens to be a playoff game on the road, it’s a little tougher. The Raiders are still the better team, but Houston did win their division(miraculously) and I think this game could come down head-coaching decisions.

Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio is entering the playoffs for just the 3rd time in his 11 seasons as a head coach and only has one win which came back in 2007 with the Jaguars. The Raiders have been known to take chances under Del Rio and I think that backfires this week under Cook as the Raiders’ once promising season comes to a crushing halt thanks to a late stop by the Texans as Brock Osweiler walks away with his first playoff victory putting him ahead of Andy Dalton. 

Daisy: Raiders

Let’s go Raiders! Despite losing their MVP-caliber quarterback and then losing their 2nd string quarterback, the Raiders are a solid squad. I think the Texans defense will definitely be a challenge for Connor Cook, but I believe the Raiders will score enough points to get the job done.

Carlos: Texans

Regardless of the result of this game, the Raiders should be proud of their season. Going from 7 to 12 wins and making the playoffs for the first time since 2002 is a huge accomplishment. If Carr was healthy, the Raiders  could have been a serious threat to reach the Super Bowl. Teams have only been able to score 20 points per game against the Texans and without a QB like Carr, points will be tough to come by for the Raiders. The Texans aren’t the best team, but they were able to win enough games to get to the playoffs so don’t take them for granted.

Ryan: Texans

This is easily the toughest game to pick this weekend. How do you pick between a QB who was cheered by the crowd he’ll be playing in front of when he was benched or a QB who has never played in an NFL game and will be starting on the road? Both teams have strong defenses but my god how do you choose between these offenses? If Carr starts this game, you could put down a game-winning drive for the Raiders in stone. Osweiler will have a bad game, but Cook might have a worse one. Poor guy.


Kyle: Steelers

Big Ben is 11-6 in the playoffs while Matt Moore has never thrown a pass in the postseason. Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry have never touched the ball in the postseason and Adam Gase is in his first year of coaching with Miami. I’ll take the experience from Big Ben, Bell, AB, and Mike Tomlin at home in this one.

Daisy: Steelers

The Steelers are a more complete team. In order for the Dolphins to win, they’ll need to stop Pittsburgh’s explosive offense and hope for another stellar game from Jay Ajayi. I don’t see all of that happening. 

ben_roethlisberger_2016Carlos: Steelers

Miami has one of the worst defenses against the pass so I expect the experienced Big Ben to capitalize. The Dolphins are in the same boat as the Raiders in that they should be proud of making the playoffs, but losing their starting QB late in the season is going to make it tough for them to go much further.

The Steelers have the experience and they look like a team that is able to make a deep run. Big Ben, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown make this team scary and they should not be taken lightly.

Ryan: Steelers

Okay, this might be the toughest game to pick. The Steelers defense is bad and Matt Moore is probably better than Ryan Fitzpatrick so just because he’s a backup doesn’t mean he’s automatically trash (though being better than Fitz isn’t a huge compliment). Jay Ajayi has already rushed for 204 yards against this team earlier in the year. Also, may I remind you that Big Ben lost a playoff game to Tim Tebow. But while I would bet on the Dolphins covering the 10-point spread, despite all the evidence, I just can’t bring myself to take them straight up.


Kyle: Packers

This one is sure to come down to a late possession. It could mean the Giants defense will have to stop Aaron Rodgers one last time late in the 4th quarter, but we’ve seen time and time again that Rodgers doesn’t need much time on the clock to make something happen. There’s plenty of questions heading into the playoffs, but two things everyone can agree with is the Giants can play defense and Rodgers can play quarterback; both at a very high level. I look forward to seeing if the Giants’ stellar defense can stop this hot Packers offense. By a hair, I’ll take the Packers to win thanks to a late kick from the foot of Mason Crosby. 

Daisy: Packers

Despite the Giants’ defense being great lately, Aaron Rodgers has been better. It will be an exciting game and the one I’m most looking forward to.

2012_packers_vs_giants_-_eli_manningCarlos: Giants

I’m using past playoff runs for this one. In both of their recent Super Bowl runs, the Giants beat the Packers. The Giants offense has not been great, but they have one of the best playoff quarterbacks in  Eli Manning. They also have this OBJ guy that surely wants to prove he’s the best weapon in the NFL. The Giants defense looks to be Super Bowl worthy and what better test than the red hot Aaron Rodgers. Ultimately, I think we get an ELIte performance from Manning and the Giants’ defense. 

Ryan: Giants

Okay, all these games are hard to pick. Wow, get ready for some good football this weekend. In this match up, we have the New York “does it feel like 2007 in here or is it just me?” Giants against the Green Bay “Aaron Rodgers at home” Packers. The Pack are on a six-game roll, but haven’t faced a team like the Giants in that span. This game will be as cold as your ex’s heart and I’ll always lean defense in those games. But what do I know.


via wikimedia

Kyle: Seahawks

Both of these clubs limped into the playoffs, but this still could turn into one of the more exciting games of the weekend because of the two stand-out QB’s. That being said, I think the Seahawks will win because the Lions have not proved they can beat a playoff team this season. They’re 0-5 against this year’s playoff  squads(Packers x2, Texans, Cowboys, Giants). That doesn’t give me much confidence they’ll be able to pull of any kind of upset.

Daisy: Seahawks

I am not feeling an upset in this game. The last time the Seahawks lost a Wild Card game at home was in 2004 against the Rams. Seahawks should get the win. 

Carlos: Seahawks

The Seahawks will win this game behind a great game from Russell Wilson. The Seahawks have dealt with plenty of injuries this season, but their defense is still one of the scarier groups in the league.  The Lions are evenly matched with the Seahawks so the deciding factors could be that the game is being played in Seattle and the Seahawks have plenty of playoff experience. 

Ryan: Seahawks

Matthew Stafford has not been the same since injuring his finger and now he has to take on the Seahawks in Seattle. The Seahawks have a lot of issues themselves, but not enough to make up for the Lions’ struggles.

Which AFC QB Not Named Big Ben Will Throw for the Most Yards?

Kyle: Brock

Brock Osweiler has to know what he’ll be facing if he loses at home against a rookie quarterback, right? He can almost wipe away his awful first season with a solid performance to carry his team into the second round. He obviously hasn’t lived up to his huge contract, but he gets a chance to get a playoff win under his belt and give the organization and the fans some hope.

The Raiders defense isn’t good and was overlooked because Carr and co were pulling out comeback wins and helping people look past their flaws. Without Carr, the Texans should be able to put some points on the board and grab a comfortable lead. C’mon BrockStar.

Daisy: Matt Moore

This one is tough because many of these teams aren’t going with their number 1 QB. I am going to say Matt Moore will throw for the most yards, but unfortunately for Miami fans, that’s all he’ll be winning. 

Carlos: Brock

Brock Osweiler is going against a defense that is ranked 24th in the NFL against the pass. He hasn’t had a great season, but he should be able to get some yards. Conner Cook is facing a great defense against the pass that is ranked 2nd in the NFL. Matt Moore gets the average Steelers’ defense that has been much better of late so I’ll take Brock. 

Ryan: Matt Moore

Matt Moore is a semi-competent NFL quarterback. The other two are not. Also, the Steelers have a bad defense and could be in for a shootout.

Will Jay Ajayi or Le’Veon Bell Rush for More Yards?

