Front 4: NFL Week 6

Week 5 is in the books so let’s see how things played out:

Ryan: 4 points

Carlos: 4 points

Kyle: 2 points

Daisy: 2 points

Seeing as though Carlos was able to clinch a tie for first place after Ryan incorrectly predicted the Panthers would win on Monday Night Football, we decided to invite Carlos back to see if he could win all by himself during Week 6.

Week 6 has some great match-ups such as the Cowboys returning to Green Bay where the infamous catch that wasn’t a catch took place. Tom Brady will be playing in Foxboro for the first time this season and Colin Kaepernick will be playing for the first time in general this year. Here are the NFL Week 6 predictions from the Front 4 team.

Bengals(8.5) @ Patriots

Ryan: Patriots

Tom Brady will do Tom Brady things, but I also expect the Patriots to pressure Andy Dalton enough to comfortably beat the Bengals by double digits.

Carlos: Patriots

The Patriots will win and will win big by 17 points. The reason for this win is of course Tom Brady. He had a huge game in his comeback with 406 yards and 3 touchdowns. Look for more of the same from Brady against the Bengals. Also, the Patriots’ defense continues to be great, holding opposing teams to about 15 points per game. 

Kyle: Bengals

The Bengals are coming off a tough loss to the Cowboys in a game everyone expected them to win. The Patriots did what everyone expected and looked flawless against the Browns. Now, they return home with Tom Brady for the first time this season. The Bengals are treading water in the AFC which, I believe, will cause them to come out firing, but it won’t be enough to overcome the Patriots. The Bengals will cover, though. 

Daisy: Patriots

After losing a tough game against the Cowboys last week, I think the Bengals will fall short again against the Pats in week 6. All the boys are back together in New England and it will be tough for the Bengals to overcome them. 

Ravens(+2.5) @ Giants

Ryan: Ravens

The Ravens and Giants are a combined 1-5 these past three weeks and with both offenses struggling, I’ll take the points and hope for the best in this one.

Carlos: Ravens

The Giants will lose this game. The Giants started off the season on a good foot, but are now 2-3, coming off three straight losses. Losing can become a habit in sports and the Giants will lose their fourth straight. The Ravens have a top 10 defense holding teams to about 267 yards per game and 18 points per game. The Giants offense has not been great, only scoring about 18 points per game, good enough for 27th in the NFL. 


Kyle: Giants

This game features two of the most non-elite, elite quarterbacks of all time. When at their best, Flacco and Eli are unstoppable, but when they’re bad, boy are they bad. I think more pressure is on Eli right now with Giants fans growing restless with every poorly thrown ball and with every awkward facial reaction from the two-time Super Bowl champion. I think the Giants win an ugly one, 24-21.

Daisy: Giants

I think the Giants will walk away with a victory in this game and give the Ravens a wake up call. However, I only see this happening if Odell leads the way and has a strong performance.

Colts(+2.5) @ Texans

Ryan: Texans

The Texans have too much talent on offense to be the second lowest scoring team in the league. Their new running back Lamar Miller has to find the endzone eventually, right? RIGHT? I can also see the Texans’ D-line putting Luck on his back all game so I’ll go Texans.

Carlos: Colts

The Colts will get it done this week and beat the Texans(Daisy, the Colts are still a bad team.) This will not be a flashy game. The Colts defense has been one of the worst in the league, but the Texans offense has not been great either scoring around 17 points per game. The Texans may be in first in the AFC South but with a point differential of -22 it will come back to bite them. The Colts are looking to take over 1st place in the division and this can be a start for them. 

Kyle: Texans

These AFC South match-ups could go either way most of the time. None of the four teams have really stood out yet and this division will probably be fought for until the very last week. I think this time around the Texans are able to steal a late victory over Luck and the Colts.

Daisy: Colts

If i lose this week, this will be why. I still have faith in the Colts and they need a win. Texans, overall, are the better team but they will make a mistake that Andrew Luck and the Colts will take advantage of. 

Browns(+7.5) @ Titans

Ryan: Browns

This was one of the hardest games to pick. On one hand the Titans have a great matchup at home against a team that DeMarco Murray can run all over. On the other hand, the Browns might have their best shot at avoiding 0-16 this week and I highly doubt they finish the season winless. This spread is just high enough for me to take a flier on the Browns this week.

Carlos: Titans

The Titans will win by more than 8 points. This will be a boring game, to be honest. Where do I start with the Browns? The team is 0-5. Both the defense and offense hasn’t been good. The Titans aren’t great, but they have had a top 10 defense allowing only 20 points per game. Given that any defense can stop the Browns this is no-brainer pick. 

NFL: Preseason-Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans

Kyle: Titans

Marcus Mariota finally looked on top of his game last week and hopefully for the Titans that can continue again this week against the lowly Browns. If only Cleveland could borrow some of the Indians’ thunder.

Daisy: Titans

Titans will add another L to the Browns’ record this season. The Titans defense can take advantage of a questionable Browns passing game.

49ers(+7.5) @ Bills


This line is too high for me to pick the Bills. I can see Kaepernick thriving under Chip Kelly’s offense, and maybe that doesn’t start this week, but I have more faith in the 49ers covering than I do with a Buffalo offense without Sammy Watkins.

Carlos: Bills

The Bills will win and should be able to cover this spread. Buffalo is getting hot as they have won three in a row. I see them winning in Colin Kaepernick’s first game back as a starter. He will struggle, even though Chip Kelly’s offense in the long run may help out Kaep, but not against the bills. This Rex Ryan defense is a great weapon that has held opponents to 17 points per game. San Francisco has had an average offense and as Rex likes to think, defense wins games. 

Kyle: Bills

The Bills are on a hot streak and if they really want to be taken serious they need to start winning these games that they’re expected to win. Besides that, what I’m most looking forward to in this game is of course Colin Kaepernick’s start.

Daisy: Bills

I’m so excited to see Kaep back on the field, however, he’s facing one of the league’s toughest defenses and it won’t be pretty. The Bills will win by a large margin, but Kaep will keep winning at life.

Eagles(-2.5) @ Redskins

Ryan: Eagles

I think I would go Redskins at home if Jordan Reed was fully healthy but as of right now he’s still questionable to return from a concussion. Carson Wentz will bounce back from last week’s loss to give the Eagles the win in this one.

Carlos: Eagles

The Eagles will win by more than 3 points. The Eagles have had a good defense and offense this season and their 3-1 record reflects that. They are coming off a loss in which Carson Wentz threw his first interception. As Doug Pederson said, this isn’t the same team as last year that let the season spiral out of control. Sometimes giving your players motivation is enough to win. Wentz also wants to prove that his season hasn’t been a fluke. Washington is coming in hot, but there luck ends this week. Both their offense and defense have been average and they do have a point differential of -7. It is interesting that they have managed a 3 and 2 record. 

Kyle: Redskins

It shows a lot that in just in his 5th professional game, Carson Wentz is favored on the road against a division rival. I’ve loved what I’ve seen from the young quarterback, but the Redskins are 5-1 in their last 6 games against the Eagles at FedEx field so I think the Redskins get it done at home.

Daisy: Eagles

I think the Eagles will win by a touchdown on Sunday. The Eagles’ defense will be the main attraction of the game. I think Kirk Cousins will be spending a lot of time getting up from being sacked so much.

Chiefs @ Raiders (Pick ’em)

Ryan: Chiefs

It’s well known that Andy Reid has his teams ready to go after the bye week; he’s 15-2 all-time. Jamal Charles will allegedly be more involved in the offense this week and despite me being on the Raiders bandwagon, I say the Chiefs get it done in Oakland.

Carlos: Raiders

The Raiders will win this game. The Raiders come into the game with a 3 game winning streak. Oakland has a good offense and with a below average Kansas City defense, look for one of my favorite quarterbacks, Derek Carr, to take advantage and improve on his 11 touchdowns on the season.

Kyle: Chiefs

It really is amazing that the Raiders are 4-1 seeing as though they’ve allowed 452 yards on defense this year which is the most in the league. Combine that with the fact that Andy Reid is 15-2 after a bye week and I think the Raiders take a step back this week as their defensive mishaps finally catch up with them.

Daisy: Raiders

Maybe I just have a little too much faith in the Raiders this season, but I am really hoping this is their week once again. I think Derek Carr leads a very good offense, and despite the Chiefs getting back Jamaal Charles, the Raiders will win a close one.

Falcons(+6.5) @ Seahawks

Ryan: Falcons

Julio Jones + a free 6.5 points = Ryan taking Atlanta.

