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Wendy’s: The New Queen of Twitter

By Kyle Boris

Britney Spears has 50 million followers on Twitter. Lady Gaga has 65 million followers of her own. Katy Perry has an astounding 95 million people following her. That’s all fine and dandy, but I’m not following any of them. I reserve my follows for accounts that push the envelope and deliver A+ quality tweets. These kind of accounts don’t come around often, but when they do, boy does it make for some good entertainment. My most recent follow has taken all of this to next level and may be changing the game when it comes to businesses and their social media accounts. If you don’t already, join me and follow the new queen of Twitter, Wendy’s.


Yep! The popular fast-food restaurant known for its burgers and its 4 for $4 deal has taken Twitter by storm thanks in part to some hilarious comebacks and responses by the people behind their social media department. The company has been on Twitter since July of 2009, but no one really cared until about a week ago when the mayhem began. Their follower count is growing with celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Ric Flair, Lil Dicky and UFC HeavyWeight Champion Stipe Miocic already on the bandwagon and joining the 1.2 million followers.

The Wendy’s account has become a must follow because of their many different styles of comebacks. Some of their best responses are at the expense of their competitors Burger King and McDonald’s.

When they’re not taking shots at other restaurants, they point their attention to the average Twitter user.

They really have mastered the art of roasting, but one of the aspects that I think most followers respect is their knowledge of all things sports and pop culture. When it comes to sports, Wendy’s proves their fluent in basketball and WWE among others.

Wendy’s is apparently up to date on all their pop culture references as well.

Being able to find the perfect GIF for any given situation is crucial to taking the next step in social media dominance and Wendy’s is definitely heading toward mastering the art with their tweets.

Us followers can only hope that Wendy’s continues this trend of leading us into the deepest depths of Tweeting whether it be through their awesome Twitter beefs or cheesy comebacks. Be sure to follow their account @Wendys and if you’re feeling brave send them a tweet, too!

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History Lesson: Instant Messaging


By Kyle Boris

Before the days of texting, FaceTime and GroupMe, there was a little piece of gold called AOL Instant Messenger. If you were a teenager in the late 90’s-early 2000’s, there’s a good chance you spent most of your time outside of school sitting on the computer using this service to talk to your friends. And you want to know something? I miss it.

Sure, AOL Instant Messenger, also known as AIM, had its flaws, but at the time it was all we really had to communicate with the outside world if we didn’t want to talk on the phone. Instead of only talking to one or two people on the phone, you could be having as many conversations as you wanted with AIM. Now, just like beepers, walkmen, iPod shuffles and MySpace, AIM is a thing of past and is in danger of being fully forgotten.

To prevent that from happening, I’ve put together a history lesson of AIM’s greatest moments so that children in the future can look back and understand just how amazing a time it was to be alive.


“Hey what’s your screen name?”

It’s a damn shame if you’ve never been asked that question. A screen name was what was used as your personal account like a phone number or a Twitter account. Once someone added your screen name you’d be on their buddy list and could message each other whenever you were both online.

Phone numbers are boring compared to the thousands of different screen names you could create for yourself to stand out. 555-555-5555 is just blah. XxdomiNicaNaQT14? fOOtbAlldood15? Sk8erBoiii? xoxoSexaYbby69? Now those are money. Why are there x’s in the front? Why are random letters capitalized? Why is normal spelling thrown out the window? No one knows, okay? But just know that it was horribly annoying when you got your friend’s screen name, but wrote down the wrong combination of letters or missed a letter which led to you sitting there for hours wondering where you went wrong.