Kyle: Ajayi

If the Dolphins are going to have any chance against Pittsburgh, they’re going to need a huge game from Jay Ajayi. Not just a 100-yard game, but probably a performance like the ones he put up against the Bills. He’ll be the focal point of the offense with Tannehill out so I’ll take Ajayi in this one.

leveon_bell_26_practicing_2013Daisy: Bell

Bell is arguably the best back in the league. I’ll trust him when it matters most.

Carlos: Bell

Jay Ajayi and Le’veon Bell both had around 1200 yards this season so this could go either way, but I think Bell will rush for more yards because Miami has one of the worst defenses against the run in the league. They allowed about 140 rushing yards per game which is ranked 30th in the league so I expect a big game from Bell.

Ryan: Ajayi

I’m all in on the Dolphins this week I guess (aside from, you know, picking them to win). Ajayi ripped off over 200 yards against the Steelers earlier this year and the Dolphins will do everything they can to help him replicate that again.

Which NFC Game Will Be Decided By Fewer Points?

Kyle: Giants/Packers

The Giants/Packers game is the best match-up of the weekend and it should be the closest game as well.

Daisy: Giants/Packers

The Packers’ offense and the Giants’ defense make this such an intriguing battle that should result in a close game.

Carlos: Giants/Packers

The Giants have a great defense as they’ve only allowed  17 points per game which is ranked 2nd in the league. Even though their offense has not been elite, it does match up well against an iffy Packers secondary. It will be interesting to see what gives in this one, but all of this should lead to an exciting chess match between both teams.

Ryan: Giants/Packers

This game will be a 17-16 thriller or something along those lines. I don’t expect the Lions to keep up with the Seahawks in Seattle and it will be the exact opposite in Green Bay.

Which NFC QB Will Throw for the Most Yards?

Kyle: Eli

I’m going with Eli because this man shows up in the playoffs. Another reason is only the Saints were worse than the Packers defense when it came to passing yards per game. If the Giants want to win, Eli will have to take advantage of the Packers’ flaws.

Daisy: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has been on a role these past few weeks and the experienced Green Bay quarterback will continue to do that this Sunday.

Carlos: Wilson

Russell Wilson was ranked 10th in yards thrown this year with about 4200 yards. He isn’t lights out with his arm, but he can get it done. The obvious choice is Aaron Rodgers, but he is facing a pretty good defense in the Giants as is Matthew Stafford who is facing the tough defense in the Seahawks. Eli Manning has thrown for the least amount of yards this season out of the bunch so I’m going with Wilson.

Ryan: Wilson

With Eli and Rodgers stuck in the snow, expect Wilson to outduel a hobbled Stafford to take the passing crown this week.

Who Will Have the Most Receiving Yards? Odell, Jordy or AB

via @OBJ_3

Kyle: Odell

I’m taking Odell for the same reasons I took Eli. These two will connect early and often and I expect OBJ to catch and run all over Green Bay.

Daisy: Odell

Odell will definitely be targeted a ton throughout this game and I expect him to rack up plenty of yards in the process.

Carlos: Antonio Brown

Brown will be able to put up good numbers in the game because his quarterback is Big Ben who averaged 273 yards per game. Odell will be close as well because Green Bay’s secondary isn’t great, but I see Brown pulling it out. 

Ryan: OBJ

Never bet against Odell.

Will Russell Wilson or Matthew Stafford Have More Total Yards?

Kyle: Stafford

Russel Wilson is one of the most dynamic players in the NFL, but he hasn’t been able to showcase that much this season because of his offensive line and the injuries he’s endured. The Seahawks line has been terrible and maybe its because their front office hasn’t put much effort into the position. Of their available cap, the team only spends 4.18% of its money on their line which is dead last in the league. The Giants are second to last, but spend double what Seattle does. Even though he’s going against Seattle’s defense, Stafford should have more time to make things happen. 

Daisy: Wilson

Normally, I would go with Matt Stafford on this, but since the Seahawks are playing at home – I have to give the advantage to Russell Wilson here.

Carlos: Wilson

The Lions defense was ranked 18th in yards per game with about 354. Stafford did throw for about 4300 yards and 24 touchdowns, but even though the Seahawks defense is hurt they can still hold Detroit’s offense which was ranked 21st in total yards. This will come down to Wilson’s experience and the home crowd that will be in his favor.

Ryan: Wilson

Doubling down on Wilson as you can’t go wrong with Russ at home against a defense that has been struggling. And again, Stafford has a finger injury that clearly has had an effect on his game.

Tiebreaker: Which Receiver Will Have the Most Receptions?

Kyle: Jarvis Landry

Daisy: Jordy Nelson

Carlos: Antonio Brown

Ryan: Doug Baldwin

Do you agree with the Front 4 team’s predictions? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow all the action all weekend!


The Truth About Christmas Songs

By Kyle Boris

Everyone knows  the best thing about Christmas isn’t the presents. It’s not the decorations, the lights, Santa Clause and it’s not even spending time with our families. Okay, spending time with families is probably top two.

But, number one! The number one best thing about Christmas is of course the music. The songs that have been made over the years turn into classics and for the months and days leading into Christmas you can find yourself blasting your favorite holiday tunes and singing along with holiday cheer.

These songs have been etched into our brains forever and I personally will always be a fan and continue to pretend I can hit all of the same notes as Mariah Carey. The only problem is that recently I became an adult and I found myself listening more closely to the lyrics of popular Christmas songs and to my surprise sometimes the truth about Christmas songs is a tough pill to swallow.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Ah, Rudolph, or as I like to call him, the Lebron James of reindeer. You see, Lebron didn’t always surround himself with the best teammates. When he first started playing in the NBA, he took a bunch of average players to the NBA Finals. It wasn’t until he left them that he really blossomed. I argue that Rudolph should do the same and leave his current group of “friends” so he can reach his full potential.

“All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names. They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games”

BULLIES! So this kid was different and had a red nose and these “cool kids” Dasher and Dasher thought it was fine to poke fun at him? Lowkey, the other reindeer were a bunch of jerks.


“Then one foggy Christmas eve, Santa came to say, ‘Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?’ Then how the reindeer loved him, as they shouted out with glee”

Nah, Rudolph you don’t need no fake friends. They only loved you after you had something they needed.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

This is a fun song, right? WRONG! This song is about a child who thinks they just saw their mother having an affair with their beloved hero, Santa.

“I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe last night. She didn’t see me creep down the stairs to have a peep”

What could be running through this child’s head? Does he or she think their mother is kissing Santa to thank him for the presents? Does Santa deliver more presents to their house because she kisses Santa? This kid is a mess.

When You See Your Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

All I Want For Christmas is You

Thought this one was safe, didn’t you? NOPE!

It is true that this song is probably the most popular Christmas song out there, but I can’t help but get annoyed that Mariah can’t make up her mind.

“I won’t make a list and send it to the North Pole for Saint Nick”

Later on…

“Santa, won’t you bring me the one I really need?” 

Do you want Santa’s help or not? There’s plenty of people out there that Saint Nick has to adhere to and that’s why he requires lists to keep things in check. You said you weren’t going to make a list, but then later on you ask for him help. That’s not how Christmas works Ms. Carey.

Santa Clause Is Comin’ To Town

This classic has been covered hundreds of times, most notably by Bruce Springsteen. It’s a fun song to sing and exemplifies the rules of Christmas; behave because Santa is coming and you don’t want to end up on the naughty list. If only it were that simple.

“He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake”

Get outta my room, weirdo. It amazes me that Santa has the audacity to just watch me sleep in what I thought was the comfort of my own room.