Carlos: Falcons

The Falcons will win in a close game by 1 point. You heard it here first. This game has the looks of being the game of the week. The Falcons offense has been on fire, putting up 35 points per game, but not so fast, the Seahawks are known for their defense and have held teams to 13 points per game. The Seahawks will have to try and slow down Matt Ryan who is leading the league with 1700 passing yards. Look for another big game by Matty Ice.

russell_wilson_vs_vikings_november_4_2012Kyle: Seahawks

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks had two weeks to prepare for a home game against Matt Ryan and the Falcons’ high powered offense. I think they come out with a great game plan and slow down the Falcons just enough to take home a 7 point win.

Daisy: Seahawks

In a battle between a great offense and a great defense, I will always pick the defense. The Seahawks will beat the Falcons, but both Ryan and Wilson will have great games.

Cowboys(+3.5) @ Packers

Ryan: Packers

The Cowboys have been relying on their running game to allow Prescott to ease into the position, but the Packers are too good against the run and will make them throw. I’ll take Rodgers’ arm over almost anyone else’s but especially over a rookie in week 6.


Carlos: Cowboys

The Packers will win, but I think the Cowboys will cover the spread. I see the Packers winning by a field goal(sorry Kyle.) The Cowboys are coming into this with 4 straight wins, but their luck has to stop somewhere and the Packers come in with a 3-1 record and two straight wins themselves. You can never count the Packers out and even though Aaron Rodgers hasn’t had a lights out season, he is still Aaron Rodgers. He has 9 touchdowns and look for him to have a big game that leads Green Bay to the win. 

Kyle: Cowboys

I honestly don’t care what happens in this game as long as there’s no important disputed catches. Cowboys cover.

Daisy: Packers

This matchup seems pretty obvious and I will will go with the obvious choice. The Packers will win, but Prescott will do his best to keep up with the Packers.

Jets(+7.5) @ Cardinals

Ryan: Cardinals

*Gruden voice*: “My word John Brown with his fourth touchdown! What can Brown do for you? What CAN’T he do man! Haha oh boy is he fun to watch!”

I have moved past the crying stage into the acceptance stage and will be watching Monday night’s game with a thousand-yard stare

Carlos: Jets

The Jets will bounce back and win a close game by 3 points. I will stick to the Jets all year no matter their record. Fitz will get us this win. He will throw 3 touchdowns and no picks. (If I get that right I should get 10 points and be back for the rest of the season.) 

Kyle: Jets

Crazy stuff always seems to happen on Monday Night Football. I expect more crazy this week as the Jets travel to Arizona. I think the Cardinals will dominate most of the game, but if the Jets can win the Special Teams battle, I see them having a fighting chance. As the great James Ellsworth once said, “Any man with two hands, has a fighting chance. ” Jets cover.

Daisy: Cardinals

Carson Palmer returns this week! I think he will be a huge reason why they beat up the Jets on Monday Night Football. Sorry Ryan and Carlos, but those L’s are going to keep on coming. 


Which Team Will Score the Most Points in Week 6?


Ryan: Steelers

Carlos: Steelers

Kyle: Patriots

Daisy: Panthers

Do you agree with the panel’s predictions? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out our YouTube channel for some video content related to this article.

YourSitch Predictions: No Mercy 2016

via wrestlezone

After Backlash was a huge success, No Mercy will be asked to follow up as Smackdown’s second pay-per-view. The crowd in Sacramento, California will have a deeper card than that of Backlash so look for some big moments.

All eyes will mostly be on the two biggest matches. The first, of course, will be AJ Styles’s first title defense at a PPV against Dean Ambrose and John Cena in what should be a heck of a match. The other match fans will be tuning in for is the Title vs. Career match between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler.

Kyle Boris and Daisy Rivers are here to break down those two matches along with the rest of the card as they make their predictions on how the card will go down.

Baron Corbin vs. Jack Swagger

Kyle Boris: The feud between these two big men started last week when Swagger made Corbin “tap out” even though Corbin was just crawling to the ropes. I might be able to get invested in a feud between these two men, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready. Jack seems to have gotten his Swagger back since his move to Smackdown, but I think Corbin gets the victory to make up for his loss last time out.

Match Prediction: Corbin by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Corbin once again appears to tap out, but this time the ref calls it correctly.

via wikimedia

Daisy Rivers: This isn’t really a match I am interested in watching, but the outcome could be. Both of these wrestlers really aren’t a ‘name’ on the roster, yet. I see what Daniel Bryan is trying to do here. He’s trying to bring back Swagger, while bringing up Corbin. After the controversial match between the two, I think Swagger will win this one fair and square with his Patriot Lock.

Match Prediction: Swagger by submission

Bonus Prediction: Swagger brings out the American flag with him


Carmella vs. Nikki Bella

via wikipedia

KB: Since her debut at the brand split, Carmella has come into her own and has used most of her time on the roster attempting to make Nikki’s life a living hell by frequently attacking her. However, The Princess of Staten Island isn’t quite on Nikki’s level in terms of wrestling just yet, so I think Nikki picks up the win rather easily.

Match Prediction: Nikki Bella by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Nikki calls out the champion after the match


DR: Carmella is one of my faves despite her recent heel turn. I’ve started to enjoy the story that’s been built up between her and Nikki Bella. That being said, Nikki has become an awesome wrestler and I think she walks away victorious after breaking out a new finishing move. 

Match Prediction: Nikki Bella by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Carmella attempts to cheat by using a weapon or distracting the referee.

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

KB: I really have high hopes for this contest. These two have been putting out some great promos over the past couple of weeks on Tuesday nights and hopefully they’re able to translate that into a stellar match. As for the result, a win for either man might be able to put them next in line to face the Smackdown champ.

Match Prediction: Wyatt by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Wyatt attacks Orton on his way to the ring.

DR: The buildup for this match has been fun, mainly because Bray Wyatt is awesome. I love all the creepiness and suspense with the promos on SmackDown Live. However, I can’t see The Viper losing this match. He needs a bounce-back match after his loss to Brock Lesnar and this is it. That being said, Bray Wyatt needs to get his chance soon because he’s still one of the more intriguing characters on SmackDown.

Match Prediction: Orton by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Orton will lose Wyatt for a moment when he disappears

Smackdown Tag Team Title Match: Heath Slater & Rhyno(c) vs. The Usos

KB: The Usos have turned into the biggest heels on Tuesday nights and the crowd will surely be against them as they attempt to take the belts from fan favorites, Heath Slater and Rhyno. As a fan, I’m hoping the Slater-Rhyno train keeps rolling on so we get more fun from the odd couple.

Match Prediction: Slater & Rhyno by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: American Alpha helps the champs retain their titles

via videoname

DR: The Usos are probably the better team in this match, but Heath Slater and Rhyno are just better characters and are the team the people want to see. I think they’ll stay champions because it’s so strange that it works and everyone loves it.

Match Prediction: Slater & Rhyno by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Heath Slater mentions his kids at some point

Smackdown Women’s Title Match: Becky Lynch(c) vs. Alexa Bliss

KB: Becky Lynch was crowned Smackdown’s first women’s champion at Backlash and now she has her first title defense. She should be able to take care of Bliss and begin a long reign as champion.

Match Prediction: Becky Lynch by submission

Bonus Prediction: Alexa Bliss focuses on Becky’s arm in her attacks in an attempt to take the Dis-Arm-Her out of play

DR: It’s a little upsetting how weak the women’s roster is on SmackDown in comparison to Raw. I haven’t seen much of Alexa Bliss, but her character can be annoying and fragile. Becky will win an easy one with her finisher, the Dis-Arm-Her, unless she is hurt and is unable to compete.

Match Prediction: Becky Lynch by submission

Bonus Prediction: Alexa Bliss starts crying and throws a tantrum after her loss

Career vs. Title Match: The Miz(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

KB: Boy, I don’t even want to predict this match. I just want to watch and enjoy because that’s how good both wrestlers have done at getting the fans invested in their feud. On one hand, we might be seeing the end of the Miz’s reign as Intercontinental champion and on the other hand, this could be Dolph’s last match in the WWE. It really could go either way in a match that will have plenty of near falls to have the fans on the edge of their seats.

Match Prediction: Dolph Ziggler by pinfal

Bonus Prediction: The two men shake hands after the match

DR:  Intercontinental Title matches went 0 to 100… real quick. It was always assumed that The Miz would just pick up the win in a boring match, but ever since Backlash these two have made the feud personal. This whole thing with Dolph Ziggler quitting if he loses makes it so interesting. I think this is the chance Dolph has been waiting for and I think he’ll finally make it happen!