If Celebs Had Screen Names in 2016:

DONALD TRUMP Prez4Lyfe2016
RIHANNA xxBarbadosChiKxxWoRK


You know how sometimes you get a text and you’re busy or just don’t feel like answering? Well, AIM had an answer for that in the form of an away message. An away message was used to show your buddies that you were either away from the computer or just busy with something else. See that guy or girl that annoys you log on? Just update that away message so when they go to message you they’re hit with:

Away Message: “Busy with homework :(”

Away messages were the original Facebook statuses where you could post your feelings and current situation:

“Why does this always happen to me? Over it. IM me I guess”

“Be back in an hour. My bro has to use the computer”

“BL, HS, IS, LP, AP, SA, MU, RG, HF, SC you guys ROCK! IM me if you wanna be in my away :P”

If Celebs Had Away Messages:

KEVIN DURANT Past is the past. New year new me with my boys Steph, Draymond and Klay
TAYLOR SWIFT Single…again :/ IM me
HILLARY CLINTON Hit me on here. E-mail is down
THE ROCK Wish you could smell what my mom is cooking! Dinner. BRB
DRAKE Missing her 😦 hope she sees this
TIM TEBOW Made the team! TALK TO ME



The Buddy List was exactly what it sounds like; a list of your buddies. You could make plenty of buddy lists for every different group of friends; best friends, family, weirdos, BFFFFFs, and more. The possibilities were endless.

When you message everyone on your buddy list


If you had a crush and they were on AIM, chances are you were stressed beyond belief whether it be because you were waiting for them to log on or because you couldn’t think of what to say once they were online. Talking in school was one thing, but being able to carry that into hour-long conversations on the computer was the real test.

When you’re talking to bae

Was your crush talking about you in their cute away message? Did they not respond to you because they lost connection? How come they’re never online?

These were the questions that raced in your head each and every instant messaging session. Worst part? When they finally answer you, but your mom tells you your 30 minutes are up and it’s your brother’s turn to use the computer.

When your crush ignores your instant message



You’ll never understand the absolute struggle that was the phone ringing while you were on AIM. Back in the day, whenever the phone and the computer were being used at the same time, all hell would break loose. One would lose connection and mini heart attacks were the norm.


The original pick-up line, ASL was a way to ask people for their Age, Sex and Location. And yes, we all lied. This is probably how Catfishing started. I mean how else could you be a 21-year old male from Miami?


Before taking a screen shot, if stuff got real in a chat, you could actually print out the conversation and bring it to school and show your friends. It’s no surprise that they wouldn’t believe you without hard evidence, anyways.


Door Closing? Your crush just signed off right when you signed on.

Door opening? Your bff just signed on and you can finally vent to them.

And there was of course the amazing sound when you finally got a message:

There’s plenty more to learn about AOL Instant Messaging, but these points should be more than enough to make you go try and log into your old account. If you never had an account, not to worry, AOL is still up and running so go make an account and get your friends to make one too! Maybe, together, we can bring back the legend that is AIM. This is BKgoal108 signing off. Check my away message if you need me.

Kyle Boris is a contributing editor for

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The Unknown-y-mous Interview with Chris Dignam


By Layton Pannell and Kyle Boris

“If you’re looking for your escape from the every day routine, look no further” boasts those words on their website to attract its viewers and listeners. It also stands to inform their audience that they’ll be getting something different and something original when they tune into one of the many avenues on The up-and-coming production company is tackling all mediums with branches in horror fields, animation, film and podcasts.

One of the more popular aspects of their company is the podcast that their viewers are continually told is “the show that must not be named, but you know the name.” Unknown-y-mous is the name(if you didn’t know) and it is hosted by Chris Dignam and Jeff Atwood. The duo are 34 episodes deep into their podcasting partnership and they’re just beginning to hit their stride.

“Enjoy a laugh, shed a tear, or face your fears”

Laughs and tears are what to be expected when you tune into their weekly podcast, Unknown-y-mous. As one half of the on-air team, Chris Dignam makes it pretty clear that their podcast will deliver on the above-mentioned notions after speaking with the man “with a face for radio.” Dignam used his quick thinking, quirky personality and his straight-forward opinions as he confidently discussed his podcast and his feelings on anything and everything in an exclusive interview with YourSitch. 

Why podcasts? 

Well, first off, I have a face for radio. But, I’m also interested in the business side of podcasts. The podcast business will grow once advertisers realize how big of an audience there is for podcasts.

It seems like the podcast industry is growing because everyone has an opinion and anyone can start a podcast. 