Santa Be Like

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The man in this song really can’t catch a hint. Dude, she wants to go home and you wont quit it.

Woman: “I ought to say no, no, no, sir

Man: “Mind if I move in closer”

Woman: “At least I’m gonna say that I tried”

Man: “What’s the sense of hurting my pride” 

Really? You’re going to play that card. Pity isn’t going to work, pal.

Man: “Think of my life long sorrow if you caught pneumonia and died”

It’s not all about you! If she wants to take a risk in the cold weather she shouldn’t have to tell you 30 times.

Me: She seems set on going home. I should just give up.

Inner Me: But baby, it’s cold outside. 



Santa Baby

I won’t even get into the fact that this entire song sounds extremely sexual and is basically some woman teasing Santa. Let’s just take a look at this woman’s wishes.

“Santa baby, I wanna yacht”

Last time I checked, Santa wasn’t placing yachts under the tree so girl you need to cut it. I’d enjoy a yacht too, but I’m going to be less selfish and shoot for some smaller requests like some student loan payments.

White Christmas

Don’t even get me started.

Kyle Boris is the co-founder of

Twitter: @KyleNoStyle

Front 4: NFL Week 15

Week 14:                                                                                 Overall:

Daisy: 5                                                                                    Ryan: 37 Points

Ryan: 4                                                                                     Carlos: 36 Points

Kyle: 4                                                                                      Kyle: 33 Points

Carlos: 2                                                                                  Daisy: 33 Points

Daisy was able to sneak by and come out with a 5-point victory in Week 14 as the rest of the panel only managed four points. The Front 4 team will now shift their focus to Week 15 of the NFL season where they’ll take a look at the Lions/Giants match up, whether or not the Browns can win in Buffalo and if the Panthers can go into Washington and win on Monday night.


Daisy: Giants

With only three weeks of regular-season football left, the Giants and Lions both need a win this week to keep a strong hold on their playoff positions. The Giants and Lions are both coming off pretty big wins, however, if you look at the overall schedules of both teams, the Lions have had it a bit easier and their real test will be these next couple of weeks. This is going to be an extremely close game and I am going to go with the Giants because I feel that their defense is the real deal at the moment.

Matthew Stafford
Lions at Redskins 8/20/15

Kyle: Lions

The Giants are coming off an emotional win against the Cowboys and have been on a tear of late. This could be a preview of a first-round match up in the playoffs which should be enough motivation for both teams. The Giants’ defense was fantastic last week, but besides one amazing catch and run from Odell, their offense was non-existent. I expect a close game and the Lions have proven time and again that they can close out games especially this season. Give me Detroit by a field goal.

Carlos: Lions

Both teams are riding high and are having great seasons. The Giants are coming off a big win against the Cowboys and the Lions have won 5 straight. The Lions have had a slightly better offense as they score 22 points per game compared to New York’s 19 points per game. Winning becomes a habit and the Lions are trying to clinch the NFC North. This will be a close and fun game, but Detroit will come out on top.

Ryan: Giants

This is a battle of two teams that just find ways to win. The Lions have been losing at the start of every 4th quarter except one and yet still lead the NFC North, while the Giants look abysmal on offense but have a record of 9-4. I expect this game to be decided late and by only a few points.

How Many Florida Teams Will Win?

Dolphins@NYJ, Jaguars@HOU, Buccaneers@Cowboys

Daisy: Two

Despite Ryan Tannehill’s injury, I think the Dolphins have a chance to take advantage of a very weak Jets team that doesn’t have a proven Quarterback. I also expect an upset from either the Jags or Bucs.

Kyle: One

I could potentially see all 3 teams win and I could also see all 3 teams lose. The Bucs/Cowboys game is an extremely intriguing match up, but I think Dallas needs a bounce-back win and will be ready to go. As for the Jags/Texans, I still don’t know what to think of Houston. They win games, but get nothing from DeAndre Hopkins and Brock. Then again the Jags wish they had Houston’s problems. As for the Dolphins, it’s their first game without Tannehill and its on a Saturday so Moore didn’t have as much time to prepare. I think the Dolphins have the best shot to win so I’ll go with 1.

Carlos: Zero

The Dolphins may have the better record, but they aren’t that much better than the Jets. They both allow around 24 points per game. The Dolphins do have an advantage in points scored per game with 21 compared to 17 for the Jets. The Texans will win because of a better defense. The Jags allow almost 10 more points per game then the Texans do. The Bucs will not beat the Cowboys. That O-line is not losing two in a row. Plus, Dallas’s record is 11 and Giants, I mean 2. Get it? They only lose to the Giants. Am I funny yet, Kyle?

Ryan: One

With the overrated Ryan Tannehill out, this game should be close but the Dolphins are definitely still favored. The Jags don’t have much of a chance against the Texans, but I like the Bucs against the Cowboys since their defense has been on fire recently. One of the Bucs or Fins will win.

Who Will Have More Passing Yards in the Steelers/Bengals Game?

Daisy: Ben Roethlisberger

Despite Big Ben struggling on the road and the Bengals having a pretty solid defense, I feel Ben will have more passing yards in this game.

Kyle: Andy Dalton

I think the Steelers have realized they can rely on Bell which means less passing yards for Big Ben.

Carlos: Ben Roethlisberger

It is hard to go against a Quarterback like Big Ben as he has been one of the best for many seasons. I know Andy Dalton is averaging more yards per game and the Bengals do have a slightly better defense against the pass allowing only 238 yards per game compared to the Steelers’ 251 yards per game. But my gut says Big Ben because of his history of showing up in December.

Ryan: Andy Dalton

Big Ben away from home has not been the best this season and the Bengals will certainly be in “I’m-going-to-kill-you” mode on defense because they are the Bengals.

Which Top Rusher Gains the Most Yards?

Ezekiel Elliott, Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson

Daisy: Ezekiel Elliott

People of America, I would like for you to place your hand on your heart and let me introduce you to America’s hero and potential MVP…Ezekiel Elliot.

However, his true test, against perhaps the hottest defense in the league right now which is the Buccaneers, will show whether he is worthy of such a distinction. 

Kyle: Le’Veon Bell

Give me Bell. He’s coming off the best performance of his career in snowy Buffalo. He looked better in snow than Frosty.

leveon_bell_26_practicing_2013Carlos: Le’Veon Bell

Le’Veon Bell will rush for the most yards because of the 3 defenses the Bengals have the worst defense against the run.

Ryan: Le’Veon Bell

The Bucs have been stellar on defense recently and Dak is getting cold. David Johnson could get a lot of touches against a terrible Saints team, but Le’Veon Bell can’t be stopped right now.

Will T.Y. Hilton or Stefon Diggs Have More Receptions in the Colts/Vikings Game?

Daisy: Stefon Diggs

Luck’s lack of protection will be a big reason why many Colts receivers including T.Y Hilton won’t get the ball as often and that’s why I am going with Stefon Diggs to get more receptions. However, I won’t be mad if I get this wrong.

Kyle: T.Y. Hilton

Both teams are solid against the pass as they’re both in the top half of the league in receptions allowed. That being said, I think this could come down to time of possession and its very interesting because the Vikings rank second in the league in time of possession in home games with an average of 33:06 per game. However, the Colts rank 1st in the league in time of possession on the road with an average of 32:39. I’ll take Hilton in a toss up, but this one could just come down to which team has the ball longer and creates more opportunities.