Match Prediction: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: The Miz gets desperate and “accidentally” knocks out the ref

WWE World Title Match: AJ Styles(c) vs. Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena

via starschanges

KB: This title match has the three biggest stars on Smackdown in one match and hopefully it will not disappoint. John Cena is chasing history looking to tie Ric Flair’s record while Dean Ambrose attempts to take back his title. The only problem for these two great superstars is that AJ Styles stands in their way. The Phenomenal One is on another level right now and I think he walks away STILL WWE World Champion.

Match Prediction: Styles by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Styles does a double Phenomenal Forearm to Ambrose and Cena

DR: Adding John Cena to this match makes it interesting, but again I feel like the WWE is lacking in building up the storylines into these PPVs. It feels like they just work PPV to PPV without creating a story. Maybe it’s because there are more events that it’s causing the quality to go down. ANYWAY, AJ Styles will make Cena and Ambrose look good thus making him Phenomenal and walking away as the face that runs the place.

Match Prediction: Styles by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Ambrose brings out the chainsaw, but won’t use it.

Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tune in to WWE No Mercy Sunday, October 9th on the WWE Network.

Kyle Boris and Daisy Rivadeneira are contributing editors for

Twitter: @KyleNoStyle & @Day_zeeee

FRONT 4: NFL Week 4

Three weeks have gone by and the first month of the NFL season is in the books. We’ve got five unbeaten teams left, four teams still looking for their first win and plenty of surprises as well.

With Week 4 upon us, the Front 4 team of Kyle, Daisy and Ryan welcome special guest, Adriel “The Natural” as he attempts to out-predict them. This week’s topics cover the Jaguars’ London record, which Quarterback reaches ten touchdowns, the “Fitzpatrick” of the week and much more.

How Many Undefeated Teams Will Remain After Week 4?

Current Undefeated Teams: Vikings, Broncos, Ravens, Patriots, Eagles(Week 4 Bye) 

Kyle: 3

Besides the idle Eagles, I believe two of the four other undefeated teams head into Week 5 undefeated. The Vikings defense will be too much for Eli and co. allowing Minnesota to move to 4-0. The Giants also have the fourth worst record all-time on Monday Night Football at .377. The other undefeated team will be the defending Super Bowl champs who travel to Tampa Bay.

The Tom Brady-less Patriots have looked dominant so far, but uncertainty at the Quarterback position will come back to haunt them this week against the Bills. The Ravens have single-digit wins over the Bills, Browns and Jaguars to start the season so their first real test is this week against the Raiders and I don’t think they pass.

Ryan: 4

Three teams will continue their dominant starts to the season while the Eagles will coast through their bye week still undefeated. The Ravens will be the only casualty this week, losing a tight game to the Raiders at home.

Daisy: 2

The Broncos and I guess the Eagles, since they’re on a bye, will remain undefeated after Week 4. The Bills are itching to get back at the Patriots and I think this is their opportunity. The Raiders will step up too with their defense and take down the Ravens. I really think this is the week for them. Eagles are safe this week but only because of their bye.

Adriel: 4

The Vikings are playing Eli Manning. Enough said. If you remember, on my Top 5 overrated QB’s list going into the season, he was #2 on my list. He proved me right once again with that horrific 4th-quarter performance against the mediocre Washington Redskins. To me, the Broncos are the best team in the AFC right now. That all-time great defense might be  better than it was last year and judging from last week’s impressive performance against a quality Bengals team, we still have yet to see the best from young Trevor Siemien. The Ravens have been taking full advantage of an early cupcake schedule and I don’t see it being any different this week as they face the underachieving Raiders.

Will the Jaguars improve to 2-2 in England?

The Jags are currently 1-2, all time, in games played in London

Kyle: No

The Jaguars’ games in London over the past three seasons have had plenty of scoring. They lost 42-10 in 2013, 31-17 in 2014 and won 34-31 in 2015. This year their “home” game is against the Colts. A Colts loss will drop them to 1-3 and bring them to a tie with the Jaguars. Andrew Luck should be able to carry his team to the win giving the Jaguars an 0-4 record on the season and a 1-3 record across the pond.

Ryan: Yes

I think their experience with traveling and playing previous games in London will give them the advantage over a not-as-good-as-we-thought Colts team that’s pretty banged up at the moment. Another loss for the winless Jaguars would cement their place in the basement of the AFC South so look for them to come out of the gate swinging.

Blake Bortles
via wikimedia

Daisy: Yes

The Jags definitely have the advantage here since they are playing a banged up Colts team. They will improve 2-2 in London… Unfortunately.

Adriel: No

The Jaguars are another underachieving squad so far this season. Poised with talent across the board, the Jaguars have been sloppy and mistake prone. Gus Bradley might be the first coach to be fired once he loses this game.

How Many Winless Teams will Remain After Week 4?

Current winless teams: Browns, Jaguars, Bears, Saints

Kyle: 4

The Jaguars fall in London. The Browns still have no Josh Gordon and still won’t have a win agains the Redskins. Drew Brees heads to his old stomping grounds, but the Chargers don’t have a pleasant welcoming party. And the Bears, well, they’re turning into the ugly step-sister of the Browns. All four teams remain winless heading into Week 5.

Ryan: 3

Hard to pick the Browns to win no matter what, but on the road in DC is not a matchup that inspires confidence. Browns make it close, but remain winless. Jags will use their London experience to top the Colts. Jim Bob Cooter and Matthew Stafford will do unholy things to a terrible Bears defense. Bears stay winless. Saints defense sinks them again and Drew Brees can’t do enough on the road. Saints fall again.

Daisy: 0

I think all four winless teams have the potential to walk away victorious this week. The toughest matchup for me may be the Bears against the Lions because Detroit has looked like a pretty solid team. Ultimately, the Bears get the win. 

Adriel: 2

See question #2 about the Jaguars. As for the Browns, once again this organization can’t seem to get out of their own way. The recent news of Josh Gordon missing more time since he’ll be headed to rehab proves that whenever they take one step forward they go two steps back. I like Hue Jackson and I think he will soon have them going in the right direction; just not this week.

Who Gets to 10 Passing Touchdowns First?

9:30AM Start time: Andrew Luck(6)

1:00PM Start time: Matt Ryan(7), Matthew Stafford(7)

4:00pm Start time: Jameis Winston(8), Drew Brees(8)

Kyle: Matthew Stafford

As long as Andrew Luck doesn’t throw four touchdowns in London, which he very well might, Stafford should have the best chance to reach 10 touchdowns as the Lions face off against the Bears who have let up 29 and 31 points to rookie quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott over the last two weeks.

Matthew Stafford


Ryan: Matthew Stafford

One of the early games will definitely produce a 10-TD QB so I’m going to go with Matthew Stafford who has a cake matchup against the Bears, is at home and, of course, is part of Jim Bob Cooter’s cooterific pass-happy offense. Winston and Brees will both be in double digits by the end of the day, but Stafford will be waiting for them before their games even start.


Daisy: Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck will reach 10 touchdowns first, but only because his game is on super early. Considering the team he has around him, he’s been doing pretty well, but this will come at a cost… 

Adriel: Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is playing the Bears; the worst team in the league. End of question. 

Who Leads the League in Rushing Yards After Week 4?

Blount 298, Crowell 274, Elliott 274, Miller 269, Freeman 265, Forte 261

Kyle: Ezekiel Elliott

The 49ers have allowed back-to-back 100 yard rushing performances from Foxxy Whittaker and Christine Michael. As the Cowboys travel to San Francisco, Ezekiel Elliot has an opportunity to not only eclipse the 100 yard mark, but also skyrocket to the top spot among all running backs.

Ryan: LeGarrette Blount

LeGarrette Blount, already with a 24-yard lead on the next closest back, will get plenty of touches in what will be an ugly blowout against the Bills. The Patriots own the Bills, winning 28 of the last 32 match-ups since the 2000 season and 13 of 14 games at Gillette Stadium. All that means is that the Patriots will get out to an early lead and coast (aka run the ball) the rest of the game.

Daisy: Ezekiel Elliot

Is this too bold to say? I’m going to go with Ezequiel Elliot. I think he’ll go off against the 49ers defense this week. He definitely has been one of the most exciting players in the league this season.

Adriel: LeGarrette Blount

It is my estimation that he will be the bell cow once again on Sunday. With an inexperienced Jacoby Brissett and an ailing Jimmy Garoppolo, Bill Belichick will call on Blount early and often to get the job done once again for the New England Patriots.



Who’s the Fitzpatrick(Most Interceptions) of the Week?