Exactly. If you’re into hip hop and you turn on your radio, you’ll only hear like two stations talking about hip hop. So are you telling me that only eight or so people on the radio have an opinion on music? Do only eight people in the world have an opinion on sports? No. We’re in the technology era. Everyone is well-informed and I think that’s why I like podcasts because it gives other people an opportunity to share their opinions.

Unknown-y-mous Episode 6: A Special Holiday Christmas Special

Do you listen to other podcasts besides your own? 

Yeah, I do. I was really into podcasts before I started my own. I listened to Bill Simmons’s podcast. I listened to Charlamagne tha God and Andrew Schulz’s Brilliant Idiots podcast. I also listen to Joe Budden’s podcast and a bunch of wrestling podcasts.

What about your own podcast? Do you listen to it after its been published on the site? 

Yeah, its funny cuz Jeff will say something and then in my head I’ll say something and then I’ll actually say it on the podcast and then [when I listen to it] I go, “Wow, you have not thought of any new material. You’re the same person from a week ago.”

I guess you gotta be rough on yourself, sometimes, but what’s the toughest part about actually doing the podcast? 

When you know you got nothing to talk about. Nothing happened. You were in the whole week. “Hey, wanna talk about Suicide Squad…again?” So that’s when I usually go on one of my weird rants.

Should listeners come to expect “weird rants” from you? 

Last week I went on a rant on Monopoly.[Laughs]

What else do you guys usually talk about? 

We have a segment called “Movie Hype Mayhem” where we review movies. We discuss Marvel vs. DC. Wrestling comes up. We talk a lot about Jared Leto. We talk about women. Jeff has been in a long-term relationship and I’ve been single so we talk about relationships. Whatever is going on in our lives and whatever is going on in the world; that’s what we’ll really lock in on.

So really anything and everything. 

We try to be a little bit of everything. We try to be a kettle, a pot full of opinions. We don’t want to focus on one specific thing.

Unknown-y-mous Episode 32: Lost In Captivity

How long is each episode?

Our episodes are getting a little long, our producer has told us. So that’s his way of telling us to shut up. Our shortest podcast is about 5o minutes, but we can get up to two hours, but usually somewhere in between.

You’re up to over 30 episodes now. How have you improved since you first started? 

I’ve improved as a person because when you talk about opinions, I feel like I’ve done a better job of looking into other people’s shoes. Its so easy to say, “That person is a bad actor.” But you realize, after you critique yourself, its not easy. I think the biggest thing I’ve improved on is also just talking less. I talk when I’m nervous and when there’s a silence, but I’ve done a better job of trusting my team because they’re great.

Do you have any advice for someone starting up a podcast or trying to improve on a podcast? 

Launch when you’re ready. Realize that 100 people are talking about Suicide Squad, but people are going to come back if they like you. In the beginning you might get shitty numbers or you might get good numbers…don’t take them[the numbers] so seriously because the first twenty episodes or so are really practice.

It sounds like you enjoy speaking your mind via this podcast, but do you have a favorite part about all of it? 

When you have a good one its like, “Wow!”Then you get a million different ideas. My mood is definitely affected by how good the show went. When you know you just kicked ass on that episode and you’re like, “Let’s keep that going.”

I’m sure that kind of success can keep your confidence high for the future, too. 

Yeah, I think we’re all pretty conscious that there’s a thousand websites. There’s a thousand podcasts. And the way you’re gonna make yourself stand out is when you lock in with your fans and they can hear your voice and they can tell you’re being different.

What about the future of this podcast? Where do you see it in three years? 

I don’t know cuz who knows in three years if podcasts will still be around? You know, with our site we’re gonna have a lot more stuff coming to the site and the way we plan on releasing it is kind of how Netflix does it. We wanna release everything all at once. We don’t want our site to just be a thing that you check out eight times a year. So we’re using the podcast to get the viewers into a rhythm of checking out the site every week [as we get ready for the future].


On the website there’s a section labeled Game of Thrones Gauntlet. What’s that all about?

Yeah, that was one of the recent things we did. I went on a six season Game of Thrones gauntlet. Everyone was talking about Hodor and I was like, “Who the heck is Hodor?” Kevin Love was in a press conference and he was more interested in getting home and watching Game of Thrones than talking about this big win he had in the playoffs. So I was like, “I probably should check this show out.”