Carlos: Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs will have more receptions in the Colts/Vikings game because Indy’s defense against the pass is one of the worst in the league. The Colts are ranked 26th in yards allowed per game with 262 yards per game. If teams are getting yards on them they are getting receptions as well. The Vikings on the other hand have one of the best defenses against the pass, ranked 3rd with 202 passing yard allowed per game.

Ryan: T.Y. Hilton

TY had 13 targets last week with Donte Moncreif out and with the Colts’ #2 receiver out again this week, look for Luck to lean on his favorite target even more than usual.


Daisy: Redskins

With the looks of how this season has gone, the struggling Panthers will fall short against Washington. Despite the Panthers’ secondary looking great last week, I don’t think it’s enough to defeat Washington.

Kyle: Panthers

Both teams are coming off wins in Week 14. The Redskins desperately need this game to stay in contention for a wild-card spot. The Panthers aren’t playing for much, but with the spotlight on them on MNF, everyone will be talking about their poor season. I think this motivates them to take down Kirk Cousins and give a glimpse of hope for their team heading into next season.

Kirk Cousins
Eagles at Redskins 10/04/15

Carlos: Redskins

The Redskins seem to be overlooked by many teams and many members of the media. That could change after a solid performance on MNF. I think the Redskins will win this game rather easily actually. They have the advantage on offense and even though it seems to be more even on the defensive side, the Panthers still allow more points per game.

Ryan: Redskins

I think the Redskins can make the playoffs and I think they think they can make the playoffs. I also think the Panthers have given up.

How Many Points Will the Falcons Beat the 49ers By?

0-10, 11-20, 21-30, 30+, 49ers Win

Daisy: 21-30 Points

According to, the 49ers are giving up on average 413.5 yards per game which could land them a spot on a very bad list of the  top 5 WORST defensive seasons since the merger. A game against the Falcons isn’t gonna help their cause.

Kyle: 21-30 Points

The Falcons have scored 40+ points 4 times this season and are coming off a 28 point win against the Rams. I think we should expect more of the same here especially since they’re at home. I’ll take the Falcons by 21-30 points.

Carlos: 21-30 Points

The worst defense in the league is taking on the best offense in the league. The 49ers are so bad they couldn’t hold on to beat the Jets. At times, the Jets’ offense made the 49ers’ defense look like a high school team. The Falcons are a much better offense than the Jets so this could get ugly.  Just to give you a little sample of how good the offense has been, the Falcons score 32 points per game and the next best is Oakland with 27 points per game.

Ryan: 11-20 Points

Hope y’all have a lot of Falcons in your fantasy football lineups this week.

Will the Browns Win in Buffalo?

Daisy: No

No, the only way for this to happen is if Isaiah Crowell goes off. Even then, I still don’t see the Browns picking up their first win. 

Kyle: No

I trusted Cleveland last week and they threw a flea flicker from the endzone that led to an interception. Give me the Bills.

Carlos: No

I said it last week and I’ll say it again. The Browns are not winning a game this season. The Bills score more points than the Browns and also allow less points. The Browns need to continue to fight for the first pick in the draft so they can get that player that will take them to the glory days. For the Browns, that means 5 wins.

Ryan: No

Hahahahaha. Oh wait this is a serious question?

Upset of the Week?

NFL: Preseason-Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans

Daisy: Titans over Chiefs

Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray will have to step up and if they do they could be able to take down the Chiefs.

Kyle: Titans over Chiefs

The Titans might have my favorite offense in the league besides the Cowboys. Mariota is coming into form and after taking down the Broncos last week they’ll get another tough task, but a win could not only help their division-title hopes, but also strengthen their wild card hopes.

Carlos: Jets over Dolphins

I believe that spark that Petty gave us at the end of the game last week was anything but a fluke. There is more where that came from and he will show it against Miami. The Jets need to take advantage of these useless games and find out what they have on this roster.

Ryan: Jets over Dolphins


In Dallas on Sunday, Who Will Have More?

Mavericks’ Points Against Kings or Ezekiel Elliott Rushing Yards Against Bucs

Daisy: Ezekiel Elliott

The Mavs are not the same team they’ve been in the past so I am going to go with Zeke.

Kyle: Ezekiel Elliott

The Mavericks only scored 89 points against the Kings at home on December 7th. Zeke is in store for a big game so I’ll take the Cowboys’ rookie back.

Carlos: Ezekiel Elliott

That O-line, Dak, and Zeke want to prove they have what it takes to not only make it to the playoffs, but also be a Super Bowl contender. Also, the Mavs score the least amount of points per game so it does make my prediction a little easier.

Ryan: Mavericks

Zeke isn’t a sure bet to hit triple digits, but I think the Mavs are.

Tiebreaker: Who Will Have the Most Receptions?

Daisy: Antonio Brown

Kyle: Larry Fitzgerald

Carlos: Jarvis Landry

Ryan: T.Y. Hilton

Well there you have it! Those are our predictions for Week 15 of the NFL season. Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree!

Front 4: NFL Week 14

Week 13:                                                                                        Overall:

Ryan: 3                                                                                         Ryan: 33 Points

Kyle: 2                                                                                          Carlos: 32 Points

Daisy: 2                                                                                        Kyle: 29 Points

Carlos: 2                                                                                       Daisy: 28 Points

Week 13 was a rough one for the Front 4 team with only 9 correct predictions out of 40. As they look to improve on their selections this week, they’ll take a look at the Seahawks/Packers, the Browns’ chances of winning and much more!


Ryan: Buccaneers

Drew Brees can try and do it all by himself but he has absolutely no help and it’ll come back to bite the Saints this week just like it has on most other weeks. Jameis Winston has been playing good and so has the Bucs D so I think they’ll be able to make that one stop that will win them this shootout.

Jameis WinstonDaisy: Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are on a 4-game winning streak and I think they’re extending it to 5. Jameis Winston has 761 passing yards and 8 touchdowns in his past 3 games versus the AFC South. 

Kyle: Buccaneers

The Saints offense has been mostly great during the season, but in their last 7 games they’ve only eclipsed 25 points twice (which was against the 49ers and Rams). The Bucs are starting to look legit and could really make some noise with a win against the Saints. 

Carlos: Saints

The Bucs have won 4 straight and are looking to take over first place in the NFC South, but they will lose to the Saints. Even though the Saints’ record doesn’t reflect it, they aren’t a horrible team. They can get wins and it’s because of their offense. The Saints out-perform the Bucs in total yards per game and points per game. Tampa Bay’s defense is better than New Orleans, but the Saints have one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Drew Brees and his 30 touchdowns will bring the Saints a win.


Which Game is Closer in Margin?

Cowboys@Giants or Ravens@Patriots

Ryan: Ravens@Patriots

I’ll take the Monday Night Football match up only because the Ravens are involved in close games every week. Gronk is gone so the Pats offense is less threatening. Meanwhile, the Cowboys have been getting better every week since losing to the Giants like some boxer who’s been going through a training montage getting ready for his rematch. They’re gonna be ready and I can’t imagine they like that the Giants have spoiled their otherwise perfect season.

Daisy: Cowboys@Giants

Games between NFC East teams have a knack for coming down to the wire and I don’t think this game at MetLife Stadium will be any different.

Kyle: Cowboys@Giants

Since 2012, all  nine Cowboys/Giants games have been decided by ten points or less with four of those games coming by three points or less. This will come down to the final possessions like it always seemingly does. 