Kyle: Case Keenum

The Cardinals are coming off a terrible performance against the Bills and are going to be looking to rebound. What better way to do that than against Case Keenum. Keenum has played well enough to get the Rams to two straight wins, but the Cardinals can’t afford to fall to 1-3 which should cause for some stronger play allowing the Cards to pick off Keenum a couple times.

via wikimedia

Ryan: Eli Manning

The Vikings defense has been playing out of their collective minds recently and meet an old friend in Eli Manning this week. Eli is 2-5 all-time against Minny and has thrown 14 INT’s in those seven games. This version of the Vikings D will definitely cause some headaches as they rank 1st in sacks and 2nd in interceptions this year, leading to a long day for the Big Blue play-caller.

Daisy: Andrew Luck

Like I said before he’ll get to 10 passing touchdowns first, but will get picked off three times in the process; let’s hope not, though. 

Adriel: Eli Manning

This one is so easy. Hey, I know it probably seems like I’m picking on the poor guy but hey, I call it like I see it. Eli Manning is a turnover machine. It’s nothing new. He’s been like this his entire career. I see that trend continuing against that vaunted Vikings defense which is easily one of the top two defenses in the league.

How Many Birds Win in Week 4?

Seahawks, Ravens, Cardinals, Falcons

Kyle: 2

As I mentioned earlier, the Cardinals will win and the Ravens will lose. Now, the Seahawks travel across the country to play the Jets in what could be a low-scoring affair, however, I believe they get the job done. The Falcons play the Panthers and could make a huge statement knocking off the defending NFC champions, but I think Cam Newton rallies the troops and takes down the Falcons in a shootout.

Ryan: 0

In what will be known as the worst day for birds until Thanksgiving, all bird teams will take an L this week, with the Cardinals’ last-second loss to the Rams being the most embarrassing.

via wikimedia

Daisy: 2

The Seahawks will defeat the Jets, but it will be closer than we think. The Ravens will get trampled by the Raiders defense; really hoping they go off. Arizona will beat up the Rams and the Panthers will walk away lifting the belt over the Falcons.

Adriel: 2

It’s no secret that I love Russell Wilson. He’s my favorite quarterback in the NFL and with good reason. Not only is he talented, he’s on a top organization with a top coach and a top defense. Being hobbled for basically the entire season so far, Russell will continue to tough it out against a vaunted Jets front seven. Bringing home the victory like he usually does, I look for the Seahawks to take advantage of Fitzpatrick and his turnover-prone self. As for the Ravens, they should continue to take full advantage of their cupcake schedule to start the season. I see them continuing their winning ways against the Raiders. There’s nothing special here, but Baltimore is just good enough to beat the disappointing Raiders in their friendly confines.

What Will be the Highest Scoring Game?

Drew Brees
via wikimedia

Kyle: Saints @ Chargers

Drew Brees gets to face his old team as the Saints look for their first win of the season. It’ll be tough against a Chargers offense that has been clicking to start the season. Both offenses rank in the top 10 in points scored which should make for some fun football to watch between Philip Rivers and Drew Brees.

Ryan: Saints @ Chargers

It’s basically a given that the Saints will be in a high scoring affair week in and week out. This week will be no exception against the Chargers. Two elite QBs? Check. Two top-10 offenses? Check. Two atrocious defenses? Check. Yeah this         one is gonna be a barnburner.

Daisy: Bills @ Patriots

For my bold prediction of the week  I will go with the Bills-Pats game. I think there will be lots of touchdowns in this game, but the winner will be determined with a FG in OT.

Adriel: Panthers @ Falcons

Cam Newton and Matt Ryan are two of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. They both feature some of the most talented pass catchers in the game in Kelvin Benjamin and Julio Jones. These division rivals will not disappoint as they move the ball up and down the field on that fast track in the Georgia Dome.

What Will be the Lowest Scoring Game?

Kyle: Browns @ Redskins 

This could turn into an ugly game and as long as the Browns don’t allow the Redskins to run up the score it could turn into a 17-6 win for Washington. In their two home games on the year, the Redskins only managed 16 points against the Steelers and 23 points against the shaky Cowboys defense.

Ryan: Seahawks @ Jets

Both teams have struggling offenses and incredible stout defenses. Ryan Fitzpatrick was abysmal last week and Russell Wilson is a little banged up so neither offense will really be expected to put up huge numbers. This will be a defensive battle in the swamps of Jersey.

Detroit Lions v New York Jets
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Daisy: Seahawks @ Jets

I am going to go with the Seahawks-Jets game just because both teams are defense-oriented teams. I am banking on the Jets to make this interesting and not embarrassing for themselves.

Adriel: Giants @ Vikings

Here we go again; a recurring theme here. The Vikings defense is on another level right now and Eli Manning’s offense should be no match for them. As for the Vikings, with Sam Bradford still finding his way and Adrian Peterson on the IR, I look for Minnesota to struggle against a much improved Giants defense.

Will the First Kick-Return Touchdown of the Season Happen in Week 4?

Kyle: Yes, by the Chicago Bears

Even though the new kickoff rules have prevented a kick-return touchdown thus far, the league is bound to see one sooner or later. The Bears will be giving up plenty of touchdowns to the Lions which will give them quite a few chances to deliver the most exciting play in football. Look for Deonte Thompson to break through and reach the end zone.

Ryan: No

Tom Brady, still drunk and under-clothed from his vacation in Italy, runs onto the field on the Bills kickoff, pushes Danny Amendola out of the way and fields the ball, running through the confused defense 105 yards into the endzone. Gronk goes nuts and his manic celebration in the endzone is enough to scare the officials into not throwing a flag, resulting in a touchdown. Other than that, no, no kick returns this week.

Daisy: No

Don’t think so, but if anyone does it will be ANTONIO BROWN. Mainly, because I’d love to see him run down the field juking everyone on the Chiefs. Would also love to see those points on my fantasy team.

Adriel: Yes, by the Seattle Seahawks

I believe.I believe. I believe. In only his second year in the league, Tyler Lockette is already the most dangerous return man in the game. Just as the doctor ordered, he’ll join the rest of the Seattle Seahawks that pick up the slack for an ailing Russell Wilson. I envision Lockette leaving the Jets on skates and leaving them in the dust on the first play of the second half. Do I get a bonus for predicting the time of game also? 

Do you agree with our panel’s predictions? Let us know your thoughts and who do you think will come out on top after Week 4 of Front 4?

Follow the experts on Twitter and let them if you agree/disagree!

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Inside UFC 205: The Greatest Card Ever?


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By Kyle Boris

When Rashad Evans, a former Light Heavyweight Champion, is on the 9th best fight of the card, you know you’re getting something good.

Three title defenses will headline the first UFC event to take place in New York since the MMA ban was lifted. Besides those three bouts, former champions Chris Weidman, Miesha Tate and Frankie Edgar join Evans on the card.

On paper, this card is shaping up to be the greatest one that Dana White and the UFC have constructed. The card has preliminary bouts that could headline other PPV’s, new champions Tyron Woodley and Eddie Alvarez, undefeated stars Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Khabib Nurmagomedov, a Wonderboy, a cowboy, and that Conor McGregor guy.

With only six weeks until the gigantic event, let’s take a deeper look into the Big Apple’s first UFC card.

Will History Be Made?

Boxing, WWE and other fighting promotions have seen one of their competitors hold two belts simultaneously. However, the UFC has yet to see that happen. Actually, only two UFC fighters have even won a belt in two different weight classes. Randy Couture won the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight titles and B.J. Penn won the Welterweight and Lightweight championships.

If Conor McGregor can defeat new Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez on November 12, he’ll make history on the biggest UFC card of all time. Some wonder if the UFC will force McGregor to vacate one of the championships, but The Notorious one answered that question at the UFC 205 presser emphatically.

via UFC

“I’m gonna wrap one [belt] on one shoulder, I’m gonna wrap the other on the other shoulder and you’re going to need a f*ckin’ army to come take them belts off me.” 

Undefeated + Awesome Names

Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Khabib Nurmagomedov. Karolina Kowalkiewicz.

Even though these three fighters have the most difficult names to pronounce, their records are easy to decipher; they all end with zeroes.

Jedrezjczyk and Kowalkiewicz both head into their Strawweight Championship bout undefeated. Awesome names aside, these two ladies have been untouchable in their time in the UFC. Undoubtedly, Kowalkiewicz’s fourth fight inside the octagon will be her toughest to date. The champ Jedrzejczyk, is 6-0 in the UFC with multiple Fight of the Night bonuses under her belt. The two women will be representing Poland and with a huge influx of Polish residents in New York, you can bet they’ll be flowing into Madison Square Garden to watch one of their own remain undefeated.

via @ArielHelwani

Nurmagomedov has competed in 23 professional bouts and has yet to know what it’s like to lose. “The Eagle” was a late addition to the card, but his bout with Michael Johnson could steal the show, most likely on the undercard.

