Building the Perfect Royal Rumble

#26: The Big Show(2000)

download-1WWE likes to remind us that the biggest man in the match has a clear advantage due to their size, but that isn’t always the case when some of the smaller superstars team up to take down said giant. The Big Show has seen this happen one too many times, but in the year 2000 all was well when he entered at the late position of #26. He was only in the bout for 11 minutes, but that was enough to get him into the final two alongside The Rock.

It took a fantastic show of athleticism and strength from The Great One to defeat The Big Show. Ultimately, however, the reason that this entry belongs to Show is that he complained for weeks that The Rock’s feet had touched the floor first and eventually showed video proof to confirm his beliefs. It goes to show that the Royal Rumble is a game of inches and anything can happen when there’s chaos all around.

#27: Yokozuna(1993)

Another big man will enter the competition at #27 proving that a later number can prove to be extremely important if you’re someone who doesn’t have as much as stamina in the ring. Yokozuna entered the 1993 Royal Rumble at #27 and would go on to dismantle the rest of his opponents in short order, collecting seven eliminations over just 14 minutes of action.

1993 was also the first time a Royal Rumble victory led to a championship match at WrestleMania. Yokozuna would take this opportunity and defeat Bret Hart for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania IX.

Honorable Mentions: Big John Studd(1989), Bret Hart(1994)

#28: Batista(2005, 2014)

via Bleacher Report

Batista is the only choice for the #28 entry. He is the only man to win the Royal Rumble from the same entry number. In 2005, he lasted nearly 11 minutes and had five eliminations. Then, in 2014, he spent just over 14 minutes in the ring, picking up four eliminations. If The Animal is coming in at #28, everyone better watch out.

Honorable Mention: Santino Marella(2009)

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