Carlos: Ravens@Patriots

The Cowboys have been on a whole different level winning 11 straight and running away with the NFC behind stellar play from the O-line which helps produce a great running game by Zeke and a great passing game by Dak. As much as a Giant win would make for an interesting final stretch, Dallas is too good. Both the Ravens and Patriots have been solid on defense which should make this a close matchup. 

Which Team(s) Will Have 7 Wins in the AFC South?

Titans(6-6) vs. DEN, Colts(6-6) vs. Texans(6-6)

Ryan: Titans & Colts

The Colts are coming back home after obliterating the Jets and the Titans are coming off a bye to face the Broncos, a team with QB issues and a second straight road game. Luck and Mariota will lead their teams to victory and a share of the lead atop the AFC South.

Daisy: Titans & Colts

Not because I am a Colts fan, but I really think the Colts can take on the Texans. The Colts got a confidence boost last week against the Jets and that will carry into this game. The Titans also look good right now and right now they seem more of a complete team than the Broncos.

Kyle: Titans & Colts

The Colts are 19-4 against teams in their own division when Andrew Luck plays. As for the Titans, they’ve been an up and down team all season thanks in part to their terrible defense. However, I think their defense shows up this week and is up for the fight as they go opposite the number 1 defense in the league.

Carlos: Texans

This game will be very close, but the Texans are slightly better on defense. Houston’s opponents only score 21 points compared to Indy’s opponents that score 26 points per game. The Broncos have been a solid team and I don’t see them losing to the Titans. The Titans have had a better offense, but the Broncos have the edge on the defense. Once again I’ll give a good defense the win.

In the Jets@49ers Game, Will Either Team Reach 22 Points?

Ryan: No

My initial reaction was: Of course! But then I started thinking, where are those points going to come from? Sure, the 49ers defense is awful but is Bryce Petty really gonna pick them apart for 3+ scores? And the Jets defense just got decimated by the Colts but Kaep isn’t Luck. Like with most Jets games this season, the best thing to do is just avoid this game entirely.

Daisy: No

I am Petty and will say that neither of these teams will reach 22 points.

Kyle: No

I have a feeling this game will be similar to that Jets/Rams game from a couple weeks ago. There will be little scoring and little excitement. Both of these teams might try to actually lose as this game could determine draft positioning.

Carlos: Yes

I have been wrong with Jets predictions all season, but my gut tells me Petty will have a big game. I’m trying to tell myself there are better days for Jets fans besides the butt fumble days, but I’m not feeling to good about that. At least we were on SportsCenter in those days.

Who Has More Rushing Yards in the Cardinals@Dolphins Game?

David Johnson or Jay Ajayi

Ryan: David Johnson

This is the cream of the running back crop this year and  Johnson will continue his dominant ways against an overrated Dolphins defense, while Ajayi will do well, but not good enough against one of the best run defenses in the league.

Daisy: David Johnson

Both of these backs have the potential to go off, but I trust Johnson more to get it done.

via isports

Kyle: David Johnson

Jay had a three-game stretch where he was fuego! But he has cooled off since then as he hasn’t reached 80 yards since that stretch of at least 111 yards. Johnson has had a more consistent year so I’ll take the Cardinals’ back.

Carlos: David Johnson

The Cardinals have been slightly better at stopping the run. David Johnson has run for more yards this season as well. Even though Ajayi averages more yards per attempt, Johnson has run for 1005 yards compared to Ajayi’s 908.


russell_wilson_vs_vikings_november_4_2012Ryan: Seahawks

Both teams have had very inconsistent seasons but have been trending upwards recently. The loss of Earl Thomas is a huge blow to the Seahawks, but they seemed to finish the game against the Panthers just fine. The Packers present a much tougher challenge, especially at Lambeau, but the Seahawks are the better team and will escape with the W.

Daisy: Seahawks

The Packers face a tough task this week facing a better offense than the ones they’ve faced in recent weeks and as much as I’d like their streak to continue I am going to have to go with the Seahawks. Also, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are great in December with a record of 17-3 in the young quarterback’s career.

Kyle: Packers

Aaron Rodgers is 54-15 at home in his career and 13-5 against the NFC West. Wilson is only 21-16-1 on the road. Give me Rodgers to upset the Seahawks and further the Packers’ playoff hopes.

Carlos: Seahawks

The Seahawks’ opponents only score 16 points per game compared to Green Bay’s opponents who score around 25 points per game. This game will be won on the defensive side of the ball and the Seahawks have been known for that.

Will the Browns Win Against the Bengals?

Ryan: No

Hahahahahaha. No.

Daisy: No

No. Next.

Kyle: Yes

Coming off a bye, into their second to last home game against a team they’ve seen many times that is struggling this season? This might be the best shot for the Browns to do it this season with a game against the Chargers at home and road games in Buffalo and Pittsburgh left. Give me CLEVELAND…?

Carlos: No

Cincy has not been great by any means, but they have out performed Cleveland on both sides of the ball. The Browns allow 30 points per game and they can only score around 16 points per game, so that needs to change if they want a win this season.


philip_rivers_2013Ryan: Chargers

It’s not that I like the Chargers here, it’s just that I have no faith in the Panthers. They look completely out of it and I think the loss of Luke Kuechly was the thing that finally made everyone pack it in. Hard to believe this team went 15-1 last year.

Daisy: Chargers

If Philip Rivers can limit his turnovers, this Chargers offense should be able to carve up the Panthers and add to their disappointment of a season following their trip to the Super Bowl.

Kyle: Chargers

Two of the more disappoing teams, record wise, go head-to-head in a game that is impossible to predict. After winning 15 games last season, the Panthers dont have a win against a team over .500 this year. As for the Chargers ,they’ve beaten the Falcons, Broncos, Titans and Texans. I’ll take San Diego.

Carlos: Chargers

The Chargers have the slight edge on both sides of the ball. San Diego scores more points per game while both allow around the same amount of points per game. If there is an advantage for either team, it is that the Chargers’ offense will be able to score enough to get the tight win. 

Who Will Lead the League in Receptions After Week 14?

Antonio Brown(88) or Larry Fitzgerald(88)

Ryan: Antonio Brown

He burned me last week, but the volume is still there. This is a toss up and it might end in a push but I’ll go with the best receiver in the game right now and hope for the best.

Daisy: Larry Fitzgerald

Give me Fitz to take care of business and add to his historic career.

url.jpgKyle: Larry Fitzgerald

The Dolphins’ defense got torched by the Ravens last week and I think Fitzgerald will be able to do similar things in Miami. 

Carlos: Larry Fitzgerald

At the end of the week, Larry Fitzgerald will lead the league in catches because the Bills have an advantage with defense against the pass which will hurt Brown. 

Will Both Detroit Teams Win By 15+ Points?

Lions vs. CHI and Pistons vs. 76ers

Ryan: Yes

Jim Bob Cooter will have his offense ready to go in this one and the Bears will have no way to keep up. 15 points is a lot for the Pistons, but they’ve blown out bad teams before and I’m hoping they do it again against The Process.

Daisy: No

I think the only Detroit team that will win by 15 points is the Pistons. The Lions and Bears will be much closer than most people think. 

Kyle: Yes

In the Pistons’ 13 wins, they’ve won by double digits in 12 of them! They get a 76ers team so I think they’ll cover. The Lions scare me because they’ve only won by 15 points once this season, which was last week against the Saints, but they lost to Chicago earlier in the season so I think they come out firing in order to avenge that loss.