It was rumored that Nurmagomedov and Eddie Alvarez might be in line for a fight, but when the McGregor-Alvarez deal was made, The Eagle still wanted to fight on the NYC card. Michael Johnson wanted Khabib and Khabib wanted him, so the fight was a last minute addition.

Tate’s Bounce-back

Miesha Tate was on top of the world after winning her first championship against Holly Holm. After other fights were canceled, Tate’s first title defense would also headline UFC 200. Tate had finally reached the top, but their was only one problem standing in her way; Amanda Nunes. Nunes pulled off the upset and shocked the world with a submission victory over Tate in the first round.

via UFC

Four months later , Tate will try to climb her way back and earn a rematch for the belt. The bantamweight division is stacked right now with Nunes, Holm, Tate and Rousey all in the mix. Tate’s opponent at UFC 205, Raquel Pennington could insert herself into the discussion as well with a win over her former coach on The Ultimate Fighter Season 18, Miesha Tate. A dominant win by Tate, however, would definitely force the UFC to give her the rematch against Nunes sometime in 2017.

Hometown Advantage

Long Island’s own Chris Weidman will hold a surefire hometown advantage over Yoel Romero in their middleweight bout. Weidman has been vocal about his desire to fight in front of his home crowd and now that he has the opportunity he will most likely receive one of the bigger ovations of the night. Romero will probably hear some extra boo’s following his failed drug test from earlier in the year.

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar should also be the recipient of loud cheers from the New York crowd because of his well-known New Jersey roots. Edgar is coming off a loss against Jose Aldo at UFC 200 for the interim Featherweight title and could use a win over Jeremy Stephens to keep himself in the title picture once McGregor drops backs down. Stephens, on the other hand, might be able to swing a fight with McGregor down the line with a win against Frankie. If he does, let’s just hope he doesn’t get hit like this again.

video via TheUploader

The Chosen One vs. The Wonderboy

Four of “The Chosen One”Tyron Woodley’s first five UFC victories came by knock out heading into his title match with Robbie Lawler at UFC 201. Would he be able to continue that trend against the champ? Yep. To everyone’s surprise, Woodley knocked out Lawler and took the belt with him. Now, in his first title defense, “The Wonderboy” Stephen Thompson is standing in his way.

The Wonderboy has won seven fights in a row with wins over Johny Hendricks, Jake Ellenberger and most recently, Rory MacDonald. He has four stoppages in his last seven fights so UFC fans can expect fireworks in this welterweight bout.

Woodley celebrates his knockout over Lawler

If all of that doesn’t get you excited, don’t worry; there’s more. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is fighting, again! The man known to fight any time and any place will do so at UFC 205 against Kevin Gastelum. Rashad Evans returns to fight Army Ranger Tim Kennedy who last fought in 2014. Thiago Alves makes his lightweight debut against the always exciting Jim Miller. Liz Carmouche, Katlyn Chookagian, Rafael Natal, Tim Boetsch, Lyman Good and Belal Muhammad are also fighting on the stacked card.

Fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that all the fights go as planned so that UFC 205 delivers fireworks and gives New York City a reason to be the city that never sleeps on November 12, 2016.

Kyle Boris is a contributing editor for

Twitter: @KyleNoStyle

16 Jose Fernandez Gifs To Remember Him By

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By Kyle Boris

It can be difficult to explain how much of an impact someone had once they are gone. Outside of the baseball world, many might not know who Jose Fernandez was. Well, the 24-year old star pitcher who was born in Cuba and fought for years to make it to the United States and eventually to the Major Leagues, really did have a huge impact on the game of baseball in his short time in the league. You wouldn’t be able to tell or comprehend his struggle based on his demeanor or his personality. You can read all about his journey and the difficult road he took to make it to the United States, but the fact is that once his journey was a success, he never took a day for granted and enjoyed every moment he spent on a baseball field.

Jose brought an infectious smile and personality to the game that sometimes could be overlooked. Baseball has a rich history of written rules and non-written rules, but Jose was changing the rules every time he entered the ballpark. He was just a kid living his dream and wanted to enjoy every moment. Jose Fernandez may not be with us anymore, but his spirit and what he brought to the game will stay with Major League Baseball for a long time to come. For now, here are 16 gifs to remember #16 Jose Fernandez by.

When he impressed in his first career start against the Mets



Sometimes his performance was just too hot to handle



And sometimes his stretching just happened to be right on camera



He’d even have the competition smiling



The competition wasn’t always smiling when he was on the mound



He would get into some pre-game hi-jinx with the mascots



And had his coaches laughing



And took the time to take some batting practice 



Even though when he faced pitchers, he was sometimes left speechless



Other times he was crushing home runs



But, he could still do this to you



His impressions of his teammates were always on point



And his dancing was even better



His skills always had his opponents amazed



But most of all, he always had fun and brought a smile to the game



We’re all going to miss that.

RIP Jose Fernandez 1992-2016

via Miami Dolphins

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YourSitch Staff Predictions: BACKLASH 2016


As the first pay-per-view since the brand split, Backlash is focused around the blue brand’s current championships, as well as the new titles that are on the line. Dean Ambrose and The Miz will look to continue their reigns as WWE World Champion and Intercontinental Champion, while many other superstars compete for the brand new Smackdown Women’s Championship and Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

Currently, only six matches are announced for the card taking place at the Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia. Will Heath Slater finally get a Smackdown Live contract? Who will be crowned the first Smackdown Women’s Champion? Will Dean Ambrose be able to stop the Phenomenal one? Let’s take a look at each match-up as Kyle Boris and Daisy Rivers of make their predictions for the return of Backlash.

Match #1: 2nd Chance Match: The Usos vs. The Hype Bros

Kyle Boris: After The Usos attacked American Alpha, Chad Gable strained his MCL and forced the team out of action which set up this match between two teams that were already eliminated. The Hype Bros apparently don’t get hyped, they stay hyped, but that won’t be enough as the new heels, Jimmy and Jey Uso, will find a way to cheat themselves into the finals.

Match Prediction: The Usos by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: The Usos pull Ryder or Mojo’s tights to secure the win.


Daisy Rivers: The Hype Bros really live up to the hype. I enjoy watching them in the ring, however, that won’t be enough to beat The Usos.

Match Prediction: The Usos by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: The Usos cheat their way to get through this match.

Match #2: Smackdown Women’s Championship 6-Pack Challenge: Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Nikki Bella vs. Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

KB: This match really only contains three legitimate contenders to become the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion. Alexa Bliss and Carmella are still developing and Naomi hasn’t been in the spotlight just yet. That leaves Becky, Natalya and Nikki. While the other three members of the Four Horsewoman are competing on Raw, Becky Lynch has almost become the forgotten one of the bunch. Becky can change that by becoming the first Women’s Champion on Smackdown.

Match Prediction: Becky Lynch by submission


Bonus Prediction: Becky forces Natalya to tap out.

DR: The clear favorite for this is Nikki Bella because she’s been champion before and she’s great. BUT, while she was gone, Becky Lynch has held her ground and worked her way to the top of the women’s division. I think this is finally her chance to become Women’s Champion.

Match Prediction: Becky Lynch by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Carmella grabs the belt and tries to use it as a weapon, but it backfires and it costs her.

Match #3: WWE Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

KB: The Miz has so much momentum right now and I believe a victory over Dolph Ziggler could do a lot for his championship reign. Ziggler was just in the WWE Title picture against Ambrose so a win for The Miz would even further solidify his role as the company’s top heel and one of the company’s top champions.

Match Prediction: Miz by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Instead of always “wrestling like a coward”, The Miz does something dangerous such as putting Ziggler through the announce table.

DR: The Miz is awesome and we all know it. My respect for him has changed since the Talking Smack promo where he tells Daniel Bryan off. To be honest, I didn’t take him serious before this. The only thing I’m worried about for this match is that The Miz could lose, but only because he has greater things in sight coming for him… *cough cough* the WWE World Championship?

Match Prediction: The Miz by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Maryse distracts the referee and The Miz gets Ziggler with a low blow.

Match #4: Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Usos/The Hype Bros


KB: In my prediction, The Usos will take on Slater and Rhyno. Slater and Rhyno are one of the best things going for Smackdown Live at the moment and their victory at Backlash could get one of the biggest pops of the night as the crowd will be delighted to see Slater receive a contract. I am worried, however, that the Usos could pull off the win and garner TONS of heat for preventing the fairy tale ending.

Match Prediction: Slater and Rhyno prevail by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Rhyno has picked up the pinfall in each of the first two victories. This time Slater gets the pinfall.