And you finished it? 

I did. It was amazing. This is why I love Game of Thrones. So all these issues are happening, right? They’re having all these wars and they’re [the white walkers] gonna come back and kill em. The white walkers are gonna resurrect all these dead people and you’re gonna see everyone who’s dying be brought back as a zombie.

Game of Thrones Gauntlet: Season 5

Do you have a certain relationship with your audience? 

I’m a combative person. My thing is being authentic and sometimes I’ll hear feedback and I appreciate everyone’s feedback, but if you’re judging me on one episode, I don’t pay too much mind to it. Sometimes I’ll get, “You talk too much this segment.” Well, it was my segment to talk.

So you’re not afraid to roll around and get dirty with your audience?

[Laughs] No, not at all. I appreciate every listener we have and all of their opinions, but I want everyone to appreciate my opinions as well. Let’s agree to disagree.

Before we let you go, let’s dwell into that mind of yours for a tough question. If you could have any three guests to be on your podcast, who it would be? 

One would be Vince McMahon, but he couldn’t lie to me. He would need truth serum injected into him so if I asked him things he would need to answer them truthfully. I’d really like to interview Stan Lee. Basically, he’s created a new genre of movies and you gotta think he’s looked at some scenes and went, “That’s dumb.” And the third, let me go political. The only two people I could think would be Obama because I love him. The other would be Trump. I disagree with a lot of his views; I love everybody. I’d just wanna pick his mind. He’s crazy; like batshit crazy.

Last thought. Tell us your opinion on WWE superstar, The Miz. 

I’ll tell ya how far I’ve gone with how much I like the Miz. So Miz has a french wife. Her name is Maryse. This is a scoop for you guys like this is inside my brain.

Let’s hear it. 

Miz talks about wearing his fashion stuff from France and he’s got a french wife so why is his name not Les Miz?


If you guys print anything from this interview it has to be that. [Laughs]

Be sure to follow Chris on Twitter @DignamChris and like Unknown-y-mous on Facebook .

You can also visit on Fridays for new episodes. 

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Why You Always Lying: Top 10 Celebrity Liars


By Kyle Boris

This time last year, then 21-year old, Nicholas Fraser turned the classic song, “Too Close” by Next, into an internet sensation with his parody titled “Why You Always Lying”. The unique video would become common knowledge to everyone on the internet and would be used as a meme for anyone caught lying. The classic remake celebrates its one-year anniversary this month and what better way to celebrate than to take a look at the Top 10 Celebrities who got caught lying.

10.) Ryan Lochtekazan_2015_-_ryan_lochte_200m_freestyle_semifinal

We’ll start off with our most recent liar. Olympic-gold medalist, Ryan Lochte, could do no wrong as one of the more popular swimmers in the country, besides Michael Phelps. That was until Lochte was caught fabricating a story about how he, along with three others, were robbed at gunpoint in Rio during the 2016 Olympics. In apparently a drunken state, Lochte  had actually vandalized a gas station which led to the altercation he exaggerated. The Olympian went on to lose many endorsements, including his deal with Speedo. See kids, lying isn’t smart; especially if it makes you lose millions of dollars. Jeah!

9.) Sean Kingston1280px-sean_kingston_drive-thru

I’m sure we’ve all told a small lie here and there to impress a date. “I make this much money” “I was a star-athlete in high school” “I can bench 300 pounds” “Justin Bieber gave me his car”

Oh, you can’t relate to that last one? Well neither can singer Sean Kingston.

In 2012, Sean Kingston and his date were leaving a restaurant when paparazzi asked him about the Fisker Karma he was driving. Kingston went on to say that Bieber had gifted him with the car as a symbol of friendship. The “Beautiful Girls” singer was obviously attempting to impress the beautiful girl that was his date, but I’m sure he messed up his chances once Bieber’s crew found out about the lie and called him out for it. I guess some of us need to learn the difference between a gift and a borrow.

8.) Steve Rannazzisi


Every now and then someone tells a lie that just makes you question, “what is actually wrong with you”. This is the case for star of the FX series, The League, Steve Rannazzisi. As Rannazzisi would appear on podcasts and in interviews, he would occasionally bring up the story of how he survived the horrific 9/11 attacks. As an employee for Merrill Lynch, Rannazzisi claimed he was on the 54th floor the day of the attacks. Years later, Steve admitted to lying. He wasn’t anywhere near the attacks. He never worked for Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch didn’t even have offices in the World Trade Center. Its one thing to lie, but to lie about something so horrific just makes you question, “what is actually wrong with you”.

7.) Milli Vanilli

via flickr

Milli Vanilli celebrated huge success in the United States during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The duo won three American Music Awards and even won a Grammy for Best New Artist. The R&B duo, consisting of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus, were taking over a nation with their voices. Except…it wasn’t their voices. The two were lip-synching on all of their tracks. Apparently, the songs were sung by less attractive singers which is why Morvan and Pilatus were asked to stand in their place. Milli Vanilli’s certified platinum album was ironically titled Girl You Know It’s True.  Girl, you know it’s true that they lied.

6.) Brian Williams719px-brian_williams_2011_shankbone

Brian Williams had been a respected journalist in the world of broadcast television. That was until he lied about his experiences while covering the Iraq War. He told a story of how the military helicopter he was traveling in, was “forced down after being hit by an RGP”. Once again, we have a man using terrible circumstances to make himself look stronger. As a journalist, a lie of this magnitude will ruin your career, and that’s ultimately what happened to Williams.

5.) James Frey

James Frey is an author known for his memoir A Million Little Pieces. Its too bad his memoir that detailed his struggle with drug addictions along with his criminal record was more of a novel. The lies came to fruition when Oprah had him on her show and confronted the author. Frey would go on to admit that several of the allegations were in fact correct and he had fabricated most of the story. We know what Oprah must have been thinking; oooooooh my god.

4.) The White Stripesmeg_26_jack_the_white_stripes

You ever start a band with your ex-girlfriend, but lie to everyone and say that you’re siblings? Well, Jack White of the White Stripes is probably the only one on this planet that can say yes to that question. White’s reasoning behind the lie was, “when they’re brother and sister, you go, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ You care more about the music, not the relationship.” Uhh, whatever you say Mr. White. Just don’t go kissing your sister, eh…wife, with that lying mouth.

3.) Manti Te’omanti_teo

Ah, the legend of Manti Te’o. This…this is a confusing one so you may have to do some research after reading this. Te’o played his 2012 collegiate football season at Notre Dame under heavy burden after he learned that his grandmother and girlfriend, who had leukemia, had passed away. Te’o would go on to be be an inspiration with his tremendous play on the field. However, it was later determined that a friend of Te’o was actually portraying the role of his girlfriend and lured Te’o into an online relationship. Te’o had lied that he had actually met his internet girlfriend because he was embarrassed of the online fling. This story takes being catfished to an entire new level.

2.) Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding, a two-time Olympian, was a tremendous figure skater. However, there was another skater who was just as good if not better by the name of Nancy Kerrigan. Prior to the 1994 Winter Olympics, Kerrigan was attacked by a man who was hired by Harding’s ex-husband and her bodyguard. Kerrigan was hit above the knee with a baton forcing her to miss the upcoming competition. Harding lied about her involvement in the incident, but eventually plead guilty after her ex-husband came clean. This was a lie mixed with an assault like no other.

1.) Anyone Involved with Frank Ocean’s Album

It’s tough to know who exactly to blame for this one. Frank Ocean’s long awaited album “Boys Don’t Cry” was finally released August of 2016, but fans had expecting this album for what seems like forever. Frank Ocean never came out and said, “my album is coming out this day”, yet, every couple of months rumors would fly around stating the album was about to be released. Where did these rumors come from? It could have been Twitter users. It could have been someone on Frank’s team looking to create some publicity. The world may never know who, but someone was responsible for lying and continuing to have us on the edge of our seats waiting for new music from Frank Ocean. Then, once we were let down because nothing was released, we were left asking…

maxresdefault2Why you always lying?

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