Carlos: No

The Bears haven’t been awful at holding teams to minimum points as they’ve held their opponents to 22 points per game so this game will be close. The 76ers are bad so I can see a big loss there. In other news, isn’t it ironic that both cities that were in the World Series(Cleveland and Chicago) have horrible football teams? That means if the Jets are this bad at football, the Yankees will win the World Series next year right?  

Tiebreaker: Which Quarterback Has the Most Passing Yards During Week 14?

Ryan: Drew Brees

Daisy: Dak Prescott

Kyle: Matt Stafford

Carlos: Andy Dalton

Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tune into all of the action going on during Week 14 of the NFL season.

Front 4: NFL Week 13

After outscoring Carlos in a tiebreaker, Kyle was able to get back to his winning ways in Week 11:

Week 11:                                                                                        Overall:

Kyle: 7(+1: Edelman 77 yards)                                               Ryan: 30 Points

Carlos: 7(Green 0 yards)                                                         Carlos: 30 Points

Daisy: 5                                                                                         Kyle: 27 Points

Ryan: 5                                                                                          Daisy: 26 Points

As Week 13 approaches, the overall standings just got interesting as Carlos has stormed back to take a tie for the lead with Ryan. This week, along with Kyle and Daisy, they’ll be giving their predictions for the Giants/Steelers, Lions/Saints and more!


Matt Ryan
Falcons at Ravens 10/19/14

Kyle: Falcons

Atlanta has already beaten the Broncos and the Raiders in the AFC West and I think they’re able to take down the Chiefs as well because Kansas City won’t be able to keep up with Matt Ryan and the Falcons’ high-powered offense. 

Daisy: Falcons

Matt Ryan is the man. The Chiefs have allowed the 8th most points in the league which should give the Falcons the advantage.

Carlos: Falcons

The Falcons have had one of the best offenses this season. They score 32 points per game. On top of that, Kansas City has not been as great on offense and are only scoring around 22 points per game. Both defenses aren’t great and even though Atlanta does give up more points per game, I think the Falcons’ offense is good enough to get the win.

Ryan: Chiefs

Everything points towards the Falcons in this game, but despite the ugly loss to Tampa Bay two weeks ago, the Chiefs have still won 18 of their last 21 regular season games. They are the most consistent team in the league. 


Kyle: Dolphins

The Dolphins have put together a nice stretch of games, but this could be their toughest test yet and I think they pass as Ryan Tannehill continues his solid campaign.

Daisy: Dolphins

Glad this question isn’t on video… Jay Ajayi (whose name I still can’t pronounce) has been having a great season and I think he will continue to stay on track this week.

Carlos: Dolphins

The Dolphins are starting to believe they will be in the playoffs. They have won six straight and I think they will make it seven when they beat the Ravens. The Ravens have had an up and down season at 6-5. Joe Flacco hasn’t been great and that is why the Ravens aren’t doing better.

Ryan: Ravens

I still don’t think Ryan Tannehill is a good quarterback and he’s going to have to outduel Joe Flacco considering the Dolphins’ banged-up O-line and the Ravens’ stout run defense.


ben_roethlisberger_2016Kyle: Steelers

This game is going to be a shoot-out and could come down to whoever has the ball last. I’ll take the Steelers because I’ll take their playmakers over the Giants’.

Daisy: Steelers

The Steelers will win this matchup because they are just overall a better team offensively and defensively. It will be close and thrilling game to watch.

Carlos: Giants

The Giants are red hot right now. They have won 6 straight and that will continue. Pittsburgh has the better offense and they have a weapon called Antonio Brown, but the Giants have a decent defense that is slightly better than the Steelers. New York has confidence in their secondary and I can see them holding Brown to minimum yards. They were able to hold AJ Green to 68 yards a couple of weeks ago and Collins at safety is going to be looking for more interceptions this week.

Ryan: Steelers

The Giants are not as good as their record would indicate and the Steelers are better than their record would indicate. While the Giants seem to pull wins out of nowhere, their defense (which has carried them so far) will be overmatched by the likes of Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown.

Which Super Bowl Winning QB Throws for the Most Yards?

Eli@PIT, Big Ben vs. NYG, Brady vs. LA, Rodgers vs. HOU, Flacco vs. MIA, Wilson vs. CAR

Kyle: Big Ben

Eli and Big Ben will be fighting for this honor, but I’ll take Big Ben in a coin flip. I expect him and Eli to both eclipse 350 passing yards.

Daisy: Aaron Rodgers

R-E-L-A-X… Relax. Aaron Rodgers is still an elite quarterback so watch him do work this Sunday.

Carlos: Tom Brady

Tom Brady will be facing a good defense against the pass in the Rams, but he will be the Super Bowl winning QB to throw for the most yards. Brady has been great since coming back from suspension, some even calling for him to be the MVP. He has thrown for 314 yards per game, 18 touchdowns and just 1 interception.

aaron_rodgers_2014Ryan: Aaron Rodgers

Big Ben is a threat to go off on any given week, but Aaron Rodgers has thrown for over 300 yards in three straight weeks on the road and is rounding into form in time for a home game against the Texans. The Packers are trying to claw their way back into the playoff picture and will no doubt unleash Rodgers to lead them over Houston.

How Many Touchdowns Will Occur in the Lions/Saints Game?

Kyle: 9+

Points. For. Days.

Daisy: 5-6

I am going to go with 5. Each team has averaged at least 2 touchdowns per game so I expect not as much of a shootout that these two teams are capable of. 

Carlos: 5-6

Drew Brees as always has been great. He has thrown 30 touchdowns so far and look for more along with Matt Stafford.

Ryan: 7-8

Both teams have great passing attacks and porous defenses. Brees might put up 10 touchdowns all by himself, but I’ll be conservative and stick with 7-8 touchdowns.

How Many Interceptions Will Blake Bortles Throw Against the Broncos?

Kyle: 2

I expect this game to be low-scoring and Bortles will be throwing plenty of times which means a couple of those passes are bound to end up in the hands of the Denver defense.

Daisy: 2

The Broncos defense is elite and I expect them to shine against Bortles.

Carlos: 2

Bortles will throw 2 interceptions in this game. He has not been the best at throwing the ball to the right team. He has 13 interceptions this season and the Broncos have been able to take the ball away from teams with 10 of their own interceptions.

Ryan: 1

Bortles protects the ball pretty well and while the Broncos defense is elite, they haven’t recorded an interception in 5 of their last 7 games. If the Jaguars get behind he could be forced to throw and be pressured into more dangerous passes, but I don’t expect more than one pick.

Who Will Have More Receiving Yards: Odell Beckham Jr. or Antonio Brown?

Kyle: Antonio Brown

It’s impossible to choose between both of these stellar receivers so I’ll take the better dancer.


Daisy: Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown! The Steelers look good right now and I think their defense will shut Odell down.

Carlos: Odell Beckham Jr. 

The Giants defense is better overall and that also gives Odell the advantage to do his thing and show why he is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

Ryan: Antonio Brown

Both receivers will be heavily involved in this important matchup, but it’s never smart to bet against Antonio Brown. Volume is key as Brown gets 28.8% of the Steelers’ targets, which is second in the league. Also, Janoris Jenkins might be too busy tweeting and nursing his burn wounds after Terrelle Pryor torched him last week to keep up with Brown in this matchup.

How Many Points Will the Colts beat the Jets by?