DR: Heath Slater will continue to be a free agent only because it makes for a great storyline. Slater and Rhyno will definitely hold their ground especially since The Usos will probably be tired from their first match, but The Usos will come away as the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Match Prediction: The Usos by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: I want an American Alpha interference and the rivalry between these two teams really picks up at Backlash.

Match #5: Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

KB: This has potential to be the match of the night. A very intriguing feud, the two have only had a couple weeks to promote this match and no matter how the match ends at Backlash, let’s hope the two continue their feud for the upcoming weeks.

Match Prediction: Randy Orton by DQ

Bonus Prediction: Outside interference plays a part in the finish of the match.

DR: The Viper needs a bounce-back fight and this is it. Bray Wyatt is fantastic and losing this match won’t affect that. He’s slowly but surely creeping his way into more important matches.

Match Prediction: Randy Orton by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Throughout the match, Bray Wyatt will disappear and reappear in different places to throw off Orton and add to his creepiness.

Match #6: WWE World Championship Match: Dean Ambrose(c) vs. AJ Styles


KB: Styles may be Ambrose’s toughest challenger, yet. The two have only fought once before and it’ll be interesting to see if Styles can raise Ambrose’s game like he does with most of his opponents. Styles’s win over John Cena leapfrogged him into the title picture, but I don’t think he gets it done just yet.

Match Prediction: Ambrose by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Styles kicks out of Dirty Deeds at least once.

DR: The Phenomenal One has been around for years and it’s obvious when you watch him in the ring. He makes anyone look good in the ring even when he is kicking their ass. AJ Styles is the new face that runs the place on SmackDown and he deserves to be holding the belt.

Match Prediction: AJ Styles by pinfall

Bonus Prediction: Ambrose pulls out a chainsaw


Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out WWE Backlash Sunday, September 11, on the WWE Network.

Kyle Boris and Daisy Rivadeneira are contributing editors for

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Throughout the NFL season, the FRONT 4 team of Kyle, Daisy and Ryan will compete to pick and predict the outcome for certain scenarios each week in the NFL. The fourth member will be a different guest each week unless the guest is somehow able to come away the victor over all three members of the FRONT 4.

However, the first set of predictions will be made by the YourSitch team as they make their picks on topics that will play out over the entire NFL season. We’ll find out at the end of the season who was successful thinking outside the box and who should probably just be locked inside a box with their thoughts.

1.) Which team will IMPROVE their win total the most this season?

Kyle: Cowboys

Yes, I am picking the Dallas Cowboys to have the biggest win increase this season. The reason, however, is because the Cowboys have the fourth easiest schedule on paper. Even if Tony Romo misses the first nine weeks of the season, the Cowboys play each of their division rivals once, and the likes of the Bears, 49ers and Browns throughout that stretch. Dallas won only four games last year and this season I see them winning at least nine games to give them the biggest increase.

Daisy: Raiders

The Raiders are sure to improve under Quarterback Derek Carr, now in his third full season. The Raiders are also lucky they don’t have to face Peyton Manning twice a year anymore so they should be able to take advantage of a transition at quarterback for the Broncos. The AFC West can be theirs to take with an improved win total.

Ryan: Lions

NFL: International Series-Detroit Lions Practice
Jim Bob Cooter

This was going to easily be the Cowboys. Then, Romo got hurt. Then they signed the Sanchize. Not sure which one is worse. But it’s because of another injury that I’m going to pick the Lions (7-9 last year). Am I doing this just to have an excuse to write Jim Bob Cooter’s name a lot? Maybe. But Teddy Bridgewater going down has opened the NFC North a little and despite the Packers being back at full strength, I am fully on the Jim Bob Cooter bandwagon. The Lions went from a miserable 1-7 team pre-Cooter, to a team that would go 6-2 after their bye week (the start of The Cooter Era). Calvin Johnson retired, but Golden Tate has been a huge weapon utilized by both Matthew Stafford and coach Jim Bob Cooter, not to mention potential breakouts from Ameer Abdullah and Eric Ebron. Also, Ziggy Ansah will lead the league in sacks this year under the watchful eye of Jim Bob Cooter. Watch out NFC North, the Cooter is comin’ for ya.

2.) Which team will have the biggest DECREASE in wins this season?

Kyle: Redskins

The Redskins won nine games in 2015 to give them the NFC East title. However, coming into this season they’ll have to hope to get off to a good start if they want to see a .500 season because their schedule gets tough toward November as they’ll face the Lions, Bengals, Vikings, Packers, Cowboys, Cardinals, Eagles and Panthers in consecutive weeks. Kirk Cousins will not “LIKE THAT” and his team will ultimately struggle to win four games during the season.

Daisy: Cowboys

Another season(at least half) where the Cowboys will be without their star quarterback, Tony Romo. I know they had a rough year last season, but I don’t expect much more from the Cowboys who can’t seem to win without Romo.

Ryan: Panthers

I’m not saying the Panthers are going to be bad this year. I’m just saying they’re not gonna go 15-1. Think about it, if they lose four more games than they did last year they still finish at a very good 11-5. And that’s exactly where they’ll finish. They’ll be saved the slight embarrassment by still making the playoffs and also tying the Eagles for the biggest decrease in wins. The Eagles finished 7-9 last year but I’m not sure anyone knows how. They will not be saved any embarrassment and be that team you look for to stream fantasy football defenses against.

3.) How many California teams will finish the season .500 or better?

Kyle: One(Raiders)

via flickr

The 49ers, Chargers and Rams haven’t shown enough to give any indication that they’ll be able to win eight games in 2016. The Raiders, however, improved greatly behind Derek Carr and will look to continue their path toward an AFC West title. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Raiders are able to win 10 games and secure a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

Daisy: One(Raiders)

Like I mentioned earlier, the Raiders have a chance to not only reach .500, but also reach the playoffs. It’ll be on the shoulders of Carr and the defense to keep them in games. With continued growth of Amari Cooper as well, this team could be dangerous.

Ryan: One(Raiders)

Not a single one of these teams hit the .500 mark last year and nothing has changed that drastically in the offseason to make any of these teams a surefire bet for a winning season. However, the Raiders and Rams both seem to be on the upswing and only finished one win away from breaking even on the season so I’ll say one of them gets the job done while the rest finish at the bottom of their respective divisions.

4.) Will NY/NJ teams or Florida teams have more wins? (Giants, Jets, Bills vs. Jaguars, Bucs, Dolphins)

Kyle: New York

The Giants, Jets, Bills, Jaguars and Bucs all have a chance to make a run at the playoffs in 2016. The Dolphins? Not so much. I think the Dolphins’ win total ultimately holds back Team Florida to give New York and New Jersey the edge at 28-22.

Daisy: New York

New York will have a big football year!

Ryan: New York

Wow Florida has poor football teams. None of the NY/NJ teams are Super Bowl contenders by any means but those teams have superior players and a more established core that gives them the slight edge. NY/NJ will win 4 more games than Florida, 22-18.

5.) What will the Patriots record be without Tom Brady?

Kyle: 2-2

It’s really going to be interesting to see how the Garoppolo era in New England pans out. Game 1 in Arizona probably isn’t ideal which could lead to an ugly game seeing the Cardinals’ defense take over. I like the Patriots’ chances at home against the Dolphins, but I think they drop one of their next home games to the Texans or Bills to give Tom Brady a .500 record as he returns…to face the Browns.Look out Cleveland.

Daisy: 4-0


Yes, 4-0.Undefeated. Jimmy G will be a stud because the Patriots are that good. Brady will have a spotless record by the time he returns from suspension and he’ll continue that run as the Patriots dominate the AFC…again.

Ryan: 2-2

At the Cardinals then three straight home games against the Dolphins, Texans and Bills. Jimmy Garoppolo will really be thrown to the fire in that first game but chances are he’ll settle down at home against easier opponents. Those three teams aren’t pushovers but with the weapons the Patriots have on offense even someone with no talent at quarterback like, I don’t know, Mark Sanchez, could thrive in New England. Remember, this is the team that turned Matt Cassel into a star then traded him for way more than he was worth. The Patriots go 2-2, go undefeated the rest of the way once Brady returns and trade Garoppolo to the Browns for two first round picks in the offseason.

6.) Which Quarterback will reach 10 passing touchdowns first?

Kyle: Derek Carr

The Raiders face the Saints, Falcons, Titans and Ravens to start the season all of whom were in the bottom half in points allowed last season except the Falcons who finished 14th. Derek Carr should be able to rack up ten passing touchdowns in those four games, but even if he doesn’t, he’s got the Chargers Week 5 who’s defense ranked 21st last season.

