Kyle Questions September 2016



By Kyle Boris

September is upon us which means our favorite television shows are returning, new ones are premiering, baseball is coming to a close, football is starting up and of course the Emmy’s are knocking on the door. With all that in mind, take a look as I count down the 10 most pressing and entertaining issues that have me interested as I question September 2016.

10.) Will Ryan Lochte make it past the first round on Dancing with the Stars?

Oh, Ryan, where did we go wrong? Oh, yeah, it was when you lied about your drunken night. We’ve all been there. But, what better way to get rid of some bad publicity than to go on Dancing with the Stars? Lochte will be a contestant on Season 23?! of the popular dancing competition joining the likes of reality television all-star Vanilla Ice and fellow olympian, Laurie Hernandez. I have to assume Lochte isn’t going to be a fan favorite even if he dances well. Could he end up spending less time on the dance floor than he did in Rio?

Kyle’s Answer: Lochte will make it past the first round…but not much further. 

9.) Will Donald Glover find success in Atlanta?

"The Martian" World Premiere


Creator, co-writer, producer, star. Donald Glover does it all on his new comedy series, Atlanta, set to premiere  September 6th on FX. The man who goes by Childish Gambino in the rap scene and went by Troy on Community, Glover dwells into his own creation this time around as he plays Earn Marks, a man with no job in a big city with bigger dreams. Early reviews are positive and it seems as if Glover has struck gold again.

Kyle’s Answer: Glover shines in HOTLANTA

8.) Will Storks have the same success as The Lego Movie?

After an eleven year layoff, Warner Animation Group(formally Warner Bros. Feature Animation) hit it big with one of the biggest animated films of 2014 with The Lego Movie. The film sits at a whopping 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed over 469 million bucks. I feel sorry for the film that has to follow that up. That’s where Storks comes in; September 23 to be exact. This 3D animated film revolves around the idea that storks no longer deliver babies and instead deliver packages. All is well until Junior(Andy Samberg) gets into some hijinks and must deliver an actual baby. The idea is a fresh one and the trailers haven’t given much away, but we’ll have to see if Samberg can bring the same charm to Junior that Chris Pratt brought to Emmet in The Lego Movie.

Kyle’s Answer: Storks does well, but falls short in its opening weekend at the box office againts The Magnificent Seven(starring Chris Pratt). 

7.) Will there be a tie for the second wild card spot heading into the final two days of the MLB regular season?

It’s only happened once since the new wild card rules were created in 2012, but this season has the chance to produce a 163rd game between two teams tied for the second wild card. Two teams are granted a wild card berth and play in one game to determine who moves on to the Division Round. But, with many teams fighting for positioning, there’s a chance a 163rd game might have to be played in case of a tie for the second wild card spot.

While the NL has a chance as the Mets, Pirates and Marlins are all within three games of the final wild card spot, the American League has a logjam of teams fighting for that final spot.


Red Sox 74 59 .556 +2.0
Orioles 72 61 .541
Tigers 72 61 .541
Astros 71 62 .534 1.0
Yankees 69 63 .523 2.5
Royals 69 64 .519 3.0
Mariners 68 65 .511 4.0

records via

A whole bunch of scheduling conflicts could be in play if two or more teams finish with the same record. As of right now, the Orioles and Tigers would have to play a  163rd game to determine who gets the chance to play the Red Sox. However, the Astros, Yankees, Royals and even Mariners are within striking distance of making October very interesting.

Kyle’s Answer: The Red Sox and the Orioles hold off the competition heading into October

6.) Will Tim Tebow be signed to a Major League Baseball Contract?

Tebow 3:16. TebowMania. Tebow Time. It seems that the man can’t go a few months without his name being heard around the country. The former football star recently had a tryout in front of Major League Baseball scouts for over 25 teams. He showed off his speed for his size, a strong arm, and some decent power. But, what are the chances Tebow gets signed during the month of September? Tebow could do well in the minor leagues, perhaps, but I’m not so sure someone’s ready to give him the opportunity.