1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 30+, Jets Win

Kyle: 1-10 Points

The Colts haven’t won by more than 8 points all season so I’ll say they beat the Jets, but not by more than 10 points.

Daisy: 11-20 Points

Andrew Luck is playing on Monday so the Colts are hands down going to win by 11-20 points.

Carlos: Jets Win

Both defenses aren’t great at all, but the Jets are slightly better. They can come a long way in a close game for my team. The Colts offense is better and they do have “Luck” on their side, but the Jets are at home and have only given their fans one win at home and the fanbase deserves another one.

Ryan: Jets Win

The Jets gave the Patriots a good fight last Sunday and even if Andrew Luck plays on Monday, he’s no Tom Brady. Nick Mangold could be back and Matt Forte should get back to his dominant ways against a soft defense, allowing Fitzpatrick to just…. just please don’t touch anything Fitz, just don’t do anything stupid.


Kyle: Redskins

The Cardinals’ only wins this season are against the Jets, Bucs, and the 49ers twice. The Redskins offense will be too much and will probably put an end to Arizona’s slim playoff hopes.

Daisy: Redskins

Washington is coming off a tough loss on Thanksgiving so I think they will be out to find redemption. Their loss against Dallas will definitely fuel them this week.

Kirk Cousins
Eagles at Redskins 10/04/15

Carlos: Redskins

The Redskins are fighting to stay alive in the NFC East and to make a push for the playoffs. The Cardinals do have the better defense, but this game is about want and the Redskins want this game and want to reach the playoffs.

Ryan: Redskins

The absence of Jordan Reed makes this a tougher game to call, but I still think the Skins pull it off. Kirk Cousins might be a legitimately good QB and Washington’s defense might be better than the Cardinals defense.

Upset of the Week

Kyle: Bills over Raiders

The Raiders are due for a close loss agasint an average team and I think that loss comes this week against the Bills. Buffalo plays up to their competition and their defense should be able to make things tough for Derek Carr and company. 

Daisy: Bills over Raiders

The Raiders are looking like serious playoff contenders and are definitely the favorite to win in this game, however, I think the Bills’ defense will slow down the Raiders passing attack to give them a shot at the upset.

Carlos: Jets over Colts

The “upset” of the week will be the Jets over the Colts.

Ryan: Jets over Colts


Tiebreaker: Lowest Scoring Game

Kyle: Broncos@Jaguars

Daisy: Bills@Raiders

Carlos: Jets@Colts

Ryan: Dolphins@Ravens

There you have it! Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments and be sure to stay tuned for Week 14 next Sunday!


Front 4: NFL Week 11

Thanks to a tiebreaker, Carlos was able to barely edge out Ryan for the win in Week 10:

Week 10:                                                                              Overall:

Carlos: 4(+1-Brady 316 yards)                                       Ryan: 25

Ryan: 4(Ryan-267 yards)                                                Carlos: 23

Kyle: 3                                                                                    Daisy: 21

Daisy: 3                                                                                  Kyle: 20

With Carlos on Ryan’s heels, the predictions become more and more important. This week the Front 4 team will take a look at Bills/Bengals, Packers/Redskins and Tom Brady’s trip to San Francisco.

Who Passes for the Most Yards in the Titans/Colts game?

Carlos: Marcus Mariota

The Colts’ defense has been one of the worst. Even though Andrew Luck has the edge in total yards this season, the Titans have a slightly better defense against the pass. In a game of inches, the defense can come up big for Mariota and give him the edge in yards.

imgres-2Ryan: Andrew Luck

The Titans have the better all-around offense while Luck will be relied on heavily to put up points; not to mention the Colts will most likely be playing from behind for most of this game.

Daisy: Andrew Luck

I know the Titans have Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry, but do you want to know what the Colts have? Luck. Now, the trick here is for the Colts to take advantage of the Titans’ defense that has allowed at least 300 passing yards in four of the last 5 games. 

Kyle: Marcus Mariota

These two young AFC South quarterbacks find themselves in the top 8 in passing yards this season with Luck in 5th and Mariota in 8th. Both teams are in the bottom half of the league in defense so expect Luck and Mariota to add to their high numbers. Ultimately, I think Mariotta continues his hot run and barely out throws Luck as the Colts are 31st in passing yards allowed per game.

Will Jay Ajayi or David Johnson Rush for More Yards?

Carlos: Jay Ajayi

Jay Ajayi will rush for more yards against the Rams than David Johnson against the Vikings. Ajayi is averaging 90 yards per game which is more than Johnson’s 84 yards per game. To add to that, Minnesota has had a good defense this season as they have been in the top 10 at stopping the run. 

Ryan: David Johnson

Sure, David Johnson has only rushed for 79 yards in his past two games. Sure, he’s a more dynamic back than Ajayi and will be more involved in passing downs as well. Sure, he’s facing a top 10 run defense. I don’t know, everything points to Ajayi this week so I’m going Johnson.

Daisy: David Johnson

I am going with who is facing the weaker defense. The Rams defense has stepped it up while the Vikings defense is going through their own share of injuries. David Johnson will rush for more yards this week.

Kyle: David Johnson

I expect both to have strong performances, but I think Johnson runs for more yards because I think he’ll have more opportunities. The Rams are starting Jared Goff and will be running the ball a lot which will favor them in time of possession. The Vikings are also coming off a game where they let Ryan Kelly rush for 97 yards. Johnson should be able to put forth a similar effort.

Will Larry Fitzgerald or Stefon Diggs Have More Receiving Yards?

Carlos: Larry Fitzgerald

Arizona has been one of the best at stopping the pass this season so I’ll take Fitz. 

Ryan: Larry Fitzgerald

The knee is a concern for Fitzgerald but it hasn’t slowed him down yet. 18 targets in his last game is more than enough for me to put my trust in him.

Daisy: Larry Fitzgerald

While Stefon Diggs has caught 13 passes in each of his past two games and is putting up stellar season numbers, Larry Fitzgerald’s advantage here is Carson Palmer. Fitzgerald is Palmer’s go-to target on the field, and he is facing a sort of limited Vikings defense. 

Kyle: Stefon Diggs

The two are only separated by 23 yards on the season, but I’m going with Diggs because even though Fitz is more consistent, he’s only reached more than 81 yards once which was last week against the 49ers when he broke out for 132 yards. Diggs has reached 100 yards 3 times including a 182 yard performance against the Packers and a 164 yards last week against the Redskins.


Kirk CousinsCarlos: Redskins

The Redskins have had a good season so far, but a lot of people/ teams overlook them. The Packers have not been the same team we have been used to seeing in recent years. The Redskins have the edge in offense with about 3600 yards total which is better than Green Bay. If it comes down to it, I have more confidence in the Redskins being able to pull out the win in a close game.   

Ryan: Redskins

Hooray for actually good primetime matchups this week, alright! This will be a close game but the Packers are just off this year. I want to pick them because they’ve won both night games they’ve played in this year, while Washington has gone 2-10 since 2013 in night games and also lost their best offensive lineman to a suspension. However, I just can’t see Green Bay beating the Redskins on the road after three straight losses to the Falcons, Colts and Titans.

Daisy: Redskins

The Packers will have a hard time against a fired up Washington offense that has produced an average of 461 yards over their past 4 games.

Kyle: Packers

The Redskins are 4-19 in prime time since 2008 so I’m going to go with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers who have experience playing under the spotlight, in the Super Bowl, to win on the road.