Daisy: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, future MVP, will reach ten passing touchdowns first. It doesn’t matter who they play(Jaguars, Vikings, Lions, Giants, Cowboys) to start the season, Rodgers will do what he does best which is throw touchdowns.

Ryan: Drew Brees

Drew Brees
via flickr

The Saints are the perfect combination of fantastic offense and atrocious defense that will force Drew Brees to constantly be chucking the ball downfield. Playing from behind that much will be a huge benefit to Brees’s numbers and he has the weapons around him to cause some serious damage against any defense.

Brees hits 10 touchdowns by Week 3; 4 to Cooks, 3 to Snead and 1 each to Fleener, Ingram and rookie Michael Thomas.

7.) Who will be the last Undefeated team?

Kyle: Steelers

Peyton is gone. Brady is out for the first four games. Luck and Dalton are coming off injury-plagued seasons. This leaves the door open for Big Ben to go on a tear this season and carry the Steelers. Pittsburgh opens the season against the Redskins, Bengals and the Eagles. After that, home games against the Chiefs and Jets should be winnable, followed by a road matchup at Miami. Their strongest test will come right before their bye when they face the Patriots in Pittsburgh. Even if they fall in that game, the Steelers and Roethlisberger should be able to start the campaign 6-0.

Daisy: Packers

The Packers have shown in the past that sometimes the schedule doesn’t matter. When you have one of the top three quarterbacks in the league, anything can happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Green Bay rattled off six or seven wins before their first loss.

Ryan: Seahawks

My god the Seahawks have a cupcake of a schedule this year. Tied for the 5th easiest, they’ll start the year at home against the Dolphins, then beat the Rams to spoil LA’s first football game in years followed by wins against the 49ers, at the Jets, Falcons and then finally have a tough matchup against the Cardinals Week 6. The Patriots will go undefeated once Tom Brady gets back, but the team to start the season undefeated will be the Seahawks.

8.) Who will be the last team to record their first win?

Kyle: 49ers

A big ‘if’, but the 49ers might have to win Week 1 against the Rams in order to risk going on a serious losing streak. Following their matchup at home against the Rams, the 49ers must face the Panthers, Seahawks, Cowboys, Cardinals, Bills and Buccaneers. Coming off a bye, they’ll face the Saints at home which might be their best chance at a win since they’ll have the Cardinals and Patriots following that.

Daisy: 49ers

The 49ers have enough to worry about as their team will surely be asked about issues not pertaining to the actual game each and every time out. Those issues aside, the 49ers are looking at their own issues on the field. With new coach Chip Kelly, the 49ers might be in for a tough go this year.

Ryan: Jets

I’m going for the reverse jinx here with the Jets. The Jets schedule is absolutely brutal and it starts right away with the regular-season-dominant Bengals at home then two tough away games in Buffalo (thankfully before it gets too cold) and Kansas City. The Jets have a very good team but it’s hard to see them as favorites in any of those  games except maybe the Bills, but even then Rex will have something up his sleeve for his former team. If you told me I could take the Jets with a 1-3 record after those games I would seriously consider taking that. After those games they move on to play the Seahawks, Steelers and Cardinals before finally playing the Browns week 8. It might not matter that Fitz is back, this schedule is a nightmare.

9.) Who will have more wins: the Indians in the playoffs or the the Browns in the regular season?

Kyle: Indians

via flickr

The Indians are currently holding on to the 2 seed in the American League and I believe one series win in the playoffs will be enough for the Indians to pull out a 3-2 win over the Browns even if the Indians got swept in the second round.

Daisy: Indians

Indians are going far this year. The Browns? Not so much. The Cavs set the bar for Cleveland sports this year and the Indians seem destined to follow right in their footsteps. I’ll have to wait and see before I say the Browns are destined as well.

Ryan: Browns

The Browns could be good this year! But only on offense and even that comes with a concerning amount of “Ifs.” IF RGIII stays healthy he’ll have a ton of weapons at his disposal… IF Josh Gordon doesn’t get suspended before he gets back from his suspension… IF the offensive line holds up it’ll give Gary Barnage and Duke Johnson room to cause some damage… but only IF Joe Thomas can somehow play all 5 offensive lineman positions at once. The best thing going for the Browns is probably their strength of schedule which ranks as the 12th easiest in football this year.
Meanwhile, the Indians will need to at least win one series to have a shot at winning this prop and that might be a tough ask in a very competitive American League. While the final seedings are still up in the air it looks like they’ll take on the winner of the East and I believe that any of those teams in contention would be favorites to move on over the Tribe. So while the Browns will suck  and have another rebuilding year, just the fact that they will play more games than the Indians will be enough to put them over the edge.

10.) Which coach, with their new team, will have the most wins? Hue Jackson(Browns), Adam Gase(Dolphins), Ben McAdoo(Giants), Doug Pederson(Eagles), Chip Kelly(49ers), Dirk Koetter(Buccaneers)

Kyle: Ben McAdoo(Giants) 

With the NFC up for grabs, the Giants have a legitimate chance to reach 10 wins in their first season with Ben McAdoo at the helm. The Eagles, Browns, Dophins, and 49ers all seem to be rebuilding leaving it up to the Giants and Buccaneers to show off their new coaches. With an easier division, McAdoo will have the Giants back on track.

Daisy: Ben McAdoo(Giants)

McAdoo has a better defense on paper and a change at the head coach spot could be exactly what the Giants needed to improve again.

Ryan: Ben McAdoo(Giants)

This question really comes down to which coach gets dropped into the best situation and its Ben McAdoo. While all the newbies have varying levels of potential as NFL head coaches, Ben McAdoo has a Super Bowl winning quarterback, a top 3 wide receiver and a terrifying pass rush at his disposal in a division that’s best described as one big  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I’m interested to see what Chip Kelly does in San Fran and think he has potential, as does Kirk Koetter in Tampa, but at least for this first year Ben McAdoo will be at the top of this group of coaches.

11.) Who will win MVP?

Kyle: Russel Wilson


Last season, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer and Tom Brady were the only players to receive votes for MVP, however, an argument could be made that Russel Wilson’s name should have been up there as well. Wilson completed 68.1% of his passes, scored 34 touchdowns and threw only eight interceptions compared to Newton’s 59.8%, 35 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Newton deserved the MVP because of his team’s outstanding success, but Russel Wilson is still one of the best playmakers in the league and should be able to not only replicate last year’s performance, but improve even more.

Daisy: Aaron Rodgers

He’s a bad man and he’s Aaron Rodgers and that’s ALL you need to know. He’s a former Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP, a five time Pro Bowler and two time regular season MVP. While everyone is worried about the Seahawks and the Panthers, Rodgers will show everyone why he’s a bad man.

Ryan: Tom Brady

Tom Brady will come back week 5 and use his righteous indignation and devastating good looks to tear through the league and go undefeated the rest of the way. He finishes with the most passing touchdowns in the league despite the time off and Roger Goodell is seen breaking a clipboard at the MVP award ceremony.


Do you agree with their predictions or do you think you can take down the three headed(bone-headed) monster with your own selections? Let us know in the comments!

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The Natural Opinion: Top 5 Overrated Quarterbacks

By Adriel “The Natural

With the 2016 NFL season one game in and ready to kick off into full effect let’s take a look at my Top 5 Overrated Quarterbacks.

5) Matthew Stafford


This one is easy. He has teased us with his elite arm talent for his entire career. This young man can make every throw in the book. Unfortunately for him, great quarterback play must inevitably be judged by consistency and wins. Going into his 8th year in the NFL, Stafford has a combined record of 42-51. With only two playoff appearances and no playoff wins, it is unbelievable how the Detroit Lions never seem to be in the mix when it comes to searching for a new franchise quarterback. This is one thing about the NFL that really irks my nerves. They just fall in love with the prototype and the measurables. When it comes to that, Stafford has it all. But, someway, somehow he still enjoys job security while being mediocre at best, despite having future hall of famer, Calvin Johnson, at his disposal for his entire NFL career. After 7 years, you are who you are. I don’t see his decision making getting any better.

4) Tony Romo

Now, how great is Tony Romo? The Cowboys have a rookie quarterback in Dak Prescott that impressed during the preseason and already Dallas Cowboys fans are ready to make the switch. Tony Romo is the ultimate disclaimer. “If he was healthy the cowboys would do this.” “If you take away that interception, the Cowboys would’ve done that.”