Kyle’s Answer: Tebow doesn’t get signed and is back as an analyst before month’s end. 

5.) Will Marvel’s Luke Cage follow in the footsteps of Jessica Jones and Daredevil?


We’ll have to wait until the end of the month to know if Luke Cage will be a hit just like fellow superheroes Jessica Jones and Daredevil. Netflix hasn’t missed a beat recently with its comic book adaptations and there shouldn’t be any worry that this will change with Luke Cage. Cage was a towering force as Jones’s lover and partner on her Netflix series, so its exciting to see what he can do on his own.

Kyle’s Answer: I binge watch it in one night…and it delivers. 

4.) Will South Park’s 20th season premiere crack two million viewers?


The boys of South Park have been crossing lines and dropping jaws for 19 strong seasons with number 20 on the way, September  14th. However, last season saw a drop in viewers as the premiere only brought in 1.76 million viewers. That was down from the 2.40 million for Season 18 and 2.89 for Season 17. Actually, the show didn’t crack 2 million U.S. viewers once in its 19th season. 20 seasons is a big deal and with plenty of Trump to go around, we can be sure the animated comedy has some material to work with.

Kyle’s Answer: South Park’s premiere does not mention Kyle’s mom, but reaches 2 million viewers. 

3.) How will the Patriots do without Tom Brady?

If you weren’t aware. Tom Brady had some problems with his balls; more specifically the air quality in said balls. The man was on a mission to take down Roger Goodell and get his four-game suspension revoked for Deflate Gate, but ultimately Goodell won the battle and Brady will be forced to sit out his team’s first four games against the Dolphins and Texans at home and on the road against the Cardinals and Bills. Jimmy Garoppolo has zero career starts in the NFL and will be tasked with facing some tough defenses to open the season.

Kyle’s Answer: Patriots lose both road games and one at home to the Texans to fall to 1-3 before Brady comes back to save them and carry the team to the playoffs. 

2.) Who says the most offensive joke at the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe?

Every year Comedy Central hosts a roast where a bunch of comedians and celebrities get to tear each and pretty much anyone and anything going on in the world apart. Justin Bieber and James Franco have been previous roastees, but this year’s honor goes to Rob Lowe. Will Rob make the most offensive joke of the night? Probably not. That honor will have to come from one of his fellow roasters: Jimmy Carr, Ann Coulter, David Spade, Pete Davidson, Nikki Glaser, Jewel, Ralph Macchio, Peyton Manning, Rob Riggle and Jeff Ross.

Kyle’s Answer: The safe bet is to go with Jeff Ross who is never afraid to address touchy topics. However, I’m gonna go with Pete Davidson who will try to follow up some of his 9/11 references from last year.

1.) Will Game of Thrones sweep the Supporting Actor/Actress categories at the Emmy’s?


Game of Thrones had a huge sixth season. Deaths: CHECK. Battles: CHECK. More Deaths: CHECK. With all those deaths and battles came some great performances from the regular actors and actresses on the show. This was made clear when the Emmy nominees were announced and five GoT actors & actresses were nominated.

In the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category, Peter Dinklage(Tyrion) and Kit Harington(Jon Snow) will try to fend off Jonathan Banks(Better Caul Saul), Michael Kelly(House of Cards), Ben Mendelsohn(Bloodline) and Jon Voight(Ray Donovan). Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series finds three ladies of Game of Thrones as nominees. Emilia Clarke(Daenerys), Lena Headey(Cersei) and Maisie Williams(Arya) all will be vying for their first Emmy awards against Maggie Smith(Downton Abbey), Maura Tierney(The Affair) and Constance Zimmer(UnREAL).

Kyle’s Answer: The women have a better shot to come away with a victory and I believe Lena Headey powers through and notches the Emmy win for her role as Cersei. On the men’s side, Kit and Peter will have some competition particularly in the form of the great Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut on Better Call Saul, but I think Kit Harrington as Jon Snow pulls out the victory for the Starks!

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The Unknown-y-mous Interview with Chris Dignam


By Layton Pannell and Kyle Boris

“If you’re looking for your escape from the every day routine, look no further” boasts those words on their website to attract its viewers and listeners. It also stands to inform their audience that they’ll be getting something different and something original when they tune into one of the many avenues on The up-and-coming production company is tackling all mediums with branches in horror fields, animation, film and podcasts.

One of the more popular aspects of their company is the podcast that their viewers are continually told is “the show that must not be named, but you know the name.” Unknown-y-mous is the name(if you didn’t know) and it is hosted by Chris Dignam and Jeff Atwood. The duo are 34 episodes deep into their podcasting partnership and they’re just beginning to hit their stride.

“Enjoy a laugh, shed a tear, or face your fears”

Laughs and tears are what to be expected when you tune into their weekly podcast, Unknown-y-mous. As one half of the on-air team, Chris Dignam makes it pretty clear that their podcast will deliver on the above-mentioned notions after speaking with the man “with a face for radio.” Dignam used his quick thinking, quirky personality and his straight-forward opinions as he confidently discussed his podcast and his feelings on anything and everything in an exclusive interview with YourSitch. 

Why podcasts? 

Well, first off, I have a face for radio. But, I’m also interested in the business side of podcasts. The podcast business will grow once advertisers realize how big of an audience there is for podcasts.

It seems like the podcast industry is growing because everyone has an opinion and anyone can start a podcast. 

Exactly. If you’re into hip hop and you turn on your radio, you’ll only hear like two stations talking about hip hop. So are you telling me that only eight or so people on the radio have an opinion on music? Do only eight people in the world have an opinion on sports? No. We’re in the technology era. Everyone is well-informed and I think that’s why I like podcasts because it gives other people an opportunity to share their opinions.

Unknown-y-mous Episode 6: A Special Holiday Christmas Special

Do you listen to other podcasts besides your own? 

Yeah, I do. I was really into podcasts before I started my own. I listened to Bill Simmons’s podcast. I listened to Charlamagne tha God and Andrew Schulz’s Brilliant Idiots podcast. I also listen to Joe Budden’s podcast and a bunch of wrestling podcasts.

What about your own podcast? Do you listen to it after its been published on the site? 

Yeah, its funny cuz Jeff will say something and then in my head I’ll say something and then I’ll actually say it on the podcast and then [when I listen to it] I go, “Wow, you have not thought of any new material. You’re the same person from a week ago.”

I guess you gotta be rough on yourself, sometimes, but what’s the toughest part about actually doing the podcast? 

When you know you got nothing to talk about. Nothing happened. You were in the whole week. “Hey, wanna talk about Suicide Squad…again?” So that’s when I usually go on one of my weird rants.

Should listeners come to expect “weird rants” from you? 

Last week I went on a rant on Monopoly.[Laughs]

What else do you guys usually talk about? 

We have a segment called “Movie Hype Mayhem” where we review movies. We discuss Marvel vs. DC. Wrestling comes up. We talk a lot about Jared Leto. We talk about women. Jeff has been in a long-term relationship and I’ve been single so we talk about relationships. Whatever is going on in our lives and whatever is going on in the world; that’s what we’ll really lock in on.

So really anything and everything. 

We try to be a little bit of everything. We try to be a kettle, a pot full of opinions. We don’t want to focus on one specific thing.

Unknown-y-mous Episode 32: Lost In Captivity

How long is each episode?

Our episodes are getting a little long, our producer has told us. So that’s his way of telling us to shut up. Our shortest podcast is about 5o minutes, but we can get up to two hours, but usually somewhere in between.

You’re up to over 30 episodes now. How have you improved since you first started? 

I’ve improved as a person because when you talk about opinions, I feel like I’ve done a better job of looking into other people’s shoes. Its so easy to say, “That person is a bad actor.” But you realize, after you critique yourself, its not easy. I think the biggest thing I’ve improved on is also just talking less. I talk when I’m nervous and when there’s a silence, but I’ve done a better job of trusting my team because they’re great.

Do you have any advice for someone starting up a podcast or trying to improve on a podcast? 

Launch when you’re ready. Realize that 100 people are talking about Suicide Squad, but people are going to come back if they like you. In the beginning you might get shitty numbers or you might get good numbers…don’t take them[the numbers] so seriously because the first twenty episodes or so are really practice.

It sounds like you enjoy speaking your mind via this podcast, but do you have a favorite part about all of it? 

When you have a good one its like, “Wow!”Then you get a million different ideas. My mood is definitely affected by how good the show went. When you know you just kicked ass on that episode and you’re like, “Let’s keep that going.”

I’m sure that kind of success can keep your confidence high for the future, too. 

Yeah, I think we’re all pretty conscious that there’s a thousand websites. There’s a thousand podcasts. And the way you’re gonna make yourself stand out is when you lock in with your fans and they can hear your voice and they can tell you’re being different.

What about the future of this podcast? Where do you see it in three years? 

I don’t know cuz who knows in three years if podcasts will still be around? You know, with our site we’re gonna have a lot more stuff coming to the site and the way we plan on releasing it is kind of how Netflix does it. We wanna release everything all at once. We don’t want our site to just be a thing that you check out eight times a year. So we’re using the podcast to get the viewers into a rhythm of checking out the site every week [as we get ready for the future].


On the website there’s a section labeled Game of Thrones Gauntlet. What’s that all about?

Yeah, that was one of the recent things we did. I went on a six season Game of Thrones gauntlet. Everyone was talking about Hodor and I was like, “Who the heck is Hodor?” Kevin Love was in a press conference and he was more interested in getting home and watching Game of Thrones than talking about this big win he had in the playoffs. So I was like, “I probably should check this show out.”

And you finished it? 

I did. It was amazing. This is why I love Game of Thrones. So all these issues are happening, right? They’re having all these wars and they’re [the white walkers] gonna come back and kill em. The white walkers are gonna resurrect all these dead people and you’re gonna see everyone who’s dying be brought back as a zombie.

Game of Thrones Gauntlet: Season 5

Do you have a certain relationship with your audience? 

I’m a combative person. My thing is being authentic and sometimes I’ll hear feedback and I appreciate everyone’s feedback, but if you’re judging me on one episode, I don’t pay too much mind to it. Sometimes I’ll get, “You talk too much this segment.” Well, it was my segment to talk.

So you’re not afraid to roll around and get dirty with your audience?

[Laughs] No, not at all. I appreciate every listener we have and all of their opinions, but I want everyone to appreciate my opinions as well. Let’s agree to disagree.

Before we let you go, let’s dwell into that mind of yours for a tough question. If you could have any three guests to be on your podcast, who it would be? 

One would be Vince McMahon, but he couldn’t lie to me. He would need truth serum injected into him so if I asked him things he would need to answer them truthfully. I’d really like to interview Stan Lee. Basically, he’s created a new genre of movies and you gotta think he’s looked at some scenes and went, “That’s dumb.” And the third, let me go political. The only two people I could think would be Obama because I love him. The other would be Trump. I disagree with a lot of his views; I love everybody. I’d just wanna pick his mind. He’s crazy; like batshit crazy.

Last thought. Tell us your opinion on WWE superstar, The Miz. 

I’ll tell ya how far I’ve gone with how much I like the Miz. So Miz has a french wife. Her name is Maryse. This is a scoop for you guys like this is inside my brain.

Let’s hear it. 

Miz talks about wearing his fashion stuff from France and he’s got a french wife so why is his name not Les Miz?


If you guys print anything from this interview it has to be that. [Laughs]

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Things to Do While Waiting for the Next Season of Game of Thrones




By Kyle Boris

Hold the door. Winter is here. Promise me, Ned. A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones provided us with some heart-stopping lines and heart-breaking moments. The sixth season of the HBO fantasy-drama gave fans some of the best television of the year with insane battle sequences, unpredictable deaths and more twists and turns than ever before. It’s no surprise that the finale was the most watched episode of the series to date. 

All of this has made GoT fans go nuts about possible future storylines and where the show will go next in Season 7. However, fans aren’t as excited about how long they’ll have to wait to see more Thrones. According to show-runners, fans won’t be getting new episodes until the summer of 2017. If you were wondering if that equals eternity, than yes…yes, that is an eternity.


But not to worry, I’m sure there’s plenty of things you can do in the meantime to keep your mind off the best show on television. The one with the dragons, the one that keeps you on the edge of your seat, the one that pulls at your heartstrings week after week. Yeah, there’s definitely ways to keep your mind off of that…

How about just picking up a new television show? Every September our television screens are blessed with brand new programs that attempt to become the next big thing and perhaps the next Game of Thrones. If you’re a fan of movies being turned into television shows (because they ALWAYS turn out good) than you have some stellar choices this year.

Fox, CBS and NBC all thought it would be a great idea to test the waters on this whole ‘let’s take a pretty good movie and see if it works better as a pretty good television show’ phenomenon.


Your first option comes to you from CBS. Remember how perfect Denzel Washington nailed the character of Detective Alonzo Harris in Training Day? Yeah, me too. CBS has decided to try to work off of that success and put together a series based off the original film.But no, Denzel will not be reprising his role.

How about NBC? They’re putting their own spin on a more recent movie, but instead they’re focusing on the events that happened before the film. The Taken franchise is coming to the small screen and will follow the main character, originally played by Liam Neeson, before he had a family.

Alright Fox, your turn. What do you got? Oh, you want to do a series based off the Lethal Weapon movies? Hmm.. Well, we give them credit for getting Damon Wayans to play Murtaugh, but I think I’m more interested in Lethal Weapon 6 by the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 


So finding a new television show to replace Game of Thrones doesn’t sound like it’s going to work. Another option is just owning a Pokemon gym. I’d rather catch Pidgey after Pidgey instead of crying over Hodor’s death while waiting for the next season. I take that back. Hodor, you heroic bastard, I will never stop thinking about you holding that freakin door.

If you want to just keep yourself busy, maybe take a trip down to Charlotte and ask them WTF is wrong with them. Like seriously, just go there and ask them. They could have hosted the 2016-2017 NBA All-Star game and made millions of dollars in revenue while bringing thousands of people who may have never visited the city, but they decided to hold pat on their unreasonable standards on the LGBT community’s rights. 

Writing always gets my mind off of things. Why not try and write a song? It doesn’t seem to be that hard these days. Step One: Drive a car? Think of that car. Step two: think of an animal that most resembles your car. Step three: get a sick beat. Bam! You got yourself a hit. It worked for Desiigner with his white BMW and “Panda”. I’m sure there’s some solid choices. That pink and black Lamborghini sure does look like a flamingo. Ah, your mud-stained yellow station wagon sure does resemble a dirty duckling.

If you’re one for drama, maybe it’s time to start up an internet feud with someone. Internet feuds last for months and usually get you back in the spotlight or give you more spotlight than you bargained for. Meek Mill vs. Drake, Drake vs. Joe Budden, Joe Budden vs. Drake fans. Oh, and of course anyone around Kanye West; ie Taylor Swift, Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose. Just go log onto Twitter and start spitting out some rumors about Walking Dead fans.

via wikimedia

It doesn’t look like any of these options can really live up to Game of Thrones so as a group we might just have to make sure we keep George R.R. Martin healthy and motivated. We’ve waited this long for Dany to finally start heading to Westeros and we can’t be let down.  We’ll be patiently waiting…for over a year…for new episodes…of Game of Thrones…ugh.


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