How Many Points Will the Raiders Beat the Texans By?

0-10, 11-20, 21-30, 30+, Texans win

Carlos: 0-10

The Texans have had a solid defense this year and have been able to hold teams to just 20 points per game. The Raiders have had a good offense this season, but it will be tough to score against this defense. The reason Oakland will win this game is because the Texans don’t have the offense to score more than the Raiders. I really like Derek Carr and will like to see a big game from him to give the Raiders the win. He has 17 touchdowns and 3 interceptions which sounds like a good ratio to me.  

Ryan: 0-10

I don’t know man, these are some tough questions this week, gimme a break.

Daisy: Texans Win

Now this will be an interesting matchup between Carr and the Texans’ defense. The Texans have not allowed a 300-yard passer this year, while Derek Carr has thrown for 300 yards 10 times in his career. I think the Texans will be able to keep Carr under 300 while looking for any mistake the Raiders make to take advantage of. This will be a close one, but I have the Texans with the upset.

Kyle: 0-10

The Raiders have 7 wins, but have only won by 10 points twice and once was against the Jags. So I’ll say they beat the Texans, but only by 10 points.

Higher Total: Odell Beckham Jr. Receiving Yards or Knicks Points

Carlos: Knicks

Once again I love these multi-sport questions. Chicago has been bad this year, but if there is one positive it is that they aren’t the worst at stopping the pass. They hold teams to 242 yards per game which is number 12 in the league. Odell Beckham averages 85 yards per game. The Knicks average a little above 100 points per game so it will be close, but I think the Knicks will score more points.

Ryan: Odell Beckham Jr.

Dude’s unreal.

via @OBJ_3

Daisy: Odell Beckham Jr. 

It’s obvious Odell has not had an Odell-like season, but when putting him up against the Knicks against the Hawks? C’mon man. That’s adding insult to injury. If the Knicks were playing the Nets then I’d say sure they’ll have more points than Odell, but no way. Odell will maneuver his way around dah Bears’ defense.

Kyle: Odell Beckham Jr.

The Knicks average 101 points per game and Odell has only reached that number twice this season. But, when he has great games, he usually makes them GREAT games. Just see his 222 yard performance against a solid Ravens defense. This week he gets a Bears team that just let up 312 passing yards to an average Buccaneers offense. I think Beckham eclipses the 100 yard mark and outscores the Knicks who are facing a Hawks team that allows 98 points per game.

Higher Total: Cowboys Win Margin or Browns Loss Margin

Carlos: Browns

I have no faith what so ever in the Browns. For that reason they will lose to the Steelers by a larger margin than the Cowboys beat the Ravens. The Ravens have had a great defense this season and have held teams to the least amount of yards all season and teams have only scored 17 points per game. Even though the Cowboys are on a great run and they will get the win, it won’t come easy. The Browns just have too many flaws to be able to stop the Steelers. 

Ryan: Browns

In one game you have a battle of first place teams. In the other you have a star-studded offense in a must-win game against a winless team. I’ll take the Steelers to beat up the Browns.

Daisy: Browns

Cowboys will definitely face one of their tougher match-ups this week and again I emphasize TOUGH making it a close game. Now on the other hand  we have the Steelers versus the Browns. This in theory should be an easy game for the Steelers therefore I am predicting a larger margin of a loss for the Browns.

Kyle: Browns

I’m going to say the Browns’ loss margin because the Steelers are going to be very angry coming off their loss to the Cowboys. Tomlin is on the hot seat. Big Ben is calling out people. Its’ going to be bad. Poor Cleveland.


Carlos: Bills

The Bills are coming off 3 straight losses and really need a W. The Bengals are coming off a lose to the Giants so they are also in need of a win, but I don’t see it happening. The Bills score 26 points per game which is better then the Bengals’ 20 per game. The Bills also have a slight edge on defense. I hate to say it, but the Bills are looking for wins in order to stay relevant in the Playoff hunt. That motivates any team to get wins in the final weeks of the season.  

Ryan: Bengals

The Bengals screwed me on Monday night, but I still have faith in them to win at home against the Bills. The Bills lost three straight before their bye last week and I’m not sure that extra week off will make much of a difference.

Daisy: Bills

Both teams here are looking to put an end to their recent losing streak. Now, the last time the Bill lost 4 in a row was 5 years ago. Despite their recent losses, the Bills are very good offensively. They have been averaging 26.3 points per game this season and honestly the Bengals have been cutting it way too short as of late.

Kyle: Bills

The Bills are 2-3 on the road, but in their three losses they’ve lost by 6, 3 and 6 points with the last game coming against the Seahawks in Seattle. I think the Bills are able to go into Cincy and bury the Bengals’ playoff hopes.

Higher Total: Tom Brady Passing Yards or 49ers Total Yards

Carlos: Tom Brady

Tom Brady is going to destroy the 49ers defense and will have yet another big game. The 49ers defense is 31st in total yards allowed. On top of that, the 49ers defense is 29th in total yards all season. Bad defense and bad offense looks to me like Tom Brady will have a field day.

Ryan: Tom Brady

This one is going to be close and I wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers won this in garbage time, but you learn one thing very quickly as a Jets fan and that is to never bet against Bill Belichick, the Patriots or Tom Brady. I’ve learned my lesson.


Daisy: Tom Brady

Tom Brady will make an impact in his first game at Levi’s Stadium. As good as the 49ers have looked with Colin Kaepernick, I don’t think they’ll be able to out-perform Tom Brady’s passing yards. I also think the Patriots are fired up from their tough loss against the Seahawks last week and that’s got to make some sort of an impact here.

Kyle: Tom Brady

Brady has thrown for 327 yards per game while the 49ers are good for 310 yards total yards per game. I’m going to go with an angry Patriots team that’s getting to face a terrible team in the 49ers. Brady is angry and will take out the 49ers on a beautiful day in San Francisco.

Upset of the Week

Carlos: Eagles over Seahawks

The Eagles are coming off a win against the Falcons and the Seahawks are coming off a huge win over the Patriots. On top of that, the game is in Seattle. Everything is pointing to an easy win by the Seahawks, but my gut is telling me the Eagles pull it off in a nail biter. The key is Philadelphia’s defense as they have been top 10 in the league and if they can keep Russell Wilson in the pocket, the Eagles can have a successful game.

Ryan: None

No upsets is a rare thing, but none of these matchups give me any hope for any underdog. The Eagles and Jaguars probably have the best shots, but on the road against two division leaders means chalk this week.

Daisy: Texans over Raiders

I feel like the Texans-Raiders game is one of the more even matchups. Both teams are at the top in their respective divisions and neither have home field advantage since this game is being played in Mexico City Monday night… on ESPN. The Texans have a chance here to stop Derek Carr’s offense and give me two points this week.

Kyle: Buccaneers over Chiefs

I wanted to go Texans, but in Brock’s only game against the Raiders last season he wasn’t able to manage a touchdown even though he threw 51 passes. My next best guess would be the Buccaneers. They’re coming off a strong performance even though it was against the Bears. I think they realize they have a legitimate shot at the playoffs and come into this game prepared. The Chiefs may be looking ahead to a week 12 match up against the Broncos and may overlook Jameis and company.

Tiebreaker: Most Receiving Yards in

Week 11

Carlos: AJ Green

Ryan: Antonio Brown

Daisy: T.Y. Hilton

Kyle: Julian Edelman

Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for Week 12!