Come on. Please! Stop the nonsense. Stop it with these excuses. I’m not buying it. Professional sports is a bottom-line business. When you’re in the top league in the world, it’s all about the bottom line. Get the job done or get the hell out of the way. Just like Stafford, there’s no denying his talent. But way too often, while watching the so called experts, I continue to hear that Tono Romo is elite or at least close to elite. Naaaaa homeboy; I don’t think so! Once again, if we all looked hard enough, we can make excuses as to why our lives didn’t turn out the way we hoped. But hey, life just doesn’t work like that. When you only have two playoff victories in a 12-year career, it’s safe to say “you really ain’t all that.”

3) Philip Rivers


Now, we get to the “potential hall of fame” portion of our countdown. Take a look at the career numbers: 41,447 yards, 281 touchdowns and a 64.8 completion percentage. Yes,  based on numbers, you can make a great case as to why Rivers would be a legitimate candidate. However, if you peel back the layers, I don’t think it’s even close.

How many times have the San Diego Chargers had one of the more talented rosters in the league and then routinely came up short in the postseason? Too many to count. Rivers has been on teams with arguably the greatest running back (Ladanian Tomlinson) and tight end (Antonio Gates) in NFL history. He’s had Pro Bowl wide receiver Vincent Jackson and Pro Bowl all everything Darren Sproles in his prime. With only a 4-5 postseason record I think it’s safe to say that he’s been a huge disappointment considering the talent he’s had to work with. In the last six seasons, Rivers has continued to accumulate volume stats while only leading the Chargers to one playoff appearance. In today’s pass happy era, those stats mean absolutely nothing to me when they don’t amount to team success.

2)Eli Manning

Being a New York Giants fan ever since the 1990 season, there is no way I would put “the great Eli Manning” on this list right? Wrong. Let me get this out of the way now. Yes, he’s a two time Super Bowl Champion and yes he’s a two time Super Bowl MVP. But in my book, two impressive 4 game runs in two separate seasons that were 4 years apart do not add up to a Hall of Fame career. Two things that Eli Manning has severely lacked throughout his entire NFL career are consistency and decision making. On three different occasions he’s led the league in interceptions. In seven out of 12 seasons the Giants have failed to qualify for playoff competition; including missing the playoffs six out of the last seven seasons. And when they do make the playoffs they’ve been mostly an average regular season team which further points to the inconsistency.

Eli has played with elite talent like Tiki Barber, Plaxico Burress, Odell Beckham Jr. on offense, while enjoying the likes of Michael Strahan, Justin Tuck, and Osi Umenyiora on defense. Now, I’m not saying Eli isn’t a good quarterback. That would be asinine. But to say he’s elite or hall of fame worthy is pushing it in my book. This offseason, the Giants fired their coach, Tom Coughlin, and spent approximately $200 million in free agency mostly to improve their suspect defense from a year ago. Now, I can’t wait to hear the excuses they come up with if the Giants miss the playoffs and underachieve once again.

1) Andrew Luck


Or Andrew “Lock” as my boy Skip Bayless likes to call him. “Lock” as in, lock for first ballot hall of fame status. Really? Let me get this out of the way now. As far as young quarterbacks go, Andrew Luck is up there with the likes of Russell Wilson and Cam Newton when it comes to talent. The thing that makes him the most overrated quarterback is the fact that he was anointed GOAT status before he even took an NFL snap. I’ve never seen anything like it. In my 26 years of watching the NFL, never has a rookie quarterback been forced down my throat like Andrew Luck has been; even more than number one overall picks like Peyton Manning and Cam Newton. With a lifetime 58.1CMP% and 67 career interceptions in 61 career games (regular season and postseason), Mr. Luck has been far from GOAT status. Unlike most of the people on this list, he has been to the playoffs for three out of his four seasons. But when you’re compared to the likes of John Elway, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers basically from birth, I’m sorry you’re gonna be graded on the ultimate curve when I’m evaluating you.

Do you agree? Did I miss someone? Let me know in the comments!

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The Natural Opinion: Tom Brady


By Adriel “The Natural”

Could Tom Brady be finished in New England? Wait. Hear me out.

What do Joe Montana and Tom Brady have in common? Well for starters, they’re both considered by the masses to be two of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all-time. They both have four Super Bowl victories. They were both drafted in the later rounds of the NFL draft. Their similarities are many. However, there is one similarity that I could see coming to fruition once the 2016 NFL season begins. Just as Joe Montana finally lost his starting job to Steve Young, Tom Brady will lose his starting spot to Jimmy Garoppolo.

That’s right. I said it! Tom Brady will lose his starting job for the New England Patriots during the 2016 season. How blasphemous! How dare I say such a thing? Now hold on, before you start going crazy, hear me out. 


In the preseason of the 1990 season, I was a young boy watching NFL football for the very first time. I wasn’t always a fan, but I knew of the big names; none bigger than Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. The San Francisco 49ers were the glamour team at that time as they exercised dominance throughout the 1980’s while ushering in the 1990’s. I was an 11-year old kid and I made a concerted effort to watch and learn the game. Starting off in the preseason, one thing stood out to me. Every time Joe Montana would leave the game, this guy named Steve Young would not only come in and play well, he would look, dare I say, even more dynamic than Joe. Now, it wasn’t as if Joe wasn’t playing well, it was just that to a novice like me, it seemed that there wasn’t much of a difference between the “greatest of all time” and his understudy.

Fast forward to the regular season. The 49ers got off to a blazing start. The team was clicking on all cylinders to the tune of a 14-2 record which was tops in the league. They were destined for another impressive run to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for them, the 1990 New York Giants happened and the 49ers were unceremoniously dismissed from the playoffs in the 1990 NFC Championship game. Joe Montana suffered a major injury that game. Joe was almost 35-years old at the time and obviously on the downside of his career. That was the beginning of the end for Joe Montana as the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

What does this have to do with Tom Brady, you ask? No matter how great you are or how great you were, there will always come a time where we all will have to move on especially when it comes to sports; especially when it comes to the game of football.

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09

Tom Brady had one of his greatest statistical seasons last year: 64.4%completion percentage, 4770 yards, 36 touchdowns and seven interceptions. However, if you paid close attention to every Patriots game, it was easy to see that most of Tom Brady’s brilliance last year was due to the greatness of Rob Gronkowski and the elusiveness and guile of Julian Edelman. Brady got off to a blazing start in the 2015 season. He was on pace to destroy all his peers when it came to the MVP voting. Then, a funny thing happened. After 9 games, Julian Edelman was lost for the rest of the regular season due to a severe foot injury leaving Brady and the rest of the team to pick up the pieces. Brady was never the same quarterback after that. His numbers dropped significantly and it was clear to see how much he missed the security blanket called Julian Edelman.

Why is this significant? Because in the 2014 season Rob Gronkowski started off the season slow. He was deliberately eased back into things coming off major injuries to his knee, forearm and back. While he was being eased into things, Tom Brady struggled mightily. Not looking like the same quarterback we’ve come to expect, Brady and the New England Patriots got off to a mediocre start. They were 2-2 after the first four games. Once Gronk was cleared for full game participation, the Patriots went 10-2 the rest of the way, and they won the Super Bowl.

I’m saying all this to illuminate how now, more than ever, Tom Brady’s greatness is completely reliant on having his 2 most trusted weapons on the field at the same time. He can’t have one without the other. He must have both simultaneously in order to be great. No longer are the days where Tom Brady can make lemonade out of lemons. In Brady’s hay day he made guys like Troy Brown, Dion Branch, and Kevin Faulk into well-known names. Why? Because he was that great. As he’s gotten older and his arm strength and arm talent have  dropped significantly he’s become entirely reliant on the all-pro receivers he now has at his disposal.


Fast forward to 2016. Brady has been suspended for the first four games because of Deflategate. Jimmy Garoppolo will be at the helm. There is only a small sample size, but every time I have seen this young man step on the football field, he has been impressive and more than competent even at such a young age.

Now in his third year in the league, he will be entrusted to hold down the fort until Brady comes back in week 5. It is my assertion, that if Jimmy Garoppolo plays well enough to lead the New England Patriots to at least a 3-1 record to start the season, he will remain the New England Patriots starting quarterback. Now when I say, if Garoppolo leads them to at least 3-1; I’m implying that if his play on the field is the primary reason for their success, he will remain the starter. Bill Belichick has been known to be as cutthroat as ever when it comes to his football team. He doesn’t care what you did before. He only cares what you can do now and in the future and in my estimation, the future will be Jimmy Garoppolo. I could be wrong and Belichick might go right back to Brady no matter how well Garoppolo does. But even so, the writing will be on the wall. Tom Brady, 39-years old, will be on his way out. Even though he might still have something left, he won’t have enough moving forward to be a better option at quarterback than Jimmy Garoppolo